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Summer internship high school students can kickstart your career 

Summer internship high school students help students to explore different career options before they make the final leap or commit to a specific major. Summer internships are perfect for high school students to gain real-life experiences. They further reveals professional opportunities for any career. These are vital for students who want to fly freely in the real world spreading their wings. 

Studies revealed that students who have done summer internships stand better chances for full-time jobs and better pay packs.

summer internship high school students

What do you want to be in life? The answer to this is not clear to most high school students. Of course, this is normal. As a high school student, you may not be sure which career to pursue. But there are many ways that one can explore various career fields to find what is the most interesting to you. Summer internship high school students can help you make the right decision. They open up opportunities for high school students. Let’s dive in.

Overview of summer internship high school students

Several colleges have started scrutinizing how high school students spend their summer. This makes summer internships a must for high school students.

Internships involve introductory work experiences and allow students to apply their learning in real-world situations. Internships also help students to filter and develop their career paths, and learn requisite skills for future jobs. Many organizations offer summer internship-high school students because students bring fresh ideas and energize the organization. Some employers offer full-time employment to the interns, after graduation, if the intern has the potential to benefit the company. Employers mostly provide experiential opportunities to interns. Interns gain insight into a certain field and also perform work functions. Internships help students to break into difficult professional fields without a degree and experience. 

Benefits of high school summer internships

Summer internship high school students could be in-person or virtual depending on the program, but both internship formats deliver the following benefits.

  • Gaining work experience and skills: This is the most important benefit of summer interns. Students gain new skills and work experiences that they can utilize for their future jobs and classes. When a high schooler completes a summer internship, they become better placed to secure a full-time job and also help students in their major. However, high school students should not expect to learn new things every minute. This is because summer internships are entry-level jobs and, therefore, they involve doing less interesting functions. However, there are great high school summer internships and high school students will usually gain overall benefits on completion of the internship.
  • Knowledge of different careers: Summer internships are a low-risk way to learn about different careers. It is likely that you may discover something that interests you more than the job you have been dreaming about. It is better to know these during summer internships rather than finding things difficult after finishing college and starting to work.
  • High school internships strengthen resumes and college applications: Inclusion of high school internship experiences in the resume and college applications gives a great boost. When high school students complete summer internships, it demonstrates their ambition, motivation, passion, hard work, commitment, and learning aptitude. Employers and colleges love these qualities.
  • A potential way of earning: If you can grab a paid summer high school internship, that could be a potential way to earn. Unfortunately, some high school summer internships are unpaid.  However, it is worth considering the internship even if there is no payment so that you can gain work experience and a resume boost for college apps.

Finding high school summer internships

Summer internship high school students are getting popular. Below are the places where you can start your search for internships.

1. Your school

Maybe your school has a program to help students find summer internships. Your school may have a list of places where earlier students have completed their internships. So, students should approach the academic counselor first for acquiring information.

2. Your places of preference

You might have thought of some companies or organizations where you would love to work. So, create a resume with your details & your interests and also describe what you would like to learn from them. Then contact them either through e-mail or through phone calls or by meeting them in person. In case they do not have any opportunities request a short-term job shadowing.

3. Internet searches

Search internships for high school students near you on the internet. You may also search based on your field of interest. While these will increase your chances of getting one you should research the company before joining.

Summer Internships for High School Students

Whether you are looking for a summer internship high school students in STEM, arts, or business here are some of them.

1. NASA internships

NASA offers STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) paid internships for high school and college-level students.  To apply for this, one must have a 3.0 GPA. These programs are available in all seasons.

2. Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) offers paid summer online introductions to computer science for first-year college students. It helps students to gain confidence & skill, and thrive in the industry. I wrote a blog post about this program and that post can be viewed here.

3. Smithsonian Youth Programs

The Smithsonian offers various programs for K-12 kids interested in science, art, culture, design, history, nature, technology, etc. These are great for building confidence and skills.

4. Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program

This program teaches students about the fishing industry over the summer and it is paid. Students from most states can apply to this program.

5. U.S. Department of Education Internships

The Department of Education offers internships for students for gaining work experience in government and federal education. This is for students who are 16+.

You can view more summer internships for high school students on the home page of On this website, there is a master list of high school internships on the home page. Users can filter the internship table by country, region, and category.

In passing | Summer internship high school students

Internships are synonymous with opportunities. They allow one to discover strengths and weaknesses.  Summer internship high school students help students to decide career paths. They generally involve a bunch of duties, responsibilities, and they deliver entry-level experiences.  By joining these internships, students will learn how to be good team members and lead a team.

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