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The hype surrounding the launch of the PS6 is significant, even though it’s only been three years since the release of the PS5. However, it’s highly likely that Sony is already looking to the future and planning for the successor to its latest console.

While it’s too early to predict what the PS6 will look like, we can start to fantasize about what we’d like to see from the next PlayStation console. After all, Sony has already trademarked the PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10 names, so it’s clear that they’re thinking ahead.


When Can We Expect the PS6 to Launch?

Although we’re eagerly anticipating the launch of the PS6, it’s unlikely to happen for several years yet. The PS5 was only released in November 2020, and typically, PlayStation consoles launch around six or seven years apart. For instance, the PS4 arrived in 2013, and the PS5 followed up in 2020.

In an interview with Game Informer, Sony’s Executive VP of Hardware Engineering, Masayasu Ito, confirmed that the PS5’s lifecycle is expected to last six or seven years. This means that we’re unlikely to see the PS6 until at least 2026.

What We Want to See from the PS6

Even though the PS6 is several years away, there are some things we hope to see from the next PlayStation console. Here are some of our top wishes:

A Smaller Console

The PS5 is one of the most massive consoles in modern history, making it impractical for those who don’t have a suitable shelving unit to house it. With the PS6, we hope Sony can make a smaller and more streamlined console while ensuring adequate airflow.

More Affordable Expandable Internal Storage

While it’s possible to expand the PS5’s internal storage by installing an SSD, compatible NVMe SSDs are expensive. External storage options aren’t ideal either as they don’t harness the raw power of the PS5. With the PS6, we hope Sony will make it easier to expand internal storage, possibly by taking an approach similar to the Xbox Series X’s expandable storage card.

Built-in Bluetooth Audio Support It’s baffling that a brand-new games console like the PS5 requires you to plug in a USB dongle receiver to use its own-brand wireless headphones. Sony should build Bluetooth audio support into the PS6 to eliminate the need for dongles.

Wireless Charging for Controllers and Headset The Sony charging dock for the PS5 DualSense controllers works well, but it’s another piece of hardware by the TV. With the PS6, Sony should build a wireless charging pad into the top of the console, allowing you to charge your controller or headset by simply placing them on top.

Wire-free and Zero-latency Connection to the TV The PS5 adds to the clutter behind media stations, with wires for power, HDMI, controller charging, HD camera, and the PSVR 2. With the PS6, we want a single power lead and everything else to be wireless, with zero lag and latency.

A Smaller Console One of the most significant complaints about the PS5 is its size, which can make it challenging to find space for the console. A smaller console would be a welcome change for many gamers who have limited space. Additionally, a smaller console would be easier to transport, making it ideal for gamers who like to take their consoles with them on the go.

More Affordable Expandable Internal Storage The PS5’s limited internal storage capacity has been a point of contention for many gamers. While it’s possible to expand the storage with an SSD, the cost of compatible NVMe SSDs can be prohibitive. Making expandable storage more affordable and accessible would be a huge win for gamers who want to store more games on their consoles without breaking the bank.

Built-in Bluetooth Audio Support Having to use a dongle to connect wireless headphones to the PS5 is a significant inconvenience for many gamers. Building Bluetooth audio support into the PS6 would eliminate the need for an extra accessory and make it easier to use wireless headphones with the console.

Wireless Charging for Controllers and Headset A wireless charging pad built into the top of the PS6 would be a convenient feature for gamers. Not only would it eliminate the need for a charging dock or cable, but it would also keep the controller and headset charged and ready to use at all times.

Wire-free and Zero-latency Connection to the TV The current wiring setup for the PS5 can be frustrating for many gamers. A single power lead and wireless connections for everything else would be a massive improvement for the PS6. Zero lag and latency would ensure that gamers can enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Improved UI The PS5’s UI has received mixed reviews from gamers, with many finding it difficult to navigate. A more user-friendly interface that’s easy to use and intuitive would be a welcome change for the PS6. Additionally, more streamlined navigation for the PlayStation Store, party and friend management, and other features would be a significant improvement.

In conclusion, the PS6 is still a few years away, but it’s exciting to think about what Sony has in store for its next console. By implementing some of the features we’ve mentioned, the PS6 could be one of the most accessible, innovative, and practical consoles ever created. While we don’t know what the future holds for the PS6, we can’t wait to see what Sony has in store for us.

Improved UI While the PS5 UI is futuristic, it has flaws that need to be ironed out in the PS6. The PlayStation Store is hard to navigate, organizing parties and finding friends is difficult, and even finding the off button is tricky. With the PS6, we hope to see a middle ground that’s both futuristic and accessible.

Conclusion The PS6 is still several years away, and it’s challenging to predict what it’ll look like. However, we can only hope that Sony will listen to user feedback and implement changes that will make the next PlayStation console more accessible, practical, and innovative than ever before.

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