Online internships for high school students

Online internships for high school students allow students a fantastic opportunity to work remotely with industry professionals. Maybe you are looking for high school internships to support your career goals. Yes, you are in the right spot! As a high school student, you are likely to be damn busy with your classes, college applications, and extra-curricular activities. Technology has changed the internship scenario, and now you can join online internships for high school students to gain relevant experience. This article aims to cover things that a student should know. Read on!

High school students need not be physically present at the job location for online internships.  Instead, they can work in a remote setting, from the comfort of their home, and gain valuable work experience. These are also known as remote and virtual internships. To do this, students must have laptops and strong internet connections. Online interns connect with their mentors and team members through email, video calling, etc. During online internships, students can gain training in areas like IT, marketing, media, sales, etc that support easy transitions to remote work. They complete their projects from home, without going to the office. Online internships help high school students strengthen skills, communication, and interpersonal relations.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, which has recurred in many forms, in-person internships are limited.
 Students prefer remote access to internships. Many of the top providers of internships offer remote internships for high school students.


Why consider an online internship for high school students

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and also impacted the internship landscape. It is why several organizations are offering online internships, including summer internships, to high school students. Remote internships help students to get exposure to the professional world. High school seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen can participate in virtual internships and hands-on experience. It helps in their college application and career. Students can also join international virtual internships for overseas placements.

online internships for high school students

6 benefits of online internships for high school students

High school students can enjoy the following benefits from online internships.

  • Global network: Online internships free students from international border restrictions. Students can apply for these across the world, and it helps them to build a global network. Aside from getting internships, students meet people of different backgrounds and cultures and create excellent references.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is the greatest advantage of online internships. They solve all scheduling issues of students. When students work remotely, they can often work at their convenience. They just need to log on to work for the requisite hours. Working on weekends is also possible. It also improves their independent responsibility as they have to stick to the project schedule. These create a good work-life balance.
  • Improve communication: Online internships are different from traditional internships. Students working remotely need to send emails and attend video conferencing regularly. These help them improve their written and verbal communication.
  • Gaining new skills: The flexibility of online internships does not relieve one of the responsibilities. As students mostly work independently, they learn self-motivation, self-discipline, and time management to remain productive.
  • Enhance employability: The pandemic has taught businesses that remote working works and it is going to stay. As an online intern, you can access prospective employers all over the world and can apply for remote work.
  • Cost-effective: Online internships do not involve any added cost like in-office internships. As students work from home, they can save on accommodation, transportation, and personal expenses. These make online internships affordable.

Ways to get an online internship for high school students

High school students can secure online internships through the following steps.

  • Build a strong resume: Never send a general resume. Customize your resume to fit the internship you are applying for.
  • Create an online portfolio: It is the essence of internship applications. Compile your school projects, achievements, and work documents to speak for you.
  • Search online: Scan the internet with local keywords. You can also search on Indeed and Chegg are also a good place to search for high school internships.
  • Apply directly: Send your application for online internships to companies within your field of interest.
  • Network: Networking with other people is also a great way to find online internships. You can ask them about the availability of online internships.

Top online internships for high school students

High school students can consider the following online internships:

1) Fiveable offers online internships for high school students

Fiveable provides high school students with paid online internships. Fiveable helps students prepare for their AP exams. There are coding jobs for teens and marketing jobs. They also offer tutoring jobs for teens. You can apply to become a paid teacher assistant if you score well on an AP exam. There were also teen interns that made business decisions for Fivable’s leadership.

2) Google CSSI also offers online internships for high school students

Google CSSI is a paid three-week computer science online internship that graduating high school seniors can participate in. Participants receive a $1500 stipend through Google CSSI. My post contains more information about Google CSSI. They have recently moved the program to remote due to COVID-19. For the past few years, their program was online. If you want to learn more about this program, you can check out my post on Google CSSI.

3) NASA SEES Internship

You can also apply for the NASA SEES Internship here. The program is available in both in-person and online format, but it does not pay. This program gives selected students exposure to space and earth research. Interns will be able to work with engineers and scientists in their chosen field of work, as they learn to interpret satellite data from NASA.

4) Mathnasium

Find a Mathnasium in your area. Mathnasium provides math tutoring services for children in grades Pre-K through 12. Mathnasium allows you to become a virtual tutor for children. You can ask some Mathnasiums in your area if you can be a virtual tutor but depending on the Mathnasium center they might only be hiring for in person tutors.

5) Stanford Medical Youth Science Program

This 5-week online internship for high school students introduces high school juniors from low-income or underrepresented backgrounds to medicine and health science. The mentors are medical professionals, faculty members, and students who share a passion in science. Students who attend Stanford Medical Youth Science Program are not only able to learn and grow as students, but also get mentored and given the tools to start their journey to college and a career in medicine. They create a group of like-minded, passionate peers who will be the next generation in health leadership. To be eligible for the program you must be a low-income, underrepresented high school junior who lives in Northern or Central California.

