Medieval Rampage 2

Medieval Rampage 2: A Thrilling Adventure

Are you a fan of action-packed games with a medieval theme? If yes, then Medieval Rampage 2 is just what you need to feed your adrenaline cravings. This game is a sequel to the epic medieval shooter game, Medieval Rampage, and has been highly anticipated since its release in 2010. The game showers you with a plethora of thrilling adventures, from slaying monstrous beasts to dancing with sword and arrow, and rapidly climbing up the leaderboards. The game was developed and published by XGen Studios, a Canadian video game company known for developing other high-quality games such as Stick RPG and Defend Your Castle. In this post, we will unpack everything you need to know about Medieval Rampage 2, including gameplay, graphics, music, and other features.


At the heart of every great game, lies an amazing gameplay that keeps gamers hooked for hours on end. Medieval Rampage 2 does not disappoint in this regard as it is a remarkable shooter game with incredible gameplay mechanics that allow you to stalk through medieval landscapes, blasting monsters, and racking up points to launch you up the leaderboard. The game is split up into ten levels, each with its own unique storyline and challenging objectives. At the beginning of each level, you have the option to choose one of four character classes, each with its own unique set of skills and weaponry, and armed with its own set of bows, arrows, and swords. The four character classes include a knight, ranger, mage, and bard. Each character has a unique playstyle, so choose the class that best suits your style of play.

In each level, you will be inundated with monsters, including wolves, spiders, bats, and other deadly creatures. You will have to hack and slash your way through these monsters to progress to the next level. You must also collect coins and jewelry, which will earn you points and help you purchase new weapons, improve your armor, and upgrade your character’s abilities. The game’s most thrilling feature is its ability to let the player take on epic boss battles, which can be both exhilarating and challenging.

Graphics and Sound

The game’s graphics and sound are nothing short of exceptional. The game developers took their time to make sure that the medieval theme was captured perfectly. The artwork, character designs, and landscapes are all incredibly well-done, and the animations make the game even more exciting. The pixelated graphics style is reminiscent of classic video games, which add an extra level of charm and nostalgia to the game.

The game’s sound effects and background music must be commended for being perfectly crafted to match the game’s theme. The background music is enchanting and helps to create an immersive gaming experience. The sound effects are crisp, clear, and add to the suspense of the game, making it more engaging and entertaining.

Multiplayer and Leaderboards

Medieval Rampage 2 is even more engaging when you play with friends. The game supports up to four players in multiplayer mode, allowing you to team up with your friends and take on the levels together. This multiplayer mode is even more exciting because players can share loot and coins collected throughout the game.

The game also has an online leaderboard, which tracks your scores and shows how you rank against other players from around the world. This leaderboard provides a great incentive to compete with other players, keeping you entertained and motivated as you try to climb to the top.


In conclusion, Medieval Rampage 2 is a must-play game for anyone who loves medieval and action-packed games. The game offers an incredible gameplay experience, impressive graphics, and sound design, and a multiplayer mode that adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. It’s the perfect game for anyone who wants to have a fun adventure, slay monsters, and climb up the leaderboard. If you haven’t played the game already, I highly recommend that you download it and experience the fantastic world of Medieval Rampage 2.

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