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Skeledirge is a unique dual-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IX, which is Fire/Ghost in nature. It evolves from Crocalor at level 36, and it is the final form of Fuecoco. This singer Pokémon has garnered the attention of many Pokémon enthusiasts due to its distinct characteristics and abilities. In this article, we will dive into the biology, game data, and trivia about Skeledirge.


Skeledirge is a large and robust crocodilian Pokémon with rectangular scales covering its entire body. It has a unique belly that is angular and has a white coloration flanked by black stripes on either side, resembling an open suit jacket and dress shirt. Additionally, it has a range of white-colored patterns on its head, lower jaw, neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and the cylindrical tip of its tail. Skeledirge’s head has black circular shape at the top, black eyes with yellow irises, and serrated jaws with purple insides. It is capable of standing on its hind legs and has three black claws on each foot.

One of Skeledirge’s most notable features is the fiery bird resting on top of its head. This bird is spherical, with a yellow face, white eyes, a short crest and tail, and a singular tiny pointed “foot” it balances itself on. The bird is a separate, independent entity from the Pokémon, and it is said that the bird was born when the egg-shaped fireball Skeledirge had as a Crocalor gained a soul. The bird can sometimes be seen pecking at Skeledirge’s jaws.


Skeledirge’s singing is gentle yet powerful, full of vitality and capable of soothing the souls of all who hear it. Opponents hearing its singing will feel warm and fulfilled inside, losing their will to battle. Skeledirge is known for its signature move called Torch Song, where the fiery bird transforms into a microphone-like shape, gains fiery wings, and flies towards its enemy. Skeledirge is the only known Pokémon capable of learning Torch Song.

Skeledirge Game data

Skeledirge’s base experience yield is 265, and it has a medium-slow leveling rate. Its hidden ability is Unaware, which ignores any stat changes of the opponent. The Pokémon’s catch rate is 45 (11.9%), and its egg group is Field. The hatch time of a Skeledirge egg is between 5140 and 5396 steps. In terms of stats, Skeledirge has a total EV yield of 3, with 0 HP, 0 Attack, 0 Special Attack, 0 Special Defense, 3 Defense, and 0 Speed.


Skeledirge’s name is derived from the words “skeleton,” “dirge,” and “loud bone.” Its fiery bird atop its head resembles the ancient Greek symbol of a phoenix. The fiery bird’s “foot” is also a play on the musical term “foot pedal.” Skeledirge is the only Pokémon capable of learning Torch Song.

Skeledirge is a unique and fascinating Pokémon that has captured the attention of many players and fans of the franchise. Its distinctive design, with rectangular scales and a fiery bird perched on its head, makes it stand out from the rest. Its Fire/Ghost typing also adds to its appeal, giving it a powerful combination of offensive and defensive capabilities.

Skeledirge Battle

In terms of battle, Skeledirge has a lot to offer. Its signature move, Torch Song, is a powerful attack that can burn opponents with flames that exceed temperatures of 5,400 °F (3,000 °C). Its singing ability is also a valuable asset, as it can soothe the souls of all who hear it and even cause opponents to lose their will to battle.

Skeledirge Evolution

As a final evolution, Skeledirge is a powerful and imposing Pokémon. Its large size, combined with its unique design, make it a formidable opponent in battle. Its caring and meddlesome personality, as described in its Pokédex entry, add to its appeal as a companion and ally.

Overall, Skeledirge is a fascinating addition to the Pokémon franchise, and its unique design and abilities make it a popular choice among players and fans. Whether you’re looking for a powerful battler or a unique and interesting companion, Skeledirge is definitely worth considering.


Skeledirge is a one-of-a-kind Pokémon with an intriguing biology and unique abilities. Its fiery bird atop its head adds a distinctive touch, and its soothing singing voice makes it a unique and valuable addition to any team. Whether you’re playing the Pokémon games or watching the anime, Skeledirge is a Pokémon worth knowing and appreciating.

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