Private Student Loans Without Cosigner

In this article, I’ll explain the process of applying for private student loans without a cosigner, highlight some lenders who don’t meet requirements, and tell you why it’s essential to read the fine print before signing up with any lender!

Many online private lenders do not require a cosigner

Many online private lenders do not require a cosigner. However, there are also some requirements for the student borrower to meet before getting approved for a personal loan without a cosigner.

You must ensure you are eligible before you begin your search for private student loans without a cosigner.

You should apply to as many lenders as possible and compare each lender’s different requirements to know what options are available to you and what interest rates they charge on their loans.

When looking at various private student loan lenders, ensure they offer competitive rates on their products.

This ensures that the amount of money that needs to be paid back after graduation is lower than expected (making it easier). As long as all terms of these agreements are met, there should be no issues with getting approved.

private student loans without cosigner

You may need a cosigner when you are in serious financial trouble

If you have low credit scores or don’t have a lot of credit history, private student loans will require a cosigner. If you are still working on your credit, a cosigner may be something you should consider. You will likely be offered high interest rates in this instance, so adding a cosigner can help you get better offers.

Federal student loans co-signing vs. private loans

Each lender has a different process for co-signing student loans. This is what you need to know about applying for private or federal student loans.

Federal student loans

Undergraduates are eligible to apply for federal student loan without the need for a cosigner. The same applies for graduates applying for Direct Unsubsidized loans. Grad PLUS loans require that graduate students pass a credit check. Those with an negative credit history will also need an endorser. This person acts as a cosigner for the loan.

You will need to complete a Application for Federal Student Aid in order to apply for these loans. You will also need to provide the information of your parents if you are a dependent on their tax returns. While endorsers don’t have to apply with you directly, they will need an endorser addendum.

Private student loans

Private student loans are not issued by federal banks or credit unions. You can apply for private student loans online or in person, rather than filling out the FAFSA. To determine if you are eligible and what rate, this application takes into account your credit history, credit score and employment history.

To get a private loan for your education, you’ll need to have a cosigner. If you don’t meet the lender’s credit requirements you’ll need to be able to borrow money. This is why many undergraduates take out private student loans with their parents or another family member. When you submit your application, be sure to include the information of the cosigner.


Co-signer for your loan

Private lenders often require cosigners. However, some lenders may release cosigners from student loans if the primary borrower meets certain criteria (e.g. creditworthiness, on-time payments, etc. ).

As long as the lender allows it and you have met the payment requirements, releasing a cosigner from a loan is usually a simple process. You will simply need to fill out a request for release. In some cases, a credit check may be required.

Look for lenders who are open about co-signer release policies if you plan on releasing your cosigner from the loan. To maximize your chances of being approved, make sure you pay your loans on time and work to improve your credit score. You can often apply for cosigner release after 12 to 24 months.

How to get a loan for a student without a cosigner

Applying for a federal loan is the best way to get a student loan with no co-signer. You will need to be in good financial standing to apply for a private loan.

These are the top ways to increase your chances for approval:

  • Pay your existing credit on time. Make payments on credit cards before the due date. This will show that you are trustworthy and improve your credit score.
  • Limit your credit card credit. Your credit score will be negatively affected if you use the entire amount of your credit card. To be considered a safe borrower, you should use no more than 30 percent of your credit limit.
  • A steady income is essential. Lenders often require a minimum income, but they will also look for borrowers who have a steady income.
  • Look for a lender that has fewer requirements. Some student loan lenders make it easy for borrowers with poor credit to get student loans. To determine if you are eligible for a loan, these lenders might look at your education and future earnings.

SoFi | 

Student loans from SoFi come with no late fees or origination fees. Apply online with or without a cosigner. SoFi also offers flexible payment options to fit your post-grad life when you need to repay your loans. Find out more about SoFi’s private student loan program. SoFi is a student loan refinance lender, but it’s also a private lender. What’s the difference? A regular bank or government agency will offer you a fixed interest rate on your loan, say 6%.

