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Jordan 4s Black Cat Real Vs Fake

Insoles from both sides are the best way to verify a Jordan 4 Black Cat pair. When legit checking Jordan 4 Black Cat, it is important to verify the dimensions on the insole. If possible, inspect the box label and verify that it contains all necessary information. The best way to authenticate Jordan 4 Black shoes is to check the tongue label.

Jordan 4s Black Cat Identification: The Heel

The initial step is to examine the pair. You can spot a fake Jordan 4 Black Cat couple by looking at the stitching details. You should be looking for inconsistencies within the stitching pattern surrounding the cage. Be aware that not all retail pairs are perfect. Don’t be quick to draw conclusions.

Next, verify the heel’s shape. A genuine pair will have a particular shape that is rough and prominent. The replica AJ4 Black Cat pairs have a flat, rounded heel.

jordan 4s black cat

Legit check AJ4 Black Cat 2020: The Cage

We find the cage in the upper portion of the toe box. It is also found in other parts of the pair. This cage is another hallmark of the Jordan 4s. Fakes can rarely replicate it.

Pay attention to the thickness of the cage and the intersections when inspecting it. The authentic cage appears thinner and the intersections are clearly defined in the photos.

Make sure to inspect the stitching pattern in the entire pair. The authentic pattern should be consistent and regular.

fake jordan 4 black cat

How to Authenticate Black Cat Jordan 4: The Heel Area’

The heel tab extends over the shoe’s back lining, making it easy to identify a fake pair. Counterfeits are often marked by the tab being too wide, the rectangle bumps appearing too large and not defined, as well as the wrong stitching pattern. These points will help you avoid falling for a rep.

It may seem odd, but the stitching around the heel logo is inconsistent in retail pairs, as you can see in the comparison below.

real vs fake jordan 4 black cat

How can you tell if Black Cat 4s are fake?

You can quickly authenticate your Black Cat 4’s by following the steps above. Follow the above steps and your Black Cat 4’s will be authenticated.

How do you clean black Jordan 4 Black Cats?

Black Jordan 4 Black Cats can be cleaned by regularly removing any dust and using deep cleaning liquids, along with a shoe brush, when necessary.


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