Is My Bape Hoodie Real? 

How To Spot Fake Bape Shark Hoodie

Bape Shark hoodies tend to run from $200-$500+ so if someone is selling a shark hoodie cheaper than $200, it’s most likely fake.

Bape Label – The Washtag | How To Spot a Real Bape Shark Hoodie

A surefire way for how to spot a real Bape shark hoodie is to took at the washtag. On shark hoodie washtags, 99% of fakes don’t get the symbol on the left of the A Bathing Ape right. Most either use just an asterisk or just a solid dot, but real bape shark hoodies have an asterisk overlayed on top of a dot. Pay attention to this symbol I’m talking about in the pictures below and you’ll see the difference (the washtag on the left is a fake and the one on the right is real). 

fake bape hoodie washtag
real bape hoodie washtag

Also, the gold ape head tag should go behind the washtag. On fakes, sometimes it might be in front of the wash tag. In the below picture, the left example is a fake and the right example is real. Also notice how on the fake, the bottom of the gold ape head is cut off at the bottom.

how to legit check bape


Bape Hoodie WGM Logo | Fake Bape Hoodie vs Real Bape Hoodie

One giveaway to tell a fake shark hoodie from a real one is the WGM patch on the side of the hoodie. On bad fakes the letters will be shaped differently and the stitching on the WGM will just be messier like the lines won’t be straight. The M on a fake tends to be the part most fakes get wrong. The fake M purple color tends to be a lighter purple than what it should be. Also, a real hoodie M has yellow lines that are thin and the purple between the yellow lines should go up farther towards the top. Here is an example:

how to legit check bape

Also, you probably know this but everything on a shark hoodie should be stitched except for the tiger on the left side of the hood (the tiger is printed). The WGM logo and the shark mouth should not be printed and both should all be stitched in. Here’s an example of fake printed WGM logo:

how to legit check bape

Bape Labels – The Sleeve and Neck Tags | Fake Bape Hoodie vs Real Bape Hoodie

When you lift up the size label on the A Bathing Ape neck tag, there should be a small ape head on the back of it. See the below picture on the left for an example. If there’s no ape head under the size label it’s definitely a fake. Similarly, if there is no back of the ape head on the inside of the sleeve tag, that’s also a fake. If your hoodie has no neck tag and/or sleeve tag at all that is obviously a fake too. See the picture on the right for an example of what the sleeve tag should look like on the inside.


how to legit check bape
back of bape tag

In general, it’s hard to tell the difference between real and fake sleeve and neck tags, but do know that Bape uses different neck tags for different products, especially T-Shirts. Bape has also changed the look of their A Bathing Ape neck tag throughout the years. See this link for pictures of legit Bape sleeve tags for different clothes they have, neck tags for different clothes they have, and the different A Bathing Ape neck tags for hoodies throughout the years. 

Don’t know if you’re item is legit? | Fake Bape Hoodie vs Real Bape Hoodie

If you are still unsure if your Bape hoodie is legit, you can purchase a Bape authentication service here for $9. You can get 25% off your authentication by signing up for their mailing list. People can also ask for a legit check for free in this subreddit.

Are Bape hoodies on Amazon real?

No – they are not. If you see a Bape shark hoodie under $200 or even under $300 that is a red flag because most Bape hoodies retail for $350 or more.

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