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Which Ivy League college is best for pre-law?

Currently, Yale ranks #1 on US News Law School rankings. If you’re looking to law school, you’re probably wondering which Ivy League college is best for pre-law. Pre-law is the path to a career in law. It’s a specialized field, and you need to know what steps to take to prepare for it.


Students who apply early decision or action to an Ivy League college are more likely to get in and have a higher chance of being accepted into their first choice school. What does the admissions committee look for in a pre-law applicant? What do they want to see in your application? How can you ensure that your application is top-notch to stand out from other applicants with similar GPAs and test scores?

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In this article, I’ll cover everything I’ve learned about applying successfully with my own experiences and those of my friends who were accepted into some of these prestigious institutions (some even got full rides!).

Yale is the best Ivy League college for pre-law.

Yale is the best Ivy League college for pre-law. Based on national rankings, the Yale law school has been consistently the best in the country. I also believe that Yale has produced more members of Congress than any other Ivy League. Yale has been ranked the best law school in the nation and the 5th most prestigious university according to US News and World Report. Yale doesn’t have a prelaw major but offers an interdisciplinary track which allows students to design their own major and gain the skills law schools are looking for. The Yale Law School Admission Council provides undergraduates with prelaw counseling and events throughout each year.

What school in the US has the best pre-law program?

Yale is the school in the US that has the best pre-law program.

Yale University’s prelaw resources offer students many opportunities to explore and learn about the many aspects of law.

Students can take part in a variety of extracurricular activities such as the Yale Mock Trial Team or the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association to further their interest in the field.

Yale has established a Student Division for law students who are interested in human rights.

The student organization works with pro bono attorneys to serve the needs of disadvantaged communities.

More about why Yale is the best Ivy League college for pre-law

February 15th is the deadline for applications to Yale University’s Law School. The Law School at Yale University charges $85. The tuition fee is $69,433. The student-faculty ratio in this school is 4.7 to 1.

Traditional grades are not available at this Ivy League-ranked law school. Students do not receive any grades during their first term at Yale Law School. Instead, they are graded by credit, honors, pass or low pass. Classes are often small and have less than 20 students.

Yale does not offer a specific area of concentration, but students can tailor their course selections to meet their needs. Joint degrees can be offered with Yale’s other graduate and professional schools, such as the highly-ranked School of Management. These schools offer courses without the need to integrate a second degree. Students who are particularly ambitious can get an integrated, accelerated J.D./MBA within three years. This is the same time as it takes to complete a traditional J.D.

Yale has more than 20 legal clinics, so students can get involved in real-life legal experiences from their very first year. Students can represent clients in real cases such as apartment eviction proceedings, domestic violence disputes, and other legal matters. Students can also test their legal skills in workshops and other on-campus locations.

Students have approximately 50 organizations outside of the classroom. These range from the Yale Federalist Society to the student acappella group Habeas Chorus. Although students can choose to live in New Haven’s university-owned student housing, most prefer to live elsewhere in the city.

The law school boasts some of the most prominent alumni, including former President Bill Clinton and Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito & Clarence Thomas.

Yale University 2023 Rankings

Yale University is No. 1 in Best Law Schools. On US News schools are ranked based on their performance against a set accepted indicators of excellence. Below if it says tie, that means that Yale tied with another school at that ranking number.

Yale Law School Specialty Rankings

You can also read about Yale’s first time law passage percentages.

Yale University law school cost

Financial aid awards are calculated using a budget that includes tuition, fees, allowances for living expenses, books and other allowances. These budgets represent our estimation of the cost of a moderate standard of living in New Haven during the nine-month academic calendar year.

Basic Budget2022-20232021-2022
University Administrative & Activities Fee 1$2,325$2,325
Room, Board, & Personal Expenses$21,400$20,740
University Hospitalization Coverage$2,756*$2,650

* 2022-2023 University Hospitalization Coverage updated 5/26/2022


So there you have it. Law schools are looking for students who excel in their field, regardless of the parcel.

If you’re interested in pursuing a law degree, you should go for it and apply to the best schools that fit your needs and career goals.

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