Short Life 2


Short Life 2 is the sequel to the wildly popular online game, Short Life. This physics-based platformer game has won the hearts of millions over the world. The game features stick figures, and the aim is to navigate them through various obstacles and deadly traps to reach the end of each level. The game’s creator, Gemioli, has taken the game to the next level with the inclusion of new features and improved graphics.


Short Life 2 has retained all of the game mechanics of its predecessor. Players control a stick figure that can run, jump, and more. The game has 20 levels of increasing difficulty. The idea is to progress through each level while avoiding any obstacles in your path.

In addition to the original features, Short Life 2 also offers a wide range of new gameplay mechanisms. Now the player must also face moving spikes, chainsaws, and other hazards. There are also new challenges such as portals, buzzsaws, and exploding mines. The game also features an improved movement system, making it much easier to control your stick figure.


Short Life 2 boasts an impressive update to the graphics. The game features a range of visual enhancements that make the game even more enjoyable. The animations of the stick figures are smoother, and the colours are more vivid.

The developers have also added new environments to the game. Players can now play Short Life 2 in a range of different locations, from abandoned factories to the icy tundras.

The game’s sound has received some attention too. New sound effects have been added to make the game more immersive, and the music is more engaging than ever before.


One of the most exciting features of Short Life 2 is the addition of a multiplayer mode. You can now test your skills against other players online, and see who can make it to the end of each level first. This multiplayer mode is a great way to add extra excitement to the game.

With multiplayer mode, players can now team up and navigate through the deadly levels together. This is a great way to have fun with friends or even make some new ones.


Short Life 2 is an excellent addition to the online gaming world. It retains all of the mechanics of the original while incorporating new features and challenges. The improved visuals and sound make the game even more enjoyable, and the multiplayer mode adds a whole new level of excitement to the game.

If you’re a fan of the original Short Life game or are simply looking for a fun and challenging platformer game, then Short Life 2 is a must-try. With 20 levels, new gameplay mechanics, multiplayer mode, and improved sound and visuals, this game is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours.

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