When that principal balance goes down, you pay less in monthly payments to pay off what’s left. With SoFi, they set up their program to take all your student loans from different lenders (your federal and private) and consolidate them into one payment from SoFi with an adjusted interest rate that changes based on market conditions.

It’s like taking out one big mortgage on your house instead of five smaller mortgages for each piece of property—the benefits are obvious: lower monthly payments and less paperwork.

SoFi offers two consolidation programs: Their Student Loan Refinance Program gives borrowers access to lower rates by having them reapply for new loans at SoFi instead.

The second option allows borrowers to combine their outstanding balances into one new loan at SoFI, a great opportunity if you want more flexibility than paying off each individual would afford.

Sallie Mae

Will Sallie Mae approve me without a cosigner?

Sallie Mae is a private lender and does not require a cosigner. It offers fixed and variable interest rates, as well as a variety of repayment plans. The loan amounts vary from $1,000 to $50,000, while the repayment terms range from five to 30 years in length.


Earnest is a good option for students with a high credit score since the lender does not require any cosigner.

Earnest offers flexible repayment options, including multiple options for early payoff and interest-only payments.

The lender has an excellent customer service team that can help you whenever you need it, as long as you call or email them within business hours.

The lender offers the best interest rates on student loans: 2% on its variable-rate loans (with no origination fee) and 3% fixed rate loans (with a 0% origination fee). This makes Earnest’s product one of the cheapest available today.

Earnest has an excellent reputation as a student loan lender because it has been in business since 2012 without any significant issues or complaints from borrowers or regulators.


Ascent is a private student loan lender that offers many loan options. You may be wondering: Why would I want to take out a student loan without a cosigner? The answer is simple: Ascent does not require a cosigner for any of its loans, making it one of the best lenders for those who want to borrow money without having someone else co-sign their application.

Ascent also has some of the lowest rates on the market especially compared with other private lenders that don’t require cosigners.

In addition, they have received high customer satisfaction ratings because they have excellent customer service and offer flexible repayment plans and single-payment options (for those who need help quickly).

Upstart | Private Student Loans Without Cosigner

Upstart is a peer-to-peer lender, which means it makes its loans instead of buying loans from other companies.

This is different from other lenders who work with private student loans because those lenders are just middlemen between you and your loan originator.

Upstart requires a minimum credit score of 640 to qualify for a loan without a cosigner, making it difficult for anyone with less than stellar credit to get approved for their loan.

Additionally, Upstart only offers loans up to $50,000 per year, meaning if you have excellent credit and need more than that amount, this may not be the best option.


EdvestinU is a private student loan lender without a cosigner or co-borrower. This means you will apply for and receive your private student without worrying about finding someone willing to cosign for you.

EdvestinU offers low fixed interest rates (between 5% and 10%), so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay back your loan.

The only fees associated with their loans are origination fees, ranging from 0% to 5%, depending on the amount borrowed and whether or not the borrower elects automatic debit payments; otherwise, these fees are waived entirely.

LendKey | Private Student Loans Without Cosigner

LendKey is a good option for students who want to borrow money for college without a cosigner. LendKey is a nonprofit lender that provides loans to students at more than 1,500 colleges and universities.

It offers several private student loan options, including fixed-rate and variable-rate loans with low-interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

LendKey also has no prepayment penalty, allowing borrowers to pay off their loans early without additional fees or charges.

Citizens Bank | Private Student Loans Without Cosigner

Citizens Bank offers a 7.5% fixed rate private student loan for borrowers with good credit scores. This lender is a good choice if you have a better-than-average credit score, as you’ll be able to take advantage of the lower interest rate offered by Citizens Bank compared to other lenders.

It’s also worth noting that this is one of the few lenders that doesn’t require a cosigner or collateral.


Many options are available if you are looking for a private student loan without a cosigner. The key is to research and find the right lender for your needs.

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