7) Stanford science journalist intern

Stanford science journalist online interns are mentored by faculty and provided support for multi-media creations (written, audio, and written). 

Qualifications to Apply:

  • High-school level student
  • Enroll for your sophomore, junior, or senior year at high school
  • Interested in a career in engineering, psychology, or computer science?
  • Minimum 5-hour work week commitment

8) Stanford Clinical Summer Internship

Another remote internship for high school students is the Stanford Clinical Summer Internship. Stanford CSI is a group that consists of students from diverse backgrounds and who are interested in the science and art behind medicine.

Sessions for 2022 Stanford Clinical Internship Program:

Session 1 (Virtual), July 11-22 2022

Session 2 (Virtual), Jul 25 – August 5, 2022


  • 2022 Application Fee –$95 Non Refundable
  • 2022 Virtual Program Fee – 3,980
  • On-Site Fee – $5780*

Students with disabilities, students with low incomes and future college students are eligible to receive partial or full scholarships. This form is available to students of low income, future college students and students from minorities or students with disabilities. It also allows students who have a keen interest in medicine to use it.

9) EnergyMag Internship

EnergyMag offers virtual internships to high school students for gaining experience in the renewable energy sector. Students gain on-the-job training without working on the site.

10) United Planet Virtual Internship

United Planet offers virtual internships for high school students.  Students from 16 years old can participate in internships in global health, environmental sustainability, and children and education. Students can get course credit through their relationship with Portland State University. You have to pay to participate in their internships and the cost per week is $100-$300.

11) Virtual Internships Foundations Program

Virtual Internships Foundations was created to offer students aged 14-18 the chance to explore their interests and develop their professional skills remotely. Students will be able to work with companies that are globally-minded and complete projects designed for them to help the company and develop their professional skills.

The Virtual Internships Foundations Program requires students to commit 15-18 hours per week. The Virtual Internships Foundation Program offers:

  • Part-time internship based on a project. Working in groups of four students at a company that is part of the student’s career choice group.
  • Weekly group meetings with the intern facilitator
  • CareerPathways is our online professional development curriculum.
  • A portfolio at the end of the program that highlights all student projects
  • Supervisor evaluation, program evaluation, and certificate of completion.

You apply for the program on the Virtual Internships Foundations website. There is no mention of tuition for the program so it might be free to participate in.

12) Internhq.com offers online internships for high school students

Many online internships for high school students can be found on the website www.internhq.com. However, if your application is accepted, you will need to pay to participate in the online internship. Here are some examples of their online internships for high school students.

Marine Ecology Remote Internship

It gives high school students a unique opportunity to work in the field of ecology and environmental science. To be eligible students should be at least 16 years old. The duration of the internship may range from 3 to 17 weeks depending on the number of hours worked.

Finance Remote Internship

It offers students opportunities to work in all fields related to finance. one can conduct remote finance operations and analyze different finance variables. Students must be at least 16 years old to apply for this internship.

Microfinance Remote Internship

Students assist local community banks in evaluating their performance, checking financial data, etc. Students work under experienced financial professionals while participating in this internship. They also gain experience in the African microfinance model from the comfort of their homes.


Conclusion: Online internships for high school students are a game changer. They open up a new vista to high school students who cannot take in-person high school internships. Online internships are unique for delivering hands-on work experience with the flexibility of working from home. They help students personally and professionally to start their career path. You can find more high school internships on the home page of this website. You can also check out my post on remote internships for high school students.High school students need not be physically present at the job location for online internships.  Instead, they can work in a remote setting, from the comfort of their home, and gain valuable work experience. These are also known as remote and virtual internships. To do this, students must have laptops and strong internet connections. Online interns connect with their mentors and team members through email, video calling, etc. During online internships, students can gain training in areas like IT, marketing, media, sales, etc that support easy transitions to remote work. They complete their projects from home, without going to the office. Online internships help high school students strengthen skills, communication, and interpersonal relations.

How many roommates do you have in college

As a college student, you will most likely live in a dorm or apartment with others. This can be exciting, but it can also lead to problems if you don’t get along with your roommates. 

You can have up to three roommates in one dorm room at most colleges. It is not common to have more than one roommate in your freshman year. You will likely have one roommate in your freshman year dorm, but you might have two if you live in an apartment or suite. Although it is rare, you might not have roommates. 2016 Skyfactor study found that 70% of first-year students have only one roommate, while 12% have two and 13% have none. how many roommates do you have in college

Things to consider so that your roommate situation is good

Before you move in, discussing your expectations with your roommates is essential. This will help ensure that you all get along and have a successful year living together. If you don’t know your roommates before moving in, it can be difficult to choose who they’ll be and how well they’ll get along.

There are lots of factors that go into this decision: Do they like the same TV shows? Do they both like late nights? Are they messy or clean? It’s best to spend time with them before moving in together so that everyone knows what their needs and desires are going forward.

