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5 Things that make Your Resume for High School Internship Great

High school students interested for an internship often have a question about it. To get enrolled in their chosen internship program they have to be selected. The question is what the most important thing is that has major bearing on the selection process. The answer is that it is the resume for high school internship that stands out as the single most important factor in the entire process. Below is a good example of a resume for a high school internship.

high school resume

Importance of Resume for High School Internship

The following are the reasons that make your resume for high school internship so important.

  • The selectors will first of all view your resume to assess your eligibility and suitability for the internship program.
  • It is the tool that helps the selectors to short-list eligible candidates for their program. Hence the resume checking is the first step in the entire selection process.
  • Furnishing your resume with the application for internship is a mandatory process.

If you are trying to get an internship when you are still in the school then you have to take care of multiple issues. The most important aspect is designing a well-crafted resume for high school internship. Such a resume can establish your competence and suitability for the target internship. A poorly drafted resume will ruin your chances of getting selected as it may not properly reflect all your achievements.

Thus; it is now an established fact that you need to present the selectors with a well-drafted resume. You can get advice galore on drafting an effective resume. All such tips are not equally useful. To make things easier for you, below is information on things that can make your resume for high school internship a great piece of work.

Resume tips

Before drafting your resume thoroughly study and understand the aims and objectives of the internship you are applying for. It will enable you to prepare your resume for high school internship perfect. You may have a host of skills but not all of them may match with the requirements of the internship. You should highlight the relevant skills matching the internship program while giving passing reference about others. If you are applying for an engineering firm then you should highlight such skills in your resume. If you have skills in fine arts, it may not have any impact on your selection. Below are some tips for how to make a good resume:

1. Categorization of Achievements and Skills

To create a most effective resume for high school internship you will have to highlight the relevant achievements you made. You will also have to categorize your achievements and skills in different sections in the resume. There are numerous templates for drafting a great resume. However; categorization is common in all of them. You can create separate sections on the followings in your resume.

  • Academic career.
  • Professional experience.
  • Internship experience and skills.
  • Extra-curricular activities.
  • Contact details including your cell phone number and email id.

2. Make Your Resume Brief and Simple

Internship program sponsors understand that as a high school student you may not have years of experience. It could even be your first attempt at an internship. You will still need a well drafted resume for high school internship with a good cover letter. It should reflect your preparation in the field of internship you have applied for and the knowledge you have gathered. This will establish the fact that you are actually interested to build up a career in the same field to which the internship relates. There are some specific things to remember in designing your resume that are as follows.

  • The resume should be precise and easily readable.
  • Try to limit its length to a single page only. This is because the selectors may skip long resumes due to paucity of time.
  • You should avoid making your resume like a research paper and it should be short and sweet.
  • You can obtain support of a trusted professional agency to decide on the format of the resume.

3. Use the Right Format for Your Resume

Using the right format is an indispensable part of the resume-building process. Thus; while designing the resume for high school interns also it is vital to use the right format. The components of an ideal format for your resume are as follows.

  • The ideal resume length should be one page. At max a resume should be two pages.
  • Contact information in details should be placed at the top of the page.
  • It should contain education, work, and volunteer sections separate from each other.
  • Each section should contain your work experience and course work done if any.
  • Use bullet points as they will attract the attention of the selectors and are great for reflecting relevant information in a nutshell.
  • Providing quantitative measurements will make the resume much more presentable.
  • Use readable fonts of 10-12 size and uniform margins on all sides of the page.
  • The resume should be free from spelling and grammatical errors.

5) Make Sure That Your Resume is Impressive

Sponsors of any high school internship program will ask for your resume. It does not mean that you will draft a resume and send it with your application online or offline. You have to ensure that your resume is able to impress recruiters and employers. Though you can prepare your resume at your own level, availing professional services for creating a rewarding resume could be a better option for you.

6) Use a Nice Cover Letter

Once the process of preparing your resume I over, you should write a nice cover letter. Many job portals offer the scope to apply for internship without a cover letter. It is not a good practice. On the other hand you can personalize it by including the reasons for your appreciation for the internship and its sponsor. It can impress them well and enhance your chance of getting the internship.

A quality resume for high school internship is a necessity. You must adequate care before you submit to proper quarters to improve your chances of getting the desired internship.


A good resume for a high school student should include the high school they attend, their GPA, work experience they have, the extracurricualrs they do in school, and the awards that they have won. Students can also include a skills section and their phone number and email. All of these components should tie into the job that you are applying for or want. Below is an example of a good resume for a high school student:



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