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Michael Gacy is the son of John Wayne Gacy. John Wayne Gacy, also known as the Killer Clown, is infamous for committing 33 murders of young men and boys between 1972 and 1978. Born in 1966, Michael Gacy is one of two children fathered by John Wayne Gacy. Michael Gacy has remained an elusive figure ever since his father’s 1978 arrest. Michael Gacy had luckily escaped from his father’s house by the time the gruesome murders began. However, he briefly lived with his father as a young child. While John Wayne Gacy was branded a monster, convicted, and sent to prison, Michael Gacy remained an elusive figure.

Michael Gacy’s Early Life Under John Wayne Gacy’s Roof

Michael Gacy was born on April 4, 1966 in Waterloo, Iowa, to Marlynn Myers and John Wayne Gacy. John Wayne Gacy, who was already beginning to delve into some macabre activities. However, in the beginning, Myers had little reason to suspect her husband of any wrongdoing. According to Newsweek, the pair met as colleagues at the Dunn-Bus Shoe Company store in Springfield, Illinois, in 1964 and started dating shortly after. Gacy was so charming that Myers happily accepted his marriage proposal six months later.

However, his pleasant outward demeanor only served as a façade for childhood traumas that spawned masochistic tendencies. John Wayne Gacy had been physically abused and bullied by his alcoholic father and sexually molested by a family friend of his parents. Gacy had even suffered from a congenital heart condition at 11 years old that saw him grow up overweight. He was terrified of coming out as gay and moved to Las Vegas as an adult.

What happened to Michael Gacy?

While Gacy’s crimes have been well-documented, the story of his son, Michael Gacy, has received less attention. He was just a young boy when his father’s crimes were uncovered, and he had to live with the knowledge that his father was one of the most notorious serial killers in American history.

In an interview with ABC News in 2003, Michael Gacy said that he had a “normal” childhood and had no idea of the horrors his father was committing. He said that he only found out about his father’s crimes when he saw the news on television.

John Wayne Gacy marriage | Michael Gacy is their son

John Wayne Gacy’s marriage to Marlynn Myers was not a happy one. John Wayne Gacy’s newfound status as a family man had earned him an apology from his father, who was relieved Gacy had chosen a heteronormative lifestyle. The couple had two children, Michael Gacy and Christine, but their relationship was marred by domestic violence. But Gacy was restless, and he joined the local chapter of the United States Junior Council, known as the Waterloo Jaycees, with whom he did drugs and invited teenagers to drink and play pool. Michael Gacy was one year old when his father molested the 15-year-old son of a fellow Jaycee in August 1967. In 1967, John was arrested for domestic battery, and the couple divorced soon after.

Meanwhile, their son Michael was just a year old when John Wayne Gacy committed his first known act of sexual assault. In August 1967, he molested the 15-year-old son of a fellow Jaycee, leading to his indictment on one count of sodomy. Gacy pleaded guilty to the charge in November 1968 and was sentenced to ten years in prison. He was released on parole in 1970, after serving just two years in prison.

John Wayne Gacy’s second marriage with Carole Hoff

Upon his release, Gacy moved to Chicago. In 1972, Gacy founded his own construction company, PDM Contractors, which provided him with the opportunity to travel and work on various projects. It was during this time that Gacy began to prey on young men and boys, luring them to his home under the pretense of hiring them for construction work or offering them a place to stay. He quickly established himself in the community and became well-known for his civic involvement. He even performed as a clown named “Pogo” at local events, entertaining children and adults alike.

John Wayne Gacy’s second marriage to Carole Hoff marked the beginning of his killing spree, which earned him the nickname “Killer Clown.”

Unfortunately, Gacy’s outward appearance masked a dark and twisted inner life. He continued to sexually assault and murder young men and boys, burying their bodies in the crawl space beneath his house. It wasn’t until 1978 that he was finally caught and brought to justice.

Throughout all of this, Michael Gacy remained an elusive figure. He had left his father’s house by the time the gruesome murders began, but he lived briefly with John Wayne Gacy as a young child. However, Michael has never spoken publicly about his father and is believed to have changed his name in the aftermath of the crimes.

The story of John Wayne Gacy is a chilling one, and his crimes continue to haunt those who were affected by them. The impact on his family, particularly his son Michael, is not fully known. But what is clear is that John Wayne Gacy’s legacy will forever be associated with the heinous acts he committed and the lives he destroyed.

michael gacy

Michael Gacy Escapes His Father’s Crimes

Michael Gacy was just two years old when his father was first arrested for sexually assaulting a minor and sentenced to 10 years in prison. John only served 18 months, but his wife and children had abandoned him by the time he got out. When he was arrested again in 1978, his story transfixed and horrified an entire nation as details of his deeds kept flooding the nightly news.

John Wayne Gacy: Timeline of the suburban Chicago serial killer's case and the efforts to recover, name his 33 victims – Chicago Tribune

Below are the John Wayne Gacy victims:

John Wayne Gacy's victims: What is known about the 28 identified and 5 unknown men – Chicago Tribune

When he was convicted in 1968, Myers immediately petitioned for a divorce that very day. Michael Gacy was only three years old when it was finalized, and Myers won sole custody over her kids and the house. Any trail of Michael Gacy appeared to have publicly ended here, with the only renewed interest in his life being spurred by his father’s gruesome murders.

Where Are John Wayne Gacy’s Children Today?

“The name Gacy has been buried,” John Wayne Gacy’s sister, Karen, told Oprah during a 2010 interview, adding that she herself has never had contact with Michael Gacy or his sister Christine. Carole Hoff, Gacy’s ex-wife, has never said a public word about her ex-husband, save for remarking on his low libido and the curious stench that had once emanated from their crawlspace. Marlynn Myers, meanwhile, said in 1979 that she remarried.

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