Once everyone is settled in, consider having an open conversation about everything that matters most to each person. For example, maybe one likes hanging out on Fridays. At the same time, another wants quiet time every Sunday afternoon and works towards making compromises possible until everyone finds a balance between their needs and those of their roommates’.

The first few weeks at college can often be filled with conflict over space (too many clothes getting mixed up), sleep schedule (you want lights off at 10 pm, but your roommate prefers midnight), and study habits (your roommate listens to music loudly when she’s trying not to fall asleep).

When these conflicts arise, take steps toward resolving them by asking questions when necessary instead of assuming anything about why someone did something differently from how it was done before, apologize if necessary, let go if it’s something minor, but keep talking until both parties have been satisfied by some resolution (even if “we’ll talk again tomorrow”).

Moreover, you want to make sure that each individual saves money by splitting rent and utilities evenly among all parties involved, making it easier than ever before.

Having more than one roommate can be very fun, but it isn’t for everyone

College is a time of significant change and growth, both academically and socially. Having a roommate can make your college experience fun or awkward. It all depends on how well you get along with your roommate(s).

For example, having one other person in the apartment may be too restrictive if you like to party hard and have friends every weekend.

However, if you’re more of an introvert who likes their privacy, having two other people could also prove difficult because there will always be someone else around when it comes time for those “me” moments (e.g., reading Harry Potter under the covers with no distractions).

In addition to being able to hang out with new friends and enjoy yourself in your own space at home (with roommates), shared living arrangements also come with a few risks:

1) High rent costs

2) Possible damage/loss of property

3) Disagreements/conflicts

4) Financial responsibilities

5) Lack of privacy

6) Annoying habits

7) Stressful situations

There are also a lot of benefits of not having a roommate in college. Maybe you want more space for your furniture, or you don’t like to share the closet with anybody else. If you live alone, however, no one else’s needs or wants have to be considered when making decisions about your living space. You are free (and encouraged) to re-arrange things in any way that works best for you. You’ll also have more privacy while living alone than if there were three other people in the house with whom you had to share everything from bathrooms to refrigerators to common spaces like kitchens and living rooms. In addition, living alone means having a lot of quiet which can be especially helpful if you’re studying late at night or early morning hours.

What does a two-person dorm room look like?

Standard dorm rooms for two students have one bed, a desk, chair, and dresser. A bed will be added to a room if there is more than one student. You shouldn’t expect an extra desk, closet, or other amenities. For each roommate. This means that you’ll need to learn how to effectively share your space with other roommates. Below is a picture of a two-person dorm. two person dorm

What does a triple dorm room look like?

Triple dorms are often equipped with bunk beds or elevated beds. Although there is usually a closet, desk and chair for each student in triple dorms, this is not always true. If you share a room with two people, you may have to share furniture. Below is a picture of a triple dorm.
tripple dorm

Is it cheaper to live with one or two roommates in college?

While some students might try to cut costs by adding more roommates to their dorm rooms, the savings will likely only be a small part of the total college cost. Depending on which school you attend, room and board costs can range from $8,400 to $12,210. Splitting a room with more than one person will allow you to share some of your expenses. You can split your costs for groceries and other college equipment like mini fridges, Brita pitchers and microwaves. It is possible to share transportation costs such as a bus pass and bicycle. This could save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. A few hundred dollars in college is nothing to be ashamed of. Dorms with three- or four-person rooms are likely to be more affordable depending on which school they are located at. These rooms are likely to be one- to two-thousand dollar cheaper per school year. If you are looking for cost savings and lower housing costs, then it is worth considering living with more than one person. We recommend that you balance the value of privacy and personal time with your financial benefits.  

Is having two roommates a good idea?

Skyfactor data suggests that students who have at least one roommate perform better academically and socially than those without. People who have roommates had higher GPAs, lower dropout rates, and had a greater chance of making friends and experienced lower homesickness than those without roommates. Despite this, the study doesn’t evaluate whether these benefits change depending on how many roommates you have. There are potential social and financial benefits to having more than one roommate. However, you need to consider your individual needs and determine whether you should share a room with more than one person. Even if you are close to your roommates, an academic year can be a long time to live in a glorified tuna container. Before you commit to sharing a room with more than one roommate, we recommend that you think carefully about your social life, academic goals, and overall priorities. Make a list of pros and cons, then review it carefully. Only move forward if you feel the pros outweigh any cons.


I hope this article has helped you figure out if having roommates is right for you. If not, that’s okay! However, it means that living alone will suit your needs and lifestyle better.

But if you want roommates, I think it’s important to remember that there are many options. So don’t worry too much about finding the perfect roommates; keep looking until you find someone who seems like a good match.

  Other resources: You can check out my post on Is Not Going To College Okay? You can check out my post on what qualities do colleges look for.
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