Mad Burger 3

Mad Burger 3: A Deliciously Challenging Game

Mad Burger 3 is the latest addition to the popular Mad Burger series. Developed by Vladislav Falin, this game brings a new twist to the classic cooking game genre. In Mad Burger 3, you must cook burgers on a campfire and toss them as far as possible to reach hungry customers. The game is simple to understand but challenging to master. So, let’s take a closer look at Mad Burger 3 and see why it’s such a hit among gamers.


Mad Burger 3’s gameplay is the main reason for its success. The game is divided into different levels, each with specific objectives. In each level, you must cook burgers by adding different ingredients such as meat, cheese, lettuce, and ketchup. You also have to time the cooking process correctly to ensure that the burger is cooked perfectly. Once the burger is ready, you must use a catapult to throw it as far as possible, while trying to avoid obstacles like trees or birds on the way.

The fun part of this game is the customization options for your burger. You can choose to add different ingredients and seasonings to your burger, making it unique and delicious. This feature gives you the feeling of being a real chef who can experiment with different recipes.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics and sound play a crucial role in any game, and Mad Burger 3 excels in both areas. The game has a cartoonish style that perfectly matches the light-hearted nature of the game. The animations of the game are smooth, and the overall design of the game is eye-catching and colorful. The characters in the game are cute and quirky, adding to the overall charm of the game.

The sound design is also spot on. The music is catchy, and the sound effects of the burgers being tossed and landing are realistic. The sound effects add to the overall immersive nature of the game, making you feel like you’re in the great outdoors, cooking burgers over a campfire.


Mad Burger 3 is not just a fun game; it’s also a challenging one. As you progress through the levels, the game becomes increasingly difficult. You have to aim your burgers carefully, taking into account the wind direction and speed. You also have to avoid obstacles and hit certain targets to progress further in the game.

With each level, you will need to experiment with different recipes and find the right balance of ingredients and seasonings to achieve the perfect burger. This trial and error approach will keep you entertained for hours, and you’ll find yourself trying different combinations of ingredients to see which works best.

Bragging Rights and Achievements

Mad Burger 3 also offers in-game achievements and goals that you can try to accomplish. These achievements range from cooking a certain number of burgers to reaching a specific distance. Achieving these goals will reward you with coins, which you can use to buy additional upgrades and ingredients for your burgers.

There’s also a leaderboard where you can compete with your friends and other players from around the world. You can see where you rank in the list, and try to climb to the top by improving your score. Having your name at the top of the leaderboard is a sure-fire way to show off your mad cooking skills to your friends.


In conclusion, Mad Burger 3 is an excellent game that offers a unique twist on the cooking game genre. With its fun gameplay, appealing graphics, and catchy sound design, it’s no wonder why players of all ages are addicted to this game. Its challenge level ensures that you won’t get bored quickly, and the customization options for your burgers make every cooking session different.

With the addition of achievements and leaderboard rankings, Mad Burger 3 offers a competitive aspect that pushes players to improve their skills. So, if you’re looking for a fun game to play on your phone or tablet that will keep you occupied for hours, Mad Burger 3 is definitely worth checking out.

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