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Why get a Microsoft High School Internship? 

Microsoft is known for its constant technology innovation. You couldn’t imagine your daily life without any Microsoft product! 

This technology giant has footprints in almost all the countries in the world. The internees at Microsoft receive enormous help and support in understanding the concept and shaping their careers. Microsoft is also known for having a congenial work culture, unlike some of the FAANG companies. It is also always an encouraging part from Microsoft’s side to promote talents who can think out of the box and will be a real asset in the coming days. One of the best ways to start one’s career is with a brand like Microsoft. This internship program can make a solid foundation for a career you are eyeing in the future. For a high school student, having a Microsoft high school internship will greatly boost their college applications and resume. High schoolers can also ask their supervisor for a recommendation for their college applications.

high school microsoft internship

Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the world. With its strong presence across numerous countries, Microsoft has established itself as an indispensable part of our daily lives. Because Microsoft is a global leader, you could also get a chance to learn so many things that you’ve never thought of. Getting a Microsoft high school internship could also give you a lot of money for their full time programming positions. It’s not as much as Google, Apple, or Amazon, but it is still pretty good money. At Microsoft there is also the freedom to move between teams and products without losing seniority or worrying about your pay. There is also no state income tax if you are working in Washington. Microsoft also has products in a multitude of areas so you will be exposed to different ways of programming, such as deadline with code management, agile, testing, scrum, etc. Microsoft’s benefits are also really good. They have excellent health benefits, disability, 401k, life insurance, vision, and dental. You can also get a free bus pass, discount card at places, free gym, etc.


Can I intern for Microsoft in high school?

Yes, there is an established Microsoft high school internship that can be viewed on this website and it is called the Micrsoft Discovery Program. This internship program provides lets high school internees participate in a curriculum designed to learn programming fundamentals and develop career readiness skills. Students will do so while gaining mentorship from Microsoft employees. Students will also discover how their passions can evolve into a career in tech at Microsoft and beyond.

All About The Microsoft High School Internship Program

Are you a high school student who has a dream to be associated with Microsoft, one of the world’s best organizations? If yes, then the Microsoft high school internship program is here for you. 

If you are interested in technology, then Microsoft is an ideal workplace for you. The Microsoft High School Internship is offered to select students who are eligible for their program. 

Eligibility for the Microsoft high school internship program

Students must be high school graduating seniors that live and attend high school within 50 miles of Redmond, Washington. They must also have completed pre-calculus or an equivalent course by the start of the program. To apply for the program applications must be members or participants of the following Microsoft-sponsored organizations:

    • Computing for All
    • College Success Foundations
    • Washington MESA
    • Rainier Scholars
    • Technology Access Foundation

To do the program, students must be available for the entire duration of the 4-week program (July 11 – August 5). Unfortunately, they are unable to make exceptions to this requirement. 

How to apply to Microsoft High School Internship Program? 

You have to check the Microsoft website for the application. They say that the application opens March 1 and that the application link will be available on this page. The application will close March 14 at 11:59 PM PST. It is the best practice to follow their website for any updates regarding this internship program.

Life as a Microsoft Intern

Every year thousands of high school students from all corners apply to work as an intern. After the section process is over, a handful of qualified students do get the chance to work with Microsoft. Aspiration, potential, and talent are the key factors here to work at Microsoft. The internship program aims to connect, collaborate and co-create newer things to change the world in the coming days. One used to enjoy his stint as an intern and received all sorts of facilities to pursue his or her dreams. With a modern infrastructure and perfect atmosphere of work and play balance, Microsoft is the ideal destination for young aspirants. 

More about Microsoft High School Internship Program

Interns should possess a strong technical acumen to be selected. If your application advances, you will begin a technical and behavioral interview round. For the technical part of the interview, One user said that overall they will give you AP Computer Science problems. Some specific examples that I found on Reddit here of past interview question topics for the Microsoft high school internship program are: linked list questions and binary search questions.

For the behavioral part of the interview, one user said that to “be prepared to explain ANYTHING that’s in your application — whether in your profile or your essays. That’s what they’ll be interviewing you about.”

Frequently Asked Questions on Microsoft High School Internship Program

How to apply? 

You have to follow the Microsoft website for the application link. There remains a deadline, hence you must be a regular visitor to the site and complete their application before the deadline.

In Conclusion

Microsoft High School Internship Program is one of the best in such a class. Millions of students used to apply for the same. For obvious reasons, the screening process becomes a tough one to select the best candidates. So, if anyone is not selected in the first attempt, he or she should not feel dejected and must prepare himself or herself in better ways for the next attempt. It is not the end of the road for anybody. If you are determined to crack it, passionate to work in the technological domain, and aspire to work with a leader like Microsoft, then there is no question of not hitting the board. You can and you will be successful in life by qualifying for Microsoft High School Internship Program. 

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