Wheely 8

Wheely 8 – The Ultimate Exciting Sequel of the Popular Car Game Series

Wheely 8 is the latest sequel of the popular car game series. The game is developed and published by Pegas Games. It is an exciting puzzle-solving game, where players help Wheely, a small, but brave car, on his journey. This time, Wheely embarks on a new adventure in space, where he has to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. The game features stunning graphics, diverse gameplay, and challenging levels that test players’ problem-solving skills.

In this blog post, we will review the gameplay, levels, and features of Wheely 8 and see what makes it stand out from the rest of the car games.

Gameplay Features of Wheely 8

Wheely 8 is a puzzle-solving game, where the players have to help Wheely navigate through various challenges. The game features an easy-to-understand interface that makes it suitable for players of all ages. To play, you have to use the keyboard or mouse to move Wheely around the levels, interact with objects, and solve puzzles. The game has a unique storyline, which involves Wheely exploring space, meeting new characters, and overcoming various obstacles.

The game has a total of 16 levels, each with a different challenge to solve. At each level, players must use their problem-solving skills to complete the game objectives. To do this, they have to interact with objects, move around platforms, avoid obstacles, and solve puzzles.

One of the unique features of Wheely 8 is that it enables players to customize their car. They can change the color, shape, and size of their cars to suit their preference. This feature allows players to have a personalized experience while playing the game.

Levels in Wheely 8

Wheely 8 features well-designed levels that test players’ problem-solving skills. Each level increases the difficulty of the challenges players face, making it more challenging as the game progresses. In each level, the players must solve puzzles to advance to the next one.

The first level is set in outer space; here, the player has to navigate their car to the end of the level while avoiding obstacles such as comets, asteroids, and other space debris. In level two, players must figure out how to use a teleporter to move Wheely to a different part of the level.

As the levels progress, players encounter more challenging obstacles and puzzles. Some levels require quick reflexes to avoid hazards such as rotating saw blades, falling rocks, and more. Other levels require more critical thinking skills to complete.

Features that make Wheely 8 stand out

Wheely 8 features stunning visuals and animations that make it enjoyable to play. The game’s cartoony art style appeals to a wide range of audiences, from young children to adults. The engaging music and sound effects enhance the game’s atmosphere, making it more enjoyable to play.

Another standout feature of Wheely 8 is its unique storyline. Unlike other car games, where the objective is usually to race and win, Wheely 8 has a different gameplay mechanic, where the players help Wheely solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. The game is designed to be played at a more relaxed pace, which allows for a more immersive gaming experience.

Finally, Wheely 8 is very easy to learn, making it accessible to all players regardless of their age or gaming experience. The game’s levels gradually increase in difficulty, ensuring that players have time to adjust to the game’s mechanics.


Overall, Wheely 8 is an exciting puzzle-solving game that provides hours of entertainment. It offers a unique gameplay experience, stunning visuals, and engaging music and sound effects. Its easy-to-learn mechanics make it accessible to all players, while its increasing difficulty ensures a challenging experience.

So if you’re looking for a fun and interactive puzzle-solving game with unique gameplay mechanics, Wheely 8 is definitely worth checking out!

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