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UC Berkeley ELC Acceptance Rate

There is no such thing as a UC Berkely ELC acceptance rate. Rather, ELC is a program that UC schools have. A statistic shows that 73.9% of people who were ELC-eligable were admitted to UC Berkeley. On the other hand, 26.1% of California students who weren’t ELC eligable were admtted to UC Berkely.

ELC stands for Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC). ELC is a program by which UC identifies top-performing California high school students.

To be designated as ELC, a student must have attended an eligible, participating California high school, satisfactorily completed a specific pattern of 11 UC-approved courses prior to the start of senior year, and have a UC-calculated GPA that meets or exceeds the top 9 percent GPA benchmark established by UC for their school.

Just because they’ll let you in doesn’t mean that they’ll be happy about it. If they think your grades are too low then they might put you on probation before finally dropping you from the program altogether. Read on to find out what exactly this means for your application!

The acceptance rate of UC Berkely itself fluctuates between 10 and 20 percent each year | UC Berkeley ELC Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for UC Berkely itself fluctuates between 10 and 20 percent each year, but the overall acceptance rate is not the same every year. The acceptance rate also varies by program, so it’s important to know what your interests are before applying.

For example, some programs like the Haas Undergraduate Program admit most of their students based on GPA and test scores alone. Other programs may take into account other factors such as community service or extracurricular activities when reviewing applications.

How do I check my UC application status for ELC | UC Berkeley ELC Acceptance Rate

After submitting a UC application, California high schoolers from ELC-participating high schools can look at the Application Status of My UC Application to see if there has been a decision made on their status. Being accepted to ELC means you are in the top 9% of your class.

uc elc

To get into UC Berkely ELC, you have to have an average of B or higher.

To maintain ELC status you have to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. You must also successfully complete the 15 required “A-G” courses. Your GPA must be a letter grade of B or higher. You can’t be on probation for any classes in the UC system. 

In addition, you can’t have any F’s, incompletes, or withdrawals during your college career that are not officially removed from your transcript by the registrar’s office (this includes WU grades). 

Also note that while you may not have any official incompletes or withdrawals on your transcript when applying to ELC, if they were given before fall 2017 they will still count against your GPA and make it harder for you to get into ELC

The UC Berkely ELC acceptance rate is not posted on the university’s website.

If you are one of those individuals who would like to know about UC Berkeley’s ELC acceptance rate, you have come to the right place! To begin, UC Berkely ELC acceptance rate is not posted on the university’s website. Rather, ELC is an overall program that the UC system offers.

However, it’s important to note that this is different from the overall UC Berkeley acceptance rate, which was around 20% in 2018. So if you’re looking into applying for admission here and want a chance at getting into UC Berkeley ELC, you should keep that in mind.

On top of being one of the most selective universities in America overall, UC Berkeley’s environmental law program is also considered very competitive compared with other schools across America (it ranks #9 on our list). Our research shows that it has an acceptance rate of just under 10%.

Sure, it’s not impossible to get into UC Berkeley. But you have to be prepared for some pretty stiff competition.

  • The University of California system is among the most selective in the country—with a total acceptance rate of just over 30%, only about one in three applicants gets an offer from any UC campus.
  • Berkeley sits on top of this pile with a slightly lower (but still high) admission rate: 28%. That number is actually pretty high, considering how selective a school Berkeley is in general.

uc berkely elc acceptance rate

They will put you on probation if not sure.

If you’re not sure if you’ll get in, the UC Berkeley ELC might put you on probation. This means that they’ll let you stay in the program and give you a second chance—but with conditions. You’ll have to work harder and make up for being less than perfect.

And what happens if all your grades are Bs or lower? That’s right: You’re out of luck! No second chances here, sorry to say!

Once you have a GPA lower than a 3.0, you will be dropped from ELC.

If you don’t pass the first year, you will be dropped from the program. If this happens to you, you must retake both semesters of your first year and then repeat your second year.

If however, you do not pass your first semester but are still eligible for admission into Berkeley ELC (you have a very high GPA), then we recommend that you attend one semester at another community college before applying again for UC Berkeley ELC. 

The reason for this is because most students who fail their first-semester end up failing both semesters due to a lack of preparation during summer break.

You will be notified if you make it or not by the end of April.

You may be wondering what the UC Berkeley ELC Acceptance Rate is. The good news is that you will know if you have been accepted or not by the end of April. Your notification will be sent to your email, and it might also arrive in the mail as well.

Remember that each person’s situation is different and there are many factors involved in being admitted, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get an acceptance letter right away!

Make sure you take challenging classes and get high grades!

If you want to go to UC Berkeley, it’s important that you take hard classes with high grades.

UC Berkeley is one of the best universities in the world and it can be very competitive. The best way to get into UC Berkeley is by doing well in your classes.

If you have a low GPA, then it will be harder for you to get accepted into UC Berkeley because grades are a big factor when they decide who gets accepted or not. Extracurriculars are also a big factor.


It’s great that you are taking the initiative to plan ahead for college and will be applying to ELC. Hopefully this article has helped you understand what is required so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not Berkeley ELC is right for your child.

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