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RubMD is an online platform that enables you to discover and connect with independent massage providers in your area. It provides an easy way to find experts in body rubs.

I find Rubmd to be trustworthy. Most advertisements do not require a deposit, and if they do, I will not consider them. Legitimate advertisements will never be too explicit over the phone or text, so if they are, it’s best not to pursue them.

Some advertisements may openly advertise activities, but it’s risky to trust them as they may be undercover operations. It’s better to avoid such risks and inquire about upgrades or other details in person once you are there and comfortable.

I highly recommend Rubmaps and have been a subscriber on and off since 2014. Although some of the content these days may be questionable, it’s still generally better than other similar services out there.


However, I’m curious if anyone has tried It’s more expensive than Rubmaps, and the site’s owner can be difficult to deal with. Nonetheless, Ampreviews provides excellent information with reviews and prices for the Bay Area, and the best part is that it’s free. You simply need to write a review that follows their strict posting guidelines, and you’ll receive premium access within a couple of days.

As a trade for information, I am willing to search for reviews on Ampreviews for anyone who has a Rubmaps subscription and is willing to do the same for me regarding a specific MP.

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Check out, another site I earn revenue from ads on

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