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All about a medical internship for high school students

You should start with a medical internship for high school students if you are a high school student who is eyeing a career in medicine. A Medical internship for high school students is very popular who want to choose medicine as their career.

These types of internships are an excellent way to receive valuable insights related to the medical field. Further, you will get hands-on training on your beloved subject. A medical internship for high school students is a great idea way for students to get opportunities to be in medical facilities. 

medical internships for high school students

If you want to know all about a medical internship for high school students, then this is the perfect blog post for you. This post will tell in detail about the medical internships that are provided for high school students. A medical internship will give you real-life experience to push you one step ahead to pursue your career in medicine.

Can High School Students do Internships? 

The answer is, yes. They can. Internships are not only available for college students but also for high school students. There are several medical internships for high school students available all over the world and these are from reputed organizations. The duration varies due to the nature and scope of the organization and most internships have criteria and an application process for potential interns so that they can choose the best students to intern for them. 

A summer medical internship is a great option for students who want to be associated with the medical industry. This way students will not only gain valuable experience during the internship but also will get enough direction to pursue their careers in the same field! A medical internship for high school students can teach students surgical techniques, laboratory technology, chronic disease surveillance, pipetting, etc. In addition, students can also learn about the proper the stages and steps of any medical examination. 

Why is a medical internship for high school students important? 

The advantage of a medical internship for high school students can’t be described in a single word. Let’s discuss the benefits one by one: 

Enhancement of knowledge

Medical internships for high school students used to provide an excellent opportunity to learn things practically. Your health science knowledge will be enhanced and you will come to know about basic lab techniques used by doctors and medical professionals. Whatever you learned in books will be demonstrated with live examples in the internship period so that you can gain experience.

Firsthand Exposure

A medical internship for high school students usually offers training and clinical experience in practice mode. All the hands-on training and practice are conducted under expert supervision. Students can gain real-life experience in different medical technologies and this will enhance their careers in the right way. It will give an added advantage to the students who have completed such an internship while looking for a job in the coming days. 

Expansion of your network

While going through the internship period, one comes in touch with different types of people both personally and professionally. It helps immensely in the coming days if you are looking for a job in the same sector. Often it happens that after successful completion of your studies as well as internship, you are inducted into the same institution to serve. Else, people connected with you in different organizations but in the same field may come up with various options. 

More benefits of a medical internship for high school students

  • It develops the professional mind and you can learn life lessons
  • Helps to explore different career options
  • New skills are acquired that you can apply in the workplace
  • Helps to gain firsthand knowledge of the culture, etiquette, and politics of a medical organization
  • New career avenues open up from your new connections that you’ve met at your medical workplace
  • In several cases, internship experience in leads to permanent employment at that same instiution
  • Boost your college applications and resume
  • You might have the opportunity to get certified in things like CPR.

Where to go for a medical high school internship

There are ample opportunities for medical internships for high school students. Here are some:

1) Children’s Hospital Colorado- Summer Child Health Research Internship | High school hospital internships

Students work with faculty members at Children’s Hospital Colorado/University of Colorado–Anschutz Medical Campus. Students can present their research after the internship.

Stipends: Each student will be provided a stipend of $3,500 to assist with travel and housing costs. Students in any state can apply.


2) Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Internship for Graduating Seniors

The High School Senior Internship Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is an eight-week program in which graduating Cincinnati high school seniors work 20 hours per day with a mentor. Full-time interns earn $9.30/hour and are required to work 20 hours per week.

This program offers highly competitive opportunities for students who want to pursue higher education (MD/PhD, or MD/PhD), and allows them to explore career options in Medicine, Clinical Research and Medicine.

3) Summer Student Research Program

For compensation, a stipend is be available. The site doesn’t say how much. Eligibility: Students in high school who have completed at least one year of biology and math. Students in any state can apply for the program.

The program includes

  • A mentor will pair you with to guide you through a clinical or basic research project. Your project’s scope will be determined by the mentor.
  • Take part in a nine-week program of research that is based upon a curriculum.
  • Attend weekly seminars and meet with MD’s and PhD’s from UCSF, other regional healthcare system members, and other CHORI summer students.
  • Students discuss and read scientific papers every week in an intra-program journal group.
  • Program leadership creates fun social activities.
  • The last day of the program, usually the first Friday in August, will see a one-day Research Symposium.

4) Seacole Scholars Program

Seacole Scholars Program is named after pioneering nurse Mary Seacole and offers summer employment opportunities for high school students with their Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) licenses. This program, which is part of the Lifespan summer employment program, is managed by Rhode Island Hospital’s nurse department. It says that this is a 40 hours a week paid job.

Eligible Candidates include:

  • Youth between 16-19 years old (must be 16 or 19 by April of the year prior to summer employment).
  • Youth require a valid CNA license.


