Nanami StarFishing

Nanami StarFishing: The Japanese Tech Startup Offering Sustainable Solutions

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are growing rapidly, people are looking for sustainable solutions to preserve the health of our planet. In Japan, a promising tech startup, Nanami StarFishing, is offering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for sustainable fishing.

Nanami StarFishing was founded in 2016 by a young entrepreneur, Nobuo Fujimori. As a fisherman himself, Fujimori was closely aware of the harmful impact of traditional fishing methods on the environment. The excessive use of fishing nets and trawlers not only damages the marine ecosystem but also causes high levels of bycatch, leading to significant losses for fishermen.

To address these issues, Fujimori created a new method of fishing, called Aquapod. The Nanami Aquapod is a patented portable fish farm that floats on the surface of the water and allows schools of fish to swim up and be caught sustainably with little to no bycatch.

Revolutionizing the Fishing Industry with Aquapod Technology

The traditional fishing industry has been using the same method for decades. However, with the introduction of technology, the Aquapod method revolutionizes the fishing industry. The Aquapod system uses GPS and IoT to keep track of the pod’s location and the condition of the marine ecosystem.

Moreover, the system uses oxygen, food, and water pumps to create a controlled environment for the fish to thrive in. The controlled environment provides better fish yields, which means fishermen can earn more while not causing any damage to the marine ecosystem.

Innovative Techniques for Sustainable Fishing

Nanami StarFishing’s Aquapod technology is not the only innovative solution offered by the Japanese startup. The company has also developed an innovative technique for saltwater farming. The method uses an advanced production system, where saltwater is pumped into the farming facility, minimizing the direct contamination of the ocean.

Furthermore, Nanami StarFishing’s farming facility supports a variety of marine species, including bluefin tuna, red snapper, yellowtail amberjack, and sea bream. The farming facility’s advanced production system provides optimal conditions for fish growth, taking into account salinity, temperature, and oxygen levels.

Why Nanami StarFishing Matters

Nanami StarFishing’s Aquapod technology and saltwater farming technique offer solutions to address environmental concerns. Overfishing and bycatch are some of the major issues that traditional fishing methods cause. By using Aquapod, fishermen can sustainably catch fish while significantly reducing bycatch. Furthermore, the innovative saltwater farming solution provides an alternative to wild-caught fish, which can contribute to preserving marine species’ population.

Apart from providing sustainable solutions, Nanami StarFishing also contributes to the Japanese economy. The company provides job opportunities to locals while promoting sustainable fishing practices.

Future Expansion and Growth

With the growing concerns over environmental issues, the demand for sustainable solutions is on the rise. Nanami StarFishing’s innovative solutions have already made an impact in Japan, and the company aims to expand globally.

The company has been collaborating with government and industry bodies in various countries, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar, to introduce their technology and techniques. In addition, the company has set its goal to expand globally by exporting its products.


Nanami StarFishing is an exemplary Japanese tech startup offering innovative and sustainable solutions for fishing. The company’s Aquapod technology and saltwater farming technique provide a sustainable approach to address environmental concerns while providing optimal fish yields. Nanami StarFishing’s pioneering efforts in the sustainable fishing sector are not only benefiting the environment but also contributing to the economy by providing job opportunities. The company’s future expansion plans look promising, and Nanami StarFishing has great potential to make a significant impact on the fishing industry worldwide.

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