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Prey For The Devil Showtimes

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Prey For The Devil Movie Description | Prey For The Devil Showtimes

The Catholic Church has reopened its exorcism schools due to a rise in demonic possessions globally. While nuns are prohibited from performing exorcisms, Sister Ann catches the attention of Father Quinn due to her ability to empathize with victims of demon possession, and he agrees to train her. Together with fellow student Father Dante, Sister Ann fights for the soul of a young girl, Natalie, who she believes is possessed by the same demon that tormented her mentally unstable mother years ago.

Despite resistance from some staff members and amusement from some priests, Sister Ann attends classes and begins to experience frightening events, including disturbing visions and memories, and a possessed elderly patient harassing her. However, she persists in her quest and uncovers information in secret archives with the help of Dante.

prey for the devil

After successfully exorcising Dante’s troubled sister, the school’s leadership informs Sister Ann that the woman committed suicide. Devastated, she decides to return to her old convent. But, Dante informs her that Natalie, who recovered and left the school, has had a relapse and is now a “terminal case.” Convinced that she can help Natalie, Sister Ann sneaks into the school with Dante.

To her shock, Sister Ann discovers that Natalie is her own daughter, whom she gave up for adoption years ago when she was pregnant as a teenager. The pain of abandonment has made Natalie vulnerable to demonic possession. After a difficult battle, the demon leaves Natalie and possesses Sister Ann. She falls into a large pool of holy water and frees herself from the demon, earning the school’s academic fellowship to the Vatican.

However, while in a cab, Sister Ann realizes that the driver is the old man who had harassed her under demonic influence. The cab stops, and a sinister-looking woman, who was previously released from the institute, stares at her from the street. Armed with a crucifix, Sister Ann prepares for another fight as the driver lunges at her.

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