Posh Plus XL

The Posh Plus XL disposable vape line is the top-selling non reusable device from leading vape supplier, Posh Vapes. Posh disposables are amongst one of the leading non reusable vape brand names in the United States as a result of their sleek design, unbelievable flavor, and top quality components. The Posh brand is headquartered just beyond Chicago, IL, which is why this brand is the top-selling vape gadget in Chicago. Posh was among the first business to attend to the need for more puff devices and also longer puff life. Posh initially addressed this demand with the regular Posh which holds 2ml of ejuice. Posh has now doubled down with the 4.5 ml Posh XL.

posh plus xl

With a nicotine strength of 4.5 percent, as well as a vast array of icy fruit nic salt tastes, the easy to use vape calls for no filling up or charging. Simply open package, pop off the cap and puff away. The Posh XL is an upscale disposable electronic cigarette. With a flashy LED light screen and a cap to prevent debris from lodging in the mouthpiece, this durable disposable vape will certainly never ever be mistaken for one of its smaller sized competitors. The Posh XL is a perfect tool for adult nic salt vapers trying to find a good taste and long life. The device is also great for previous smokers interested in making the change to vaping.

There are 1500 puffs in an XLpo. It contains 4.5% (45mg) nicotine salt e-liquid. The XL is one of the longer lasting disposables. The product is not intended for sale or use for anyone under the age of 21. Once the Posh Xl’s life cycle is complete, the bottom LED light will start blinking to let you know the disposable is dead. Then it is to be thrown away.


  • Fully Disposable
  • All-in-one system
  • E-Liquid Capacity of 5mL
  • Up to 1500 Puffs per device
  • Draw activated firing mechanism
  • Nicotine Strength of 45mg of Salt Nicotine
  • Non-Refillable
  • 850 mAh Battery 
  • Mesh Coil Technology

Posh Plus XL Flavors:

  • Arctic Melon
  • Blue Razz Ice
  • Cool Grape
  • Frozen Apple
  • Frozen Lychee
  • Frozen Mango Berry
  • Kiwi Berry Ice
  • Mighty Mint
  • Minty Strawberry
  • Peach Iced
  • Strawnana Ice

Here are places you can purchase an XL online:

https://ziipstock.com/products/posh-plus-xl-disposable-vape  -> 12.99 without tax and shipping

https://thevaporshoppeusa.com/products/posh-plus-xl-disposable-vape  -> 14.99 without tax and shipping

https://mipod.com/collections/posh-xl-vapes -> 13.99 without tax and shipping

https://puffecig.com/posh-plus-xl-synthetic-nicotine-disposable-pod-device/ -> 14.99 without tax and shipping

https://greencaviarclub.com/products/posh-plus-xl-disposable-device-6-blue-razz-ice -> 15.99 without tax and shipping


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