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Squid Game 2: Sequel Possibilities and Predictions

Squid Game, the Netflix series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, has become a global sensation, attracting millions of viewers with its mix of suspense, social commentary, and gruesome games. Set in South Korea, the show portrays the desperate lives of 456 players who are invited to compete in a winner-takes-all tournament that promises them a huge cash prize but tests their physical, mental, and moral limits. The first season ended with a shocking twist that left many fans hungry for more. In this blog post, we will explore the possibilities and predictions for Squid Game 2, based on the clues and hints from the show and the creator’s interviews.

The Ending of Squid Game 1

Before we dive into the future of Squid Game, let’s recap the ending of the first season. Spoilers ahead!

After six rounds of deadly games, only 46 players survived and faced the final challenge: a squid game, which involves hopping on one foot to draw a circle, a line, and another circle with overlapping areas. The first one to do it wins. However, the players soon realize that the game has a hidden rule: they can attack each other and eliminate their opponents. Gi-hun, the protagonist, teams up with Sang-woo, his former ally, to face Ji-yeong and Seong-ki, the toughest opponents. They manage to defeat them and win the game, but Sang-woo reveals his true nature by killing Seong-ki and committing suicide, leaving Gi-hun alone with the prize of 45.6 billion won (around $38 million).

However, as Gi-hun celebrates his victory and tries to reunite with his daughter, he discovers that the game organizers, who masked their identities with creepy animal masks, have been observing and manipulating the players for their entertainment. He receives a mysterious business card that leads him to a posh office, where he meets a white-haired man who congratulates him on his triumph and offers him a chance to play another game, with even higher stakes. The screen fades to black, leaving Gi-hun’s response unknown.

The Clues and Hints for Squid Game 2

Now, let’s analyze some of the clues and hints that Hwang Dong-hyuk and the cast members have revealed or hinted at regarding Squid Game 2.

1. The Conceptual Framework

In an interview with The Korea Times, Hwang said that he had already designed the conceptual framework for Squid Game 2 and that it would “go deeper into the characters and their backgrounds.” He also mentioned that he was “worried” about how to balance the expectations of the audience and the pressure to stay true to the original idea. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Squid Game 2 will not be a mere repetition of the first season but will expand the universe and the themes of the show.

2. The Sponsorship

As we saw in the last scene of Squid Game 1, there is a mysterious organization behind the games that Gi-hun and other players have participated in. The white-haired man who invites Gi-hun to another game is probably a high-ranking member or even the leader of this organization. He hands Gi-hun a business card with a logo that reads “LC,” which could stand for many things, such as “Luxury Corporation” or “Life Cycle.” Some fans have speculated that “LC” is related to “LG,” the famous South Korean conglomerate that sponsors the show and provides some of the gadgets and props used in the games. However, LG has denied any connection to the show’s plot or theme.

3. The Characters

Most of the players in Squid Game 1 are dead or traumatized, except for Gi-hun, who has endured a brutal ordeal and gained some wealth and fame. However, his moral dilemma and his unfinished business with his daughter and his mother’s health remain unresolved. Moreover, he now knows that he has become a pawn in a wealthy and secretive elite’s sick game, and he may feel compelled to expose or confront them. On the other hand, some of the minor characters, such as the police officer who infiltrated the game or the woman who helped Gi-hun and Sang-woo to cheat, may have more important roles in Squid Game 2. Furthermore, Hwang has hinted that some of the actors who played the main players in Squid Game 1 will return in Squid Game 2, although he has not specified who or how.

4. The Games

One of the most intriguing aspects of Squid Game is the variety and inventiveness of the games that the players have to play. Each game has its rules, challenges, and consequences, and each reveals something about the human nature of the players and their society. Therefore, it is likely that Squid Game 2 will feature new games that are even more twisted and complex than the previous ones. Some fans have suggested that the next game could involve time travel, parallel universes, or virtual reality, but these ideas seem too far-fetched for a show that prides itself on its realism and grittiness. However, Hwang has said that he would like to include some traditional Korean children’s games in Squid Game 2, which could add a nostalgic and cultural flavor to the show.

The Predictions for Squid Game 2

Now that we have examined some of the clues and hints for Squid Game 2, let’s make some predictions about the plot, the characters, and the games.

1. The Plot

Squid Game 2 will explore the consequences and aftermath of the first season’s game on Gi-hun, his family, and society at large. Gi-hun will have to cope with his guilt, his wealth, and his fame amidst the media frenzy and the threats from the organization that wants to recruit him again. He will also seek to reunite with his daughter and use his money to help his mother and his old neighbors. However, he will realize that he cannot escape the shadow of his past, as some of the other players who survived the first game will come back to haunt him. They may seek revenge, ask for his help, or reveal some dark secrets of the organization that they have learned. Moreover, Gi-hun will have to face new challenges and games that will test his skills, his morals, and his sanity. He will struggle to balance his desire for justice and his fear of death, as the stakes of the next game may be too high even for him.

2. The Characters

Gi-hun will be the main focus of Squid Game 2, but some of the other survivors, or even some new characters, will play important roles in the story. For example, the police officer, Kim Choong, who infiltrated the game and exposed some of its secrets, may return to help Gi-hun and investigate the organization further. He may also have some hidden agenda or secrets of his own, as he seemed to harbor some resentment towards his boss and the corruption of the police force. The woman who helped Gi-hun and Sang-woo to cheat, Kang Sae-byeok, may also reappear and offer some emotional support or practical skills to Gi-hun, as she has proven to be resourceful and resilient. However, she may have to face some consequences for her involvement in the game, as she may have broken some laws or angered some powerful people. Finally, some of the players who survived the first game but were not explored in depth, such as Ali, Oh Il-nam, or the North Korean defector, may return with their own stories and motivations. They may compete against Gi-hun, or they may become his allies, depending on their characters and how Hwang wants to develop them.

3. The Games

Squid Game 2 will feature new and more challenging games that will test the players’ skills, knowledge, and courage. However, it is unlikely that Hwang will deviate too much from the reality of the games, as they reflect the harshness and absurdity of the world. Therefore, the games may include some variations or integrations of traditional Korean children’s games, such as “yutnori,” “ddakji,” or “neolttwigi,” that require physical, mental, and strategic abilities. The players may also have to face some moral dilemmas, such as whether to betray their teammates for a chance to survive or to sacrifice themselves for a greater good. Moreover, the games may reveal some hidden aspects of the organization that conducts them, such as the motives, the ethics, or the limitations of their power. Hwang may also introduce some new settings or obstacles to the games, such as different locations, climates, or animals, to add some variety and unpredictability to the show.


Squid Game 2 is still in the making, and no official release date has been announced. However, the hype and speculation surrounding the show suggest that it will be another blockbuster hit for Netflix and a cultural phenomenon for South Korea. The creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, has promised to deliver a sequel that will not disappoint the fans but also maintain the integrity and originality of the first season. He has also hinted at some exciting possibilities for the plot, the characters, and the games. Whether his predictions will come true or not, one thing is certain: Squid Game 2 will be a game-changer.

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