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Real Yeezy Slides VS Fake

The most expensive slide you can purchase is the Yeezy. These slides are popular with those who want something unique or trendy designer options. Despite the unique design being appealing, you might not be as excited about the cost. If you purchase them from a trusted retailer, these babies will cost you at least $100. You’re more likely to find a cheaper pair of Yeezy slides elsewhere.

This article will cover everything you need to know regarding fake Yeezy slide. It includes how to distinguish genuine pairs from fakes, where they are sold and where to buy decent fakes. This article is only for Yeezy Slides and not the Yeezy Foam Runner model.

Yeezy Slides: Authentication: The Overall look Method

Although the model may look simple, it’s not difficult to replicate if you don’t have high-quality materials.

The replica slides did not capture the original sole’s sharp, distinct look.

The sole is quite sharp but other features are rounder and more soft. For example, the authentic strap has a more rounded peak, while the fake one is more pointed.

The fake slides’ tips are larger and more pointed than they should be.

yeezy slides authentication

Fake Yeezy Slides: The Heel Method

The genuine heel has lines that form a separate section, but they are not obvious. However, the section on the imitation heel is too defined and highlighted to give it a cheap look

real vs fake yeezy

How To Legit Check Yeezy Slides: The Top Method

We can see how the slides are not rounded enough to replicate the original model’s cut-out. Smooth transitions between the top curves and bottom curves should be seamless and not create too much contrast.

The fake slides’ tips are supposed to be more rounded than the flat ones shown in the photos.

real vs fake yeezy slides


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