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UCF scholarships are scholarships offered by The University of Central Florida. The University of Central Florida is what UCF stands for. There are many reasons scholarships can be awarded, including academic achievement, financial need, and extracurricular involvement. To search for UCF scholarships, use Access2Opportunities (A2O) which is UCF’s scholarship application software. You can apply once and be considered for over 200 scholarships by the university. Additionally, you’ll have access to hundreds more scholarships.

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UCF College and Departmental Scholarships

According to UCF, many UCF colleges and departments offer scholarships to students that are specific to an area of specialization. Scholarship listings are available from the following colleges and departments.

Does UCF give athletic scholarships?

Yes UCF gives athletic scholarships to prospective athletic trainers. Athletic Training graduate students can apply for a variety of scholarships. All scholarships offered by UCF must be applied through the A2O platform. Students are encouraged and encouraged to apply as soon the applications become available. This is usually in the second half of the spring term. The A2O system has scholarships that are only available to UCF Athletic Training students. Other scholarships are available through the college or university. Students are encouraged to apply for any scholarships that they are eligible for.

$1,000LIFE at UCF Disability, Aging & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship
$1,000Invincible Knights
$1,500Athletic Training – Orlando Orthopaedic Center Foundation Scholarship
$1,000Athletic Training – David Cassidy Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships A2O Has Scholarships Available For Students

Don’t forget to complete the General Scholarship Application for this year to be considered for scholarships throughout the year at http://ucf.academicworks.com/. You can return to this page at least once a week to search for scholarship matches. You can also apply for additional scholarships under the External Opportunities section.

(407) 823-2827

Other types of UCF scholarships

Merit scholarships: UCF also offers merit-based awards to incoming freshmen as well as transfer students. Every first-year student is automatically eligible for a merit-based award. Transfer students can apply for scholarships. Students who have met academic requirements are eligible for scholarships. Scholarships are also offered by academic departments. Contact the department of your desired major to learn more.

Apply for scholarships in your senior year of high school or the months prior to your transfer to UCF. Applying early for admission to UCF will increase your chances of receiving a merit award.

A2O is a scholarship application system that includes a complete list of UCF scholarships for students at individual colleges, departments, and organizations. To be considered for more than 100 scholarships, submit a single application.

Search engines like Fastweb can help you find additional online scholarships.

Additionally, UCF offers a variety of merit-based scholarships to incoming FTIC (first-time-in-college) students that are distributed over four years and range from:

  • Florida residents can get $4,000-$30,000
  • Non-Florida residents can pay $30,000 to $42,000
  • FTICs are encouraged and encouraged to apply to UCF for admission between September and November in their senior year to be considered for priority scholarships. Limited scholarship funding is available. FTICs admitted by the Scholarship Committee are not eligible for scholarship funding until they have been allotted. FTIC scholarships are usually exhausted by January mid-January for incoming fall and summer classes.

Freshman Pegasus Awards:

You will automatically be considered for a UCF Pegasus Scholarship if you are applying as a high-school student for the fall or summer semesters. As less than 25% of our students are offered a scholarship, the selection process can be competitive. We will contact you via mail or through your online application portal if we offer you a scholarship.

Freshman Provost Award:

The Provost Award, one of the most prestigious scholarships in Florida, is awarded to Florida residents who have outstanding academic credentials. This award will be given to high school seniors who are incoming freshmen in the summer or fall semesters. This award is given to less than 10% of the freshman class. Priority consideration will be given for admission to Burnett Honors College after the Honors application has been completed.

National Merit and National Recognition Program Awards:

UCF is ranked 13th among all public universities in the country and 2nd in Florida for the number of National Merit Scholars enrolled. The University of Central Florida attracts the best and brightest students from all over the country with its top-notch academic programs and competitive scholarship opportunities.

Students designated as a National Merit Scholar or National Recognition Program Scholar should contact the staff of The Scholars Program via email at scholarsprogram@ucf.edu or call 407-823-6179.

Transfer Scholarship Awards: A UCF Transfer Scholarship is available to students who have earned an A.A. degree in Florida from a state or public college, and are transferring to UCF for fall semester. The deadline for scholarship applications is mid-April to mid-January each year.

  • The application for the UCF Transfer Scholarship in 2022 is closed.
  • In February 2023, information will be available for Fall 2023 students.

Only one UCF Transfer Scholarship can be awarded to qualified applicants. This scholarship is not available to dual-enrollment students who are pursuing an A.A. degree along with a high school diploma. However, they will automatically be considered for a UCF freshman scholarship on the basis of their academic qualifications.

For more information on this award, contact the Scholarship Coordinator at scholarships@ucf.edu.


FAQ about UCF scholarships

Are there fixed criteria for UCF scholarships? There are no set criteria for UCF scholarships. There are many factors that influence the awarding of scholarships, including high school academic performance, ACT and SAT scores, application timing, leadership, extracurricular involvement, and leadership.

Can I receive more than one scholarship from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions? Undergraduate Admissions is able to offer only one scholarship per student. We will usually offer you the highest award that you are eligible for.

Do I have to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to receive a UCF scholarship? Yes. UCF must receive completed FAFSA results from scholarship recipients.Our awards are merit-based. However, UCF must keep track of all funds released to students. The FAFSA is used to do this.If you don’t have financial need, you won’t be denied admission to the university. For more information about the FAFSA or financial aid, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance

How can my UCF scholarship be used? You may combine your scholarship with other non-Undergraduate Admissions awards such as Florida Bright Futures, Florida Prepaid, private scholarships, and need-based assistance. First, the scholarship funds will be applied towards your tuition and fees. Any funds that remain after payment of your student account will be applied towards any outstanding university debts. Any funds that remain after your student account has been paid will be given to you directly within two weeks. You can send excess funds by mail or electronically funds transfer. Direct deposit may be made through Student Accounts.

How long do students have to take action on a UCF scholarship? Within 30 days of receiving your award letter, you have the option to accept, decline, or extend the offer until May 1. You can make the desired action through your myUCF Account.

How long does it take to find out if I’ve been offered a UCF scholarship? Undergraduate Admissions reviews prospective freshmen for scholarships in the autumn. Typically, this is usually by the first week of October. Then again, it may be every two weeks thereafter as long as funds are available. Potential recipients will most likely find out about their awards within two to 3 weeks of being admitted to UCF.

If I accept my scholarship, am I obligated to attend UCF? Accepting a scholarship does not make you obligated to attend UCF. Your enrollment deposit must be submitted by May 1, so we know that you are attending. You can choose to extend your award by selecting the “Extend” option if you are not sure of your final decision.

Can I use my scholarship for summer semesters? The scholarship is not valid for the first UCF summer semester. Students may, however, request future summer semester scholarships from the Office of Student Financial Assistance.
What scholarships does UCF offer? How can I apply? UCF offers merit-based awards to incoming freshmen as well as transfer students. Every first-year student is automatically eligible for a merit-based award. Transfer students can apply for scholarships. Students who have met academic requirements are eligible for scholarships. Scholarships are also offered by academic departments. Contact the department of your desired major to learn more.
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