Have you ever played the game of Roshambo? Otherwise known as rock-paper-scissors, it is a classic game that is played all around the world. The game is quick, easy and can be played by all ages. But did you know that there is a strategy to winning the game? In this blog, we will explore the history of Roshambo, how to play the game and some tips and tricks for winning.

History of Roshambo:

Roshambo has a long and complicated history that dates back to ancient times. In Japan, it was known as “jan-ken” and was used to settle disputes or make important decisions. It is believed to have originated from a game called “shiritori” that was played in the 17th century. This game involved saying a word that began with the last letter of the previous word. The winner was the person who managed to pick a word that could not be continued.

In Europe, the game was known as “mordecai” and was played by British soldiers during World War II. In the 19th century, French children played a similar version called “pierre-papier-ciseaux” which translates to “stone-paper-scissors.”

In America, Roshambo emerged during the 1920s and 1930s and became a popular way to make quick decisions. By the 1950s, the game had become a regular feature of popular culture and was even featured in children’s books.

How to Play Roshambo:

Roshambo is a simple game that requires no equipment, just your hands. Two players stand facing each other and, on the count of three, they both throw out one of three hand gestures; a closed fist for a rock, a flat hand for paper, and a V sign for scissors. The winner is determined by the objects they show:

• Rock breaks Scissors – Rock wins
• Scissors cuts Paper – Scissors wins
• Paper wraps Rock – Paper wins

If both players choose the same object, then the game is a tie, and another round is played.

Tips and Tricks for Winning:

While Roshambo may seem like a game of chance, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of winning. The following are some tips and tricks that you can use to come out on top:

1. Look for Patterns: One of the most common strategies for winning at Roshambo is to look for patterns in your opponent’s play. People often repeat the same hand gesture several times in a row, so if your opponent throws out the same move twice in a row, try throwing the counter-move for the next round.

2. Use the Element of Surprise: Another strategy that can help you win is to use the element of surprise. If you have been using the same move consistently, try changing it up in the next round. This can throw your opponent off guard and give you an edge.

3. Know Your Opponent: As you play the game, you may begin to pick up on your opponent’s playing style. Some people are more aggressive, while others are more conservative. Once you have identified your opponent’s style, you can adjust your play to counteract it.

4. Focus on Timing: Timing is everything in Roshambo. You want to be able to read your opponent’s moves and throw out your own gesture at precisely the right moment. Pay close attention to your opponent and try to pick up on their timing. Once you have a good feel for their rhythm, you can try to time your move to beat it.


Roshambo may be a simple game, but it is also a game that requires strategy and skill. With the right mindset and some practice, you can improve your chances of coming out on top. So, next time you find yourself in a lull, why not challenge a friend to a game of Roshambo and put your skills to the test? Who knows, you might just come out as the champion!

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