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Theo Thompson is the son of NBA star Tristan Thompson and Canadian personal trainer Maralee Nichols. Tristan Thompson, a 31-year-old NBA star and on-off boyfriend of Khloé Kardashian, has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. He has been refusing to meet his son, Theo, whom he shares with Maralee Nichols, according to sources who spoke exclusively to Us Weekly. This blog post will delve into the details of Thompson’s absence from his son’s life, as well as the ongoing legal battle over child support payments.

Maralee Nichols | Theo Thompson

In 2019, Maralee Nichols relocated to California and worked as a personal trainer. However, she gained media attention in 2021 when she alleged that she met Tristan Thompson at a party in 2020 and began a romantic relationship with him.

Maralee Nichols Bio Pic

Nichols filed a lawsuit for child support, stating that Thompson was the father of her son, and in December 2021, she gave birth. Soon after, Thompson confirmed that he was indeed the father of their child. He apologized in January 2022 for being unfaithful to Khloé Kardashian and agreed to co-parent their child peacefully with Nichols.

Tristan Thompson: Avoiding the Truth

However, Thompson’s absence from Theo’s life has been a point of concern for Maralee Nichols. She first declared that she would be suing Thompson for child support in December 2021. However, the athlete has not initiated any meetings with Theo, nor has he been communicating with Nichols about the situation.

One source revealed to Us Weekly that Thompson “doesn’t have any immediate plans to meet his son face to face.” This news is a cause of great distress for Nichols, who is also dealing with the issue of child support payments.

Legal Battle Over Child Support | Theo Thompson

Thompson has not only been avoiding spending time with his son, but he also hasn’t been providing financial support. The insider told Us Weekly that Thompson “hasn’t been in communication with Maralee and hasn’t sent her any money for child support to date.” The legal matter has yet to be resolved, but the lack of action from Thompson is a cause for concern. Here’s a pic of baby Theo Thompson:

Maralee Nichols

Tristan’s Past Infidelity

Thompson has a history of infidelity, which has caused trouble in his past relationships. He cheated on Khloé Kardashian when she was pregnant with their daughter, True, who is now four years old. Although the couple initially tried to work through the scandal, they eventually broke up in February 2019 after Thompson was caught kissing Kylie Jenner’s former best friend, Jordyn Woods.

theo thompson

On the other hand, Nichols filed the child support case against Thompson while he was still dating Khloé. He later confirmed his paternity via his Instagram Stories in January and even issued a public apology to Khloé for his behavior.

Maralee Nichols, Theo Thompson

The Kardashian-Jenner Drama The drama surrounding Thompson and his son with Nichols has even made it onto the popular reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” During one episode, Kim Kardashian discovered Nichols’ paternity claims via legal documents and confronted her sister Khloé about it. The scandal resulted in a cliffhanger, with Khloé avoiding the issue of Thompson’s infidelity with Nichols.

Tristin’s babies with Khloé

Tristin Thomspon and Kloé Kardashian welcomed their daughter True Thompson into the world in 2018. In 2022, Khloé became the parent of a baby boy who was born via a surrogate. The name of the child is currently confidential, but it is known that his name begins with the letter T.

tristan thomspon true

The Final Word Thompson’s absence from his son’s life and his lack of support has understandably caused distress for Nichols. Despite his past infidelity and scandalous behavior, the situation with Theo is a matter that cannot be ignored. Hopefully, Thompson will step up and take responsibility for his actions, both as a father and as a co-parent with Nichols.

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