Megaman Project X

Megaman Project X: A Classic Game Remastered for the Modern Era

As a nostalgic gamer, I have fond memories from the golden era of classic games. One of those games that have left an indelible mark in my memory is Megaman Project X. This game has been recently remastered to be more enjoyable and engaging to today’s generation of gamers. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through what makes Megaman Project X a fantastic game and the changes that have been made in its new version.

The Classic Megaman Project X: Gameplay and Plot Overview

The Megaman Project X game is a fan-made expansion of the popular Megaman X game series. Its gameplay is a third-person, side-scrolling, action-adventure, and platformer game. The game follows the story of X, a robot designed by a renowned inventor, Dr. Light, to stop the evil plans of the rogue robots that broke away from their original programming. X’s primary objective is to gather the ability and strength to be able to defeat Sigma, the leader of the rogue robots.

The plot of Megaman X is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans exist alongside robots, and the earth has been taken over by the rogue robots. The game has a unique and engaging storyline that sets it apart from other platformer games. Megaman Project X offers a nostalgic trip to the original game, bringing back some of the iconic characters, weapons, and gameplay mechanics that we love.

The New and Improved Megaman Project X: Enhanced Features and Improvements

The Megaman Project X remaster is one of the most significant updates to the game since its original release. The remastered version brings in some massive improvements to the game, ranging from its graphics, music, storyline, and gameplay, making it an enjoyable experience for both old and new players. Here are some of the enhancements that make Megaman Project X new version a better overall game:

Improved Graphics

The improved graphics of the game are a significant improvement. The levels all look much more vibrant and colorful, making it easier to differentiate between them and making it an even more enjoyable experience. The enemies and characters now have a lot more detail, with more animation frames for smoother and more dynamic movement.

Remastered Music

The original Megaman X game had a fantastic soundtrack, but the remastered version takes things up a notch. The music sounds pristine, crystal clear, and in high-definition, and the sound effects also have some new and improved sounds.

New and Updated Levels

The remastered version has additional levels and hidden levels that were not in the original game. The added levels are a welcome addition and increase the replay value of the game. The new levels are challenging, and similar to the original game, the player must master them to proceed to the final battle.

Improved Boss Battles

The various boss battles against different enemies in Megaman Project X have always been challenging, and the remastered version makes this experience even better. The boss battles have new mechanics, and there are new bosses included in this version, making it an entirely new experience. Additionally, the graphics and sound effects during the fight have seen a noticeable upgrade.

New Weapons and Nitro

The remastered version introduces new weapons and Nitro. The weapons are a welcome addition, and the Nitro allows greater customization and strategizing during gameplay. The new weapons are unique, with a level of depth that keeps the game feeling fresh.

Is Megaman Project X Worth the Remaster?

Megaman Project X was an amazing game that has stood the test of time, and the remastered version maintains its reputation. It’s a fantastic game that plays like a modern title but with the heart and soul of a classic game.

The game’s remastered version has new and updated features that offer an entirely new experience for both new players and those who played the original. The improved graphics, sound design, new levels, improved boss battles, and new weapons and nitro add value to an already exceptional game.


Whether you’re a fan of the original game or just looking for an excellent platformer to play, Megaman Project X remastered is one to check out. It’s a game that stands out on its own while paying homage to its classic roots. The game has all the same challenges, characters, and features from the original game, but it’s been given a fantastic new remastered look and update.

In conclusion, the remastered version of Megaman Project X is undoubtedly worth playing for both new and old gamers. It’s an excellent game that captures the magic of retro gaming while also giving a modern touch.

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