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Jamie the Scholar - Private Tutoring

A Partnership For Success

Helping Students Grow & Succeed Every Day


Could you and your students benefit from personalized connection and program with a high-level tutor who is focused on YOUR students’ needs, learning style, challenges, and interests?

The Jamie the Scholar Private Tutoring Difference:

Initial Profile & Assessment

Not only identify skill gaps but to understand your student from both your point of view and your student’s point of view

Detailed Assessment Profile

Your student’s strengths, challenge areas, learning preferences, and recommendations to maximize your student’s potential and confidence.

ONE personal tutor

Matched with your student who provides honest and helpful feedback to help your student grow and achieve his/her goals, and stays in communication with you.

A proven methodology & philosophy

Created and mastered over a 25- year teaching career by a Harvard University graduate expert educator and trainer with multiple advanced degrees and a passion for empowering students.

What Our Parents & Students Have to Say


Writing & Reading

From the fundamentals of phonics to advanced literature, we are here to help with patience and kindness at your student’s pace. Our expert tutors will help to empower your student by identifying and addressing challenge areas.


Whether your student needs help with multiplication tables and fractions or more advanced high school content, our knowledgeable and patient tutors will work one-on-one with your student to teach it in a way that makes sense to your student. 


Preparing for the ACT/SAT and writing college essays can be an overwhelming task for high school students! We have strategies, knowledge, and experience with the ACT & SAT tests as well as how to write interesting and well-written essays that will make your student stand out in the sea of applicants. 

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Check out, another site I earn revenue from ads on

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