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On Friday, Attorney Ben Crump and Yarnell Sampson, the father of a teenager who tragically passed away on the FreeFall ride a year ago, spoke at Icon Park. Tyre Sampson, who was only 14 years old, had been visiting Orlando from St. Louis, Missouri for spring break when he fell from the ride and lost his life. Recently, the ride was dismantled.

tyre sampson

The incident, which occurred a year ago, sparked an investigation into the cause of Tyre’s fatal fall. Now, a year later, we look back at the tragic event and the subsequent investigation.

Yarnell Sampson was understandably emotional, shedding tears before speaking at the event. However, he felt it was his responsibility to speak on behalf of his son and ensure that Tyre’s voice was heard.

The Tragedy of Tyre Sampson’s Fatal Fall on the FreeFall Ride

The FreeFall ride, which was located at Icon Park, was a popular attraction that offered riders a thrilling free-fall experience from a height of 140 feet. Tragically, on March 19, 2022, Tyre Sampson fell from the ride while he was still strapped in, resulting in his untimely death.

The incident raised numerous questions about the safety and maintenance of the ride, as well as the responsibility of the park’s management. The investigation that followed focused on determining the cause of the accident and whether it could have been prevented.

The Aftermath of the Tyre Sampson Incident

In the aftermath of the incident, the FreeFall ride was immediately shut down, and a thorough investigation was launched. Icon Park and the ride’s manufacturer were both investigated to determine whether any negligence or safety violations were responsible for Tyre’s death.

The investigation found that there were no mechanical issues with the ride, but it did reveal that the safety harness Tyre was wearing had malfunctioned. The harness was supposed to secure Tyre in place during the ride, but instead, it failed, leading to his fatal fall.

Moving Forward: Seeking Justice for Tyre Sampson

The tragic loss of Tyre Sampson has left his family and loved ones devastated. However, his father Yarnell Sampson has taken it upon himself to ensure that his son’s voice is heard and that justice is served.

Attorney Ben Crump, who is known for his work advocating for social justice and civil rights, is now representing the Sampson family in their pursuit of justice. They are seeking accountability for the park’s management and the manufacturer of the ride, and are demanding changes to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.


The loss of Tyre Sampson is a tragedy that should not have happened. The incident has raised important questions about the safety and responsibility of theme parks and ride manufacturers. The Sampson family’s pursuit of justice is not only for their son but also for the safety of all visitors to amusement parks. It is our hope that through their efforts, changes will be made to ensure that tragedies like this never happen again.

Yarnell Sampson, the father of Tyre Sampson, was visibly emotional as he spoke about his son’s tragic death. He had to take a moment to compose himself before speaking, but he knew he had to be his son’s voice.

Even a year after his son’s passing, Yarnell finds it difficult to visit the site where the accident occurred, but he believes it is his life’s mission to speak up for his son. He and Tyre’s stepmom wore shirts with the words “gentle giant,” a phrase used to describe Tyre, along with an image of him playing football, showcasing his bright future. They want the world to remember Tyre for who he was, a promising young man with a heart of gold.

Yarnell watched as the last pieces of the ride were taken away, and he was relieved to see it go. He hopes that the ride will never be put up anywhere else to prevent another family from experiencing the same tragedy.

The grieving father attached balloons to the fence surrounding the ride in honor of his son. Yarnell is also in discussions about creating a memorial for Tyre at ICON Park and establishing a scholarship in his name to help young men attend college.

“Blessed it got taken down. God used me as a vessel. I’m just a man. I’m a grieving father looking for answers. That’s the only reason I came up here for. For answers,” Yarnell said.

The Sampson family’s pursuit of justice is not only for their son, but also for the safety of all visitors to amusement parks. Their efforts to seek accountability and prevent similar tragedies from happening again are admirable.

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