SlipperyT is a Patreon creator who has gained notoriety for creating spicy animations featuring Minecraft characters. The creator offers different tiers of membership, ranging from $2 to $5 per month, that provide patrons with access to exclusive content such as bonus work-in-progress GIFs, renders, wallpapers, and downloads of the animations in high definition. SlipperyT also has 332.9K Followers on Twitter.

However, SlipperyT’s content has been the subject of controversy, as many consider the spicy nature of the animations to be inappropriate for the Minecraft setting and audience. Some argue that SlipperyT’s content objectifies the characters, and is not suitable for a game that is primarily targeted towards children and teenagers.


Supporting SlipperyT’s Creations

To support SlipperyT’s work, fans can contribute by subscribing to their Patreon page. This platform provides various tiers of membership for fans to choose from, ranging from $2 to $5 per month, and offers exclusive content such as work-in-progress GIFs, renders, wallpapers, and downloads of animations in high definition.

However, fans should note that SlipperyT’s content is intended for older audiences only and is not suitable for minors. Additionally, the Patreon page may contain spicy material that some viewers may find offensive.

The Controversy Surrounding SlipperyT

The controversy surrounding SlipperyT’s content has sparked debate online, with many expressing their concerns about the spicyness of the Minecraft characters. Some have called for the creator to be banned from Patreon, arguing that the content violates the platform’s community guidelines.

Others have defended SlipperyT’s right to create the content, citing freedom of expression and artistic license. They argue that the animations are intended for an adult audience and are not intended for children.

Patreon’s Response

Patreon has not taken any action against SlipperyT at this time, as the creator’s content does not violate the platform’s community guidelines. However, the controversy surrounding the creator’s content has led to a wider discussion about the role of Patreon in regulating the content of its creators.

Patreon’s community guidelines prohibit creators from sharing content that is illegal, fraudulent, or violates the rights of others. The platform also reserves the right to remove content that is deemed to be harmful or offensive to its community.


The controversy surrounding SlipperyT highlights the complexities of content creation and the responsibilities of platforms like Patreon in regulating the content of their creators. While some may argue that SlipperyT’s content is inappropriate for a game like Minecraft, others defend the creator’s right to create the content as a form of artistic expression.

As the debate continues, it is important for platforms like Patreon to carefully consider the content of their creators and take action when necessary to protect their communities from harmful or offensive content. While the role of Patreon in regulating the content of its creators may be contentious, it is essential for the platform to uphold its community guidelines and provide a safe and inclusive environment for all.

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