5) Magee-Womens Research Institute (MWRI)

Magee-Womens Research Institute, an independent institute, focuses on women’s health and reproductive biology. It is one of the largest institutes in the nation. This program is for high school seniors or juniors who want to learn more biomedical science. It says nothing about a stipend for this program on the website. This program is open to students who are current juniors or seniors.

6) Stanford Medical Youth Science Program

You can visit for their 5-week program. It is purely related to medicine and health science. It is an online program for low-income, underrepresented high school juniors who live in Northern and Central California. There’s no stipend as far as I can tell. 

7) Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego 

The summer medical academy  encourages application for medical internships for high school students with practical training in the healthcare industry. Students who have completed 9th grade and are from the age group of 15 to 19 years are eligible to participate in this program. The 2-week program will help students to gain various knowledge in the field of medicine and hospitality. 

In almost all cases, participants are chosen based on their career interests in medicine and the healthcare industry. Also, participation in extracurricular activities related to the same field and any scholastic achievement get special preference. You have to pay to participate in this program though. The cost is $2600. It seems like students from any state can apply for this program. They say that they don’t cover transportation or housing costs though.

8) The HOPP Summer Student program 

The HOPP Summer Student program is for New York High School students 14+ who are looking for a medical internship for high school students. Students get practical experience with laboratory techniques in this program. Students participate in independent research projects, and they also attend enriching training sessions and tours that support their curiosity about science and the clinical side. Stipend: $1,200 paid bi-weekly for the eight-week-long program.

9) College Level experience in Microbiology (iCLEM)

For junior high school students in Alameda Contra Costa or San Fran, there is the Introductory College Level experience in Microbiology (iCLEM). This program aims to increase students’ knowledge of microbiology and biofuels. The program not only involves completing a research project but also provides students with career exploration opportunities and prepares them for college applications. Students will be eligible for a $1,500 stipend during the program. It runs from June 22, 2022 through July 29, 2022.

The summer stipend is $1,000 and paid in two installments. The 2022 ASE intern application is open January 10, and must be submitted by Friday, March 4, 2022 at 11:59 PM. Start browsing the current internships. Some positions will have a minimum age, but you can browse current internships by going to For more information about eligibility, see the ASE Experience.

Internships are offered throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. Mentors design 

10) Apprenticeship in Medicine (AIM) | Medical internship for high school students

Apprenticeship in Medicine (AIM) is another option. This program is only for Milwaukee, Wisconsin high schools. Housing will not be provided. All participants are eligible to participate in the AIM programs. Students are eligible for a one-time stipend upon completion of the program. This program is offered by the Medical College of Wisconsin.

11) Aspiring Scientists’ Summer Internship Program Science Research | Medical internship for high school students

Students 16+ ASSIP is for students in high school and college who are passionate about science. They want to get practical experience in science, technology engineering, and math. Select students will work with faculty at George Mason University and other institutions to address hypothesis-driven problems. The application process and interview with a mentor will determine if a student is accepted. To learn more, visit This program is open to high school students from any state.

12) U-M’s Aspirnaut Summer Research Internship Program  | Medical internship for high school students

U-M’s Aspirnaut Summer Research Internship Program aims to increase interest in basic science research. It brings high school students from low-resourced areas to U-M so they can get a hands-on experience in the science lab. High school students We are looking for high schoolers from selected communities in Michigan, including those who are rural or socioeconomically challenged. The U-M Ann Arbor campus will host six weeks of high school student internships. They will work with researchers in the life sciences. They will be responsible for their own research and collect results that can be used to advance research. Our Aspirnaut interns will present the results to mentors and peers at the end of their experience.

Interns will be provided with a stipend for participation in the program. This will be split into three payments over its duration. All high school students from any state can participate in this program. The program provides housing in a campus residence hall. It also plans to provide double occupancy (shared bedrooms).

13) Summer High School Internship Program at FredHutch (SHIP) for rising seniors

Summer High School Internship Program is an eight-week paid, competitive internship for rising 12th graders from any state. Interns must arrange their own transportation and housing. This program is designed specifically for students from underrepresented backgrounds in biomedical sciences. After completing an orientation, selected interns will begin their internship by receiving one week of hands on training in laboratory safety techniques at the Fred Hutch Training Labs. The interns will be paired with mentors and engaged in mentored activities at Fred Hutch research groups in Seattle for the seven remaining weeks. Interns can also attend research education seminars and professional development workshops that focus on college and career. They also enjoy social activities with their peers and teams. Finalists are invited to present their work to the Fred Hutch community.

Eligibility requirements

  • Rising high school 12th Grader
  • Academic background and strong scientific interest
  • Ability to participate in a Zoom interview with the selection panel
  • The entire eight-week program is available in Seattle.
  • You must be up to date on your COVID-19 vaccinations and agree to comply with Fred Hutch safety procedures when you are on campus

14) Biophysics Research at Johns Hopkins | Medical internship for high school students

Baltimore City High School Students can participate in the Biophysics Research for Baltimore Teens program. This program allows them to do hands-on biomedical research at a Johns Hopkins University research facility. Five days per week, for five weeks, BRBT paid internships. The hourly rate of pay is $12.50 an hour.

