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Top vet schools in the US

This post contains the top vet schools in the US. When most people think of vet school, they probably envision scenes from the movie “Marley & Me.” But as much as we’d love to see how many dogs you can fit into your car at once, the reality is much different. Veterinary medicine is a gratifying career. You will be responsible for the health and well-being of animals, from dogs to horses to cows. You will also help prevent disease outbreaks and assure food safety by monitoring animal populations. Top Vet schools across the country are looking for students who have a passion for animals and an interest in pursuing further education. 

top vet schools in the us

1) University of California-Davis

U.S Davis is the #1 vet school in the U.S.  UC Davis  is ranked Among the Best in World, Nation for Veterinary Science and Ag. In addition, Davis topped veterinary science and agriculture, respectively. The total number of applicants to UC Davis Vet School for the class of 2023 was 979, both in-state and out-of-state. 191 students were invited to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Only 147 of these 191 accepted the offer.


2) Cornell University | Top vet schools in the US

Cornell University is a private Ivy League university in Ithaca, New York, United States. It is the land-grant University of New York and the state’s oldest private institution of higher education.

Cornell was founded on 28 April 1865 when Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White signed the Articles of Incorporation to establish a university that would teach scientific agriculture, mechanical arts, and applied mathematics.

They had committed $500 each to start up the school in Ithaca. The school was officially incorporated in 1870 as Cornell University.

The 70-acre (28 ha) campus opened for students on 14 October 1868. It consisted of three buildings: one hall for instruction with 100 seats

One building for preparation with 50 seats, and one house with 20 rooms serving as a dining room and kitchen.

A later addition was made to provide more laboratory space by removing some room walls.

3) Colorado State University | Top vet schools in the US

Colorado State University is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It’s the second-largest public research university in the state, with over 28,000 students and 2,500 faculty members.

The school offers a wide range of degrees at undergraduate and graduate levels, including programs in architecture and urban design (the only one of its kind in Colorado), animal science, biomedical sciences, and engineering.

Colorado State has an extensive history of research projects: since 2000, it’s received more than 400 million dollars for various projects from organizations like NASA and NSF (National Science Foundation).

The school also supports several labs dedicated to specific areas like climate change forecasting or marine biology research.

4) North Carolina State University (Raleigh)

NC State is a public university with a strong reputation for its veterinary program and is considered one of the top vet schools in the US. Located in Raleigh, NC, it’s one of only three vet schools that are part of a major research university.

Located at NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS), you can choose from two different tracks: clinical studies and biomedical sciences.

This may be an option if you’re interested in working with animals outside of research labs or hospitals. It has. Regardless of your track choice, all students receive hands-on experience within their field before graduating to apply what they’ve learned even after graduation.

In addition to excellent training for future veterinarians, CVMBS offers other programs such as graduate study and continuing education courses so that people interested in animal-related fields can access quality education regardless of their schedule or location.

5) Ohio State University-Columbus campus

Ohio State University-Columbus campus is a public research university in Columbus, Ohio. It was founded in 1870 as a land-grant institution under the Morrill Act of 1862 and was known as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College (OAMC).

In 1878, the first class of six men graduated from OAMC with a bachelor’s degree. The school was renamed The Ohio State University in 1878 by state legislation.

OSU has more than 36,000 students enrolled for undergraduate studies and over 28,000 enrolled for graduate studies across its main campus in Columbus, Ohio, and at regional campuses throughout Central Ohio.

The university offers more than 300 majors leading to bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees; professional certificates or licensure; doctoral degrees through its 17 colleges, CFA Institute & Master’s Program.

College of Medicine

6) Texas A & M University-College Station

Texas A&M University is a large public research university in College Station, Texas, and was founded in 1876 as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas under the Morrill Act.

It is the flagship institution of the Texas A&M University System. Like most universities in the United States, Texas A&M has experienced tremendous growth from its early 20th century roots as a land-grant agriculture and mechanic arts college to a comprehensive research university with over 50 doctoral programs.

Additionally, it has produced many graduates who have served at the highest levels of government in such roles as former U.S Presidents George H W Bush and George W Bush (both had been students at A&M), Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (attended),

Former U S Congressman and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (heard), former CIA Director Leon Panetta (heard), and several others who were not just famous graduates but are also notable alumni themselves

Such as billionaire businessman T Boone Pickens who graduated from there decades ago, or actor Billy Bob Thornton who studied theater at this school before becoming an Oscar-winning Hollywood star!

7) UPenn

Penn’s Vet School was named the seventh-best vet school in the country by U.S News and World Report. It was established in 1884 and has been funded by the commonwealth throughout its 133-year history.

8) University of Wisconsin-Madison

This school is located in Madison, Wisconsin. It is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Veterinary Medicine and has a large vet school.

9) University of Florida | Top vet schools in the US

Rated #9 in the U.S. Rated #9 among veterinary medical schools nationwide by U.S. News & World Report. They are Florida’s only College of Veterinary Medicine. Through the UF Veterinary Hospitals, they train the future veterinarians and provide cutting-edge care for animal patients throughout the Southeast.

10) University of Georgia | Top vet schools in the US

UGA offers a better value than other vet schools. In terms of cost, they are the third-cheapest U.S. vet school. UGA consistently ranks on U.S. News’s list of the best public education values.

11) University of Minnesota (Twin cities) | Top vet schools in the US

QS World University Rankings recently ranked the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine as the 13th best veterinary medicine program in the world and the fifth best veterinary medicine program within the United States.


If you are interested in attending vet school, you should look at these top schools. You can also check out my post on the best colleges for medical studies

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