Larry Birdle

Larry Birdle is the perfect way to test your knowledge of NBA players and have fun at the same time. Are you a fan of the NBA? Do you think you have what it takes to guess the mystery player? If so, then Larry Birdle is the game for you!

How to Play Larry Birdle

Playing Larry Birdle is easy and fun! To start, all you have to do is guess the mystery player by filling in the blanks with the correct information. You will be given clues to help you along the way, such as the player’s height, age, number, team, conference, and division. The more accurate your guesses, the closer you will get to solving the mystery.

Guessing the Mystery Player

Larry Birdle is a game that is designed to challenge your knowledge of NBA players. You will have to think carefully about each guess you make, and use your knowledge of the game to help you. The mystery player could be anyone, so be sure to pay attention to all of the clues and use them to your advantage.

Keep Playing and Improving Your Score

You can play Larry Birdle as many times as you want without a daily limit, so keep playing until you solve the mystery! Each time you play, you will have a chance to improve your score and get closer to guessing the mystery player. With each game, you will learn more about NBA players and become a better player.

Examples of Larry Birdle Gameplay

Here are a few examples of how Larry Birdle gameplay works:

  • If the blanks are filled with ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️🟨🟨🟨, this means that your guessed player’s height, age, and number are all within 2 of the mystery player.
  • If the blanks are filled with ⬜️🟩🟩🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️, this means that your guessed player’s team, conference, and division are all correct.

These are just a few examples of the types of clues you will receive while playing Larry Birdle. Each time you play, you will receive different clues, making the game challenging and exciting.

Join the Fun with Larry Birdle

Larry Birdle is the perfect game for NBA fans who want to test their knowledge of the game and have fun at the same time. With its challenging gameplay and fun clues, Larry Birdle is sure to keep you entertained for hours. So why wait? Download the game today and start guessing the mystery player!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you’ll have, at least, heard of the online game, Wordle. Well, if you enjoy that daily letter conundrum and you’re also a sports fan, then you are going to want to keep reading as there are new versions available. And they’re only a finger touch of a screen away…

What is Wordle?

First things first – mainly for those former rock dwellers – a little background to the original game. In January 2022, more than two million people around the world were playing Wordle, and its popularity, after being created to entertain a girlfriend, saw it being acquired by the New York Times. You attempt to guess the five-letter word, clues are then provided from green (right letter, right place) and yellow (right letter, wrong place) boxes, and you’ve got six shots at it.

Oh, and it’s totally not addictive! 🤨

NBA Wordle

So, you understand the standard version but have too much time on your hands to be limited to just that, especially as you have to wait until midnight for the next challenge. Step forward ‘Poeltl’, an NBA focused game along similar lines. But, for a more challenging version of NBA Wordle, you can head over to Larry Birdle for your eight guesses, I mean, cleverly anticipated postulations.

How to play NBA Wordle:

  • You get eight guesses, try any current NBA player!
  • Green in any column indicates a match!
  • Yellow in the team column indicates the mystery player at one point played for this team, but does not currently
  • Yellow in the position column indicates a partial match to the mystery player’s position
  • Yellow in any other column indicates this attribute is within 2 (inches, years, numbers) of the mystery player
  • If you get stuck, try enabling silhouette mode!
  • A new mystery player every day!

MLB Wordle

Baseball gets a go at this whole word play, thanks to the creators at WARdle. The rules are rather familiar, you’ll be glad to know:

How to play WARdle:

  • You get eight guesses.
  • Green in any column indicates a match
  • Yellow in ‘YOB’ column indicates 2 years within Birth Year.
  • Yellow in ‘Position’ column means the mystery player has played at least 10 games at this position, but it was not his primary position.
  • Players teams are categorized by who they played the most games for last season.
  • A new Mystery Player daily.

larry birdle

What other Wordle options are there?

Really? You want more? OK then, here’s a version based on the NHL called Gordle. Here’s another for college football names called CFBordle. And then there’s one for Taylor Swift fans called Taylordle (see what they did there?) and other musical treats.

And then there is the NFL game, Fumble, which challenges you to find the mystery gridiron player, using a selection of information related to the athlete, including height, age, weight… If you’re a fan of the other type of football, more specifically the Premier League, you can enjoy surname guessing with FootballWordle.

This was the best list of all the different variations out there that I could find. I have not had the time to get through them all so have a blast and let me know your favourite.

Wordle harder with New York Times?

Although there are no signs of an acquisition of the sports and other spin-offs, many players of the original version have taken to social media complaining that the game seems more difficult since being taken over by the New York Times. Players have voiced outrage over words.

You can also check out my post on NBAbite.

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