The medical internship for high school students requires that you live in Baltimore City and attend a Baltimore City Public school. You can participate between your high school senior year and your senior year.

15) Biology research program for 16+ Montgomery County Public Schools students

To do this medical internship for high school students you must be at least 16 years old and be a rising junior or senior. The goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for highly motivated students to do research with mentors in various fields of biotechnology. Students are paid.

16) Biotechnology Youth Apprenticeship Program | Medical internship for high school students

This medical internship for high school students is only for Wisconsin high-school students. Students can choose to do a two-year apprenticeship, or a one year senior internship. This program provides paid training in an industry, or UW Madison research lab. High school credit is granted to students for work experience (450 hours per year) as well as participation in a special biotechnology course that is held every week during the Academic Year at BTC Institute. It is recommended that you speak to your school to career counselor to learn more about how to get involved in the program.

17) BioBuilder science apprenticeship which can lead to a paid internship for 16+ | Medical internship for high school students

Students attend a Lab Training Program, also known as BioBuilder’s Apprenticeship Challenge twice a week. They also have Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon where they can work in biodesign groups. Students may interview during this time and be eligible to move on to a paid six-week internship. This program is only open to high school students in metro Boston, Massachusetts. Students who complete BioBuilder’s Apprenticeship challenge in March and May will receive a $100 stipend. Students are encouraged to apply for one of the paid summer internships the Apprenticeship Challenge may arrange. There will be different compensation amounts and summer placement options.

18) Broad Summer Scholars Program (BSSP)

The Broad Summer Scholars Program (BSSP), which is open to highly motivated high school students who have a strong interest and passion for science, allows them to spend six weeks at Broad Institute during the summer. Broad scientists match students with Broad scientists for cutting-edge research in areas like cancer biology, psychiatric diseases, chemical biology and computational biology. A $3,420 stipend is available. You must be a rising senior high school student (i.e. Students can apply in their junior year and go to a Massachusetts high school within walking distance of the Broad. You can find out more about their eligibility requirements at their website.

19) BTI Science Research at Cornell University | Medical internship for high school students

This medical internship for high school students is open to current high school students who are 16 years old by the beginning of this medical internship for high school students, and who reside in the Ithaca area or nearby counties, and can commute reasonably easily to Cornell University to participate in this program at Cornell University. The 6-week program will provide a $3,000 stipend. Students will not receive housing or meal stipends.

20) Research on cancer at the Fred & Pamela Buffett Breast Cancer Center for high school students with native American ancestry

This medical internship for high school students is open to Omaha Nebraska high school seniors (over 16 years old) and undergraduates with Native American ancestry. Students will be involved in community-based research projects on cancer and/or labs at the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center. Undergraduates may receive financial support for travel, housing, and food to Omaha this summer. Summer research projects are available for students who live in the Omaha, NE or Phoenix, AZ metropolitan areas. Part-time projects can also be offered during the school year. Students can tailor their research experiences to suit their interests. Participation may be paid for by students.

21) Careers in Science for 9th and 10th Graders | Medical internship for high school students

Careers in Science is a paid, multi-year medical internship for high school students that offers a paid internship and youth development for high school students in San Francisco. It is open to students in 9th through 10th grades who are from underrepresented communities in STEM. This includes students of color and girls. You must be enrolled full-time as a 9th and 10th grade student at an SFUSD school to be eligible for this program.

You can view more summer internships for high school students on the home page of On this website, there is a master list of high school internships on the home page. Users can filter the internship table by country, region, and category. You can filter the table by the science category. You will see that so far there is 130 high school internships for the science field. Then you can further filter the table by what U.S state you are in.

Process of Application To A Medical Internship For High School Students

The application process for medical internships for high school students differs as per the organization’s policy. But, there remains a general guideline that is followed everywhere. Those are: 

  • One needs to upload the school transcript as requested
  • Need to make a list of all previous experiences (if any) in any capacity before the internship
  • Details of all the projects submitted to the school over some time
  • List of extracurricular experiences if they are related to your domain of interest
  • Description of your role and accomplishment in all the projects where you participated
  • Need to mention why you want to choose the medical field as your subject of the internship. 


To conclude, it can be said with stress that medical internship for high school students has great value in terms of everything. Medicine is an extremely rewarding profession for the people who love it. One can grow up in his career at a rapid speed if he possesses all the qualities needed to be so. Before jumping directly into the medical courses, these types of internship programs are ideal to measure one’s interest level as well as one’s capability to work in the medical field. A medical internship for high school students in that way is a great platform to showcase a young student’s talent. 

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