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B. J. Novak’s directorial debut, “Vengeance,” is a 2022 American black comedy movie featuring a star-studded cast including Novak, Boyd Holbrook, Dove Cameron, Issa Rae, and Ashton Kutcher. The film is produced by Jason Blum under his Blumhouse Productions banner, with Greg Gilreath and Adam Hendricks as producers under their Divide/Conquer banner.

The world premiere of “Vengeance” took place at the Tribeca Festival on June 12, 2022, followed by a release in the United States on July 29, 2022, by Focus Features. The movie was well-received by critics, receiving generally positive reviews.

The protagonist of “The Afterparty” is a journalist named Ben Manalowitz, who lives in New York City and has a string of casual relationships. One night, he gets a call from a stranger, Ty Shaw, who informs him that Ben’s “girlfriend,” Abilene “Abby” Shaw, has died of a drug overdose. Ben barely remembers Abby, but at Ty’s urging, he flies to Texas to attend the funeral. Ben meets Abby’s family, including Ty, their mother Sharon, and other siblings.

Ty believes Abby was murdered and asks Ben to help him find the truth and avenge her. Ben decides to aid them as part of a story about grief and denial for his podcast. They investigate the area around the oil fields where Abby was last seen, and Ben meets a record producer named Quentin Sellers. Suspecting a local drug dealer named Sancholo, they confront him, but he denies involvement.

At a rodeo, Ben accidentally offends the crowd and draws their ire. Later, Ben’s car explodes, and he receives a call from his producer Eloise, telling him to return home. At dinner with the Shaws, Ben learns that Abby was a drug user and that Ty had lied to him to get closer to Abby’s supposed boyfriend. Mason, Abby’s younger brother, tells Ben a code word Abby used to say, which unlocks her phone. Ben finds a contact labeled “Ben” and messages indicating that Abby was abandoned by this person as she died.

Ben rides with Mason to a party at the oil fields, where he confronts Quentin and learns that he caused Abby’s overdose. Ben records Quentin’s confession and then kills him with Ty’s gun. Upon returning to the Shaw house, Ben reconciles with Ty and Sharon. Before leaving Texas, Ben deletes his recordings, keeping the story between the Shaws and himself.

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