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What is National Honor Society?

Over 100 years, National Honor Society (NHS), membership has been the mark of student achievement. However, it is more than a report card. The NHS empowers, champions, and recognizes well-rounded students and provides schools with a values-based framework that fosters a culture of scholarship and leadership.

NHS chapters are located in every state and at many schools worldwide, serving over one million students. The average contribution of a NHS chapter is:

  • 1,000 hours of community/school service
  • $26,000 in charitable donations
  • 1,000 pounds of food donated to national, state and local causes
  • 100 pints blood

national honor society

The National Association of Secondary School Principals founded NHS in 1921, reflecting the deep commitment of school leaders to student leadership development. It was founded on the four pillars of scholarship and service, leadership and character. NASSP also founded and managed National Junior Honor Society. In 1928, National Student Council was established (est. In 1931, and National Elementary Honor Society 2008.

Many honor societies are able to recognize outstanding students. The National Honor Society (NHS), however, stands out because of its long history and commitment to college scholarship.

NHS does not accept high school students to its chapters, unlike college honor society. To gain leadership and service experience, students who meet the requirements for membership can join the society. Each year, the NHS awards $2 million in scholarships.

What are you doing in the National Honor Society Is the National Honor Society worth it or not? NHS has a long history and can be a great choice for high school students who wish to join an honor society.

High school students who have met high academic standards are eligible to be recognized by the National Honor Society. It was established in 1921. Over 1 million students are members of NHS today. There are chapters all over the globe.

Leadership and service are the hallmarks of NHS. The society values members who are strong in character and can draw upon their leadership experience to help others.

Local schools are the chapters of the organization. According to the honor society, each chapter contributes on average 1,000 hours of community service. By meeting the membership requirements, high school students can join NHS.


What do you do in the National Honor Society

NHS chapters organize events and offer leadership opportunities. Members can apply to the NHS Scholarship and access member-only college planning tools.

The chapter also volunteers at their school or in the community. Common service activities include peer tutoring blood drives, cleanups of public spaces, and community fundraising.


How to get into the National Honor Society

How do high school students get in the National Honor Society? The national organization sets benchmarks but each chapter sets its own criteria for membership. Find out if your school has a NHS Chapter. Contact the advisor to find out the requirements for becoming a member.

The national requirements require a minimum GPA (on a scale of 4.0) or a cumulative grade equivalent to 85%. Higher academic standards are required to join some chapters.

The NHS recommends that there be a component of volunteer service, leadership standards and evidence of good character.

Each chapter publishes information about joining and its standards. Students who have met the academic requirements must submit a form listing any other qualifications. The admission decisions are made by chapters.

The four pillars of National Honor Society membership include:

  • Scholarship: Minimum 3.00 GPA. Some chapters have higher GPA requirements.
  • Service: Potential members volunteer their time to the school and community.
  • Leadership: Candidates must have demonstrated leadership experience in the school/community.
  • Character: Sections establish requirements to demonstrate good character.

What are the benefits of the National Honor Society

Why should high school students join the National Honor Society Membership in the NHS demonstrates academic and community commitments. Many students join the Honor Society Community to enhance their college applications.

NHS offers college admissions and financial aid planning resources. Members can also participate in leadership development events.

A major benefit of being a member is the National Honor Society Scholarship. The NHS Scholarship was established in 1946 and has provided support for over $19,000,000 to college-bound seniors. The scholarship provides $25,000 for one national winner, $5625 to 24 national finalists, and $3,200 or 575 national semifinalists.

600 recipients of scholarships receive approximately $2 million annually in awards. NHS members may submit their scholarship applications starting in October and ending December 1st during their senior year. In the spring, scholarship recipients will be notified of their awards.


Is the National Honor Society worth it?

Should you join the NHS? Participating in the National Honor Society can increase your chances of winning a scholarship and getting into college if you meet the requirements.

NHS, one of the oldest honor societies, is a great option for high school students who want to show their academic strengths and gain leadership experience. Members of NHS can apply for 600 scholarships each year.

How much does NHS cost? Each chapter determines its membership dues and pays an annual fee. To find out the exact cost, prospective members should contact their chapter.


The four pillars of the National Honor Society | Everyday pillars of NHS

These FOUR PILLARS are the foundation of The National Honor Society. These qualities are expected of all members of the NHS:

Students at the NHS adhere to morality and ethics. They are cooperative and show high standards of honesty, reliability, and kindness.


Students at NHS have maintained and will continue to maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 3.5 or more.

Students from NHS are resourceful, problem-solvers, advocates of school activities, idea-contributors, and dependable people who have positive outlooks about life.

Students in the NHS contribute to their school and community voluntarily, without any compensation, and with a positive, friendly, and enthusiastic spirit.


National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society is an honor society for high school seventh and eighth graders. The honor society represents students who earn good grades,

The National Junior Honor Society, (NJHS), elevates schools’ commitment to scholarship, leadership, character and citizenship. It also helps middle-level students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be well-rounded student leaders in school and community.

NJHS chapters are active in all 50 states, and at schools around the globe. They engage and serve more than a million students. The average NJHS chapter contributes approximately $2,000 each year.

  • 650 hours of community/school service
  • $1,000 in charitable donations
  • 500 pounds of food donated to national, state and local causes
  • 375 pints blood

The National Association of Secondary School Principals was founded NJHS in 1928 to reflect the deep commitment of school leaders to student leadership development. Its purpose is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render services; encourage leadership; encourage responsible citizenship; and develop character in secondary school students.

NASSP also founded and managed the National Honor Society. National Student Council was established in 1921. In 1931, and National Elementary Honor Society 2008.


Children are more resilient when we listen to them.

NJHS can help your school’s student leaders flourish, emerge, or somewhere in between.

NJHS empowers and prepares students to become transformative leaders in their school, community, or beyond. It also serves as a bridge between school leaders and students, allowing you to hear and engage with what they have to say.

Your school and students can have access to the following resources by becoming a NJHS Chapter member.

  • LEAD conferences Designed to empower outstanding student leaders, LEAD conferences provide national-level leadership training for NSC, NHS, NJHS members. Students will be able to bring new ideas, skills and energy back with them to make positive changes in their school or community.
  • NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award
    It is never too late to help students get on the path to higher education. In recognition of NJHS’s five pillars, NASSP gives $500 to 500 NJHS members.
  • College and Career Readiness Series
    Live webinars about college admission planning give students and their parents valuable advice from admissions professionals.

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