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IB Course

An IB course is comprised of unique diverse education. Its basic objective is to enable students to learn things in a fun-filled manner by replacing the traditional boring methods of learning. The method is innovative and the popularity of the IB course has grown considerably over the past few years. IB stands for International Baccalaureate.

Students should consider whether the school has an International Baccalaureate program (IB). The IB program is often compared to the Advanced Placement program (AP). It allows students to take college-level courses in high school.

How the IB Course is Different

The features making the IB course different from others are as follows.

  • Learners are taught to think critically.
  • They earn the ability to solve complex problems even beyond their age.
  • They drive their own learning.
  • Students develop a strong cultural awareness and can learn a second language.
  • They are able to get acquainted with the rapid evolutions taking place around the world.


What is the International Baccalaureate Program (IBP)?

The International Baccalaureate (or IB) is a rigorous secondary education program that is offered by high schools in the United States and worldwide that have chosen to be part of the IB diploma program. IB Diploma students must take six subjects: language and literature; language acquisition; individuals and societies; sciences and mathematics; and arts. These courses can be offered at either a standard or higher level. Participants must also complete IB core elements, such as an extended essay, creativity, action, and service project, and a theory of knowledge course.

ib coure

Students will be required to pass written exams in six of the major subjects after they have completed IB courses. These exams are given in November and May each year. Each subject will give students a score between 1-7. To earn the IB diploma, students must have 24 points total. This includes completion of the core. Candidates will be notified of their scores and they can also be sent to colleges.

Despite being similar, there are some key differences between the AP-IB programs.

– AP Courses are more common than IB Courses

There are 38 AP exams . While not all high schools in the United States offer AP exams for every subject, students are able to take a variety of AP courses at their school. According to the College Board in 2020, 1.2 Million students took 4.1,000,000 exams.

IB programs and courses are less common in the U.S. IB programs and courses were attended by approximately 1.95 million students between the ages of 3 and 19. However, less than half of these programs are based in America.

– IB is more expensive than AP

High school students must make $119 for every IB assessment that they are registering to take in Diploma Programme. Students must complete at least six courses to earn an IB diploma. Fees are also included in the IB Diploma Programme. Core requirements include payment.

The US AP exam costs $96 per student. However, some students may be eligible for fee reductions or waivers through the College Board or their school districts.

ap vs ib course

– There are different focuses between AP and IB

Both AP and IB courses prepare students to go to college by requiring rigorous work that requires higher-level thinking. However, they have distinct focuses. The AP program aims at providing students with college-level courses while still in high school. Each course is its own thing, with no other components.

IB courses focus on helping students to understand knowledge and develop critical thinking skills. Additional requirements for the IB Diploma Programme often focus on global awareness.

– To take an AP Exam, you don’t need to have completed an AP course

A student must be enrolled in an IB course and pass an IB exam to register. Students who wish to take the AP exam are not required to finish the AP course.

However, schools don’t advise students to take the AP exam without enrolling for the corresponding AP class. The AP course prepares students for the exam.

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IB courses are used for giving high school students the opportunity to take a college level class. High schoolers can college credit for that respective class if they do well on that IB exam.


Is IB higher than AP?

IB is not higher than AP. IB and AP programs are both programs that let high school students take college-level classes and earn college credit in high school.


Is it possible to receive college credit for participating in an IB course?

For those who have completed the international baccalaureate, many universities offer college credit.

Credit will be granted at most universities based on the score for each subject area exam, rather than the IB diploma. Higher-level exams are not eligible for credit at some universities. This credit is usually linked to an entry-level requirement or distribution requirement. A student who passes the IB exam in chemistry and scores an acceptable score might be granted credit, just as if they had taken the university’s entry-level course in chemistry. These tests do not usually award credit for grades.

Some universities will grant college credit for students who have earned an IB diploma. This is independent of individual subject-level scores. This credit can be equivalent to up to one full year of study. Students who do not meet the requirements for the diploma, but score at an acceptable level in individual tests, may still be eligible to receive credit.

Many universities have a limit on the number of credits you can earn by taking part in IB exams. It is important to understand the specific requirements of your university regarding transfer credits from international Baccalaureate exams.


IB Course’s global alumni network

Many students around the US participate in IB. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is run by hundreds of schools around the world. It is because the program has gained a very good reputation for facilitating knowledge building in high school students. However, the quality of the program can vary widely between high schools. But in general, students joining the program come across a rigorous curriculum but the end is rewarding. An IB course has proved to be the gateway of knowledge to a successful career for the students who have completed the program.

Students that have successfully completed the IB course can get the following facilities.

  • They can become part of IB global alumni network.
  • The network will keep them connected with other learners, and those who have completed the course.
  • Thus; the student can become a part of the global IT community.
  • Members of the network receive a quarterly newsletter with major events and activities across the globe.
  • Students that have 2 years left for graduation can join the network.

Benefits of Completing an IB Course

The question that naturally arises is focused on the specific benefits of the course. There are many and there are also a host of diverse opinions about them. In order to help you in making an informed decision, here is the information on 5 benefits of completing an IB course that you can enjoy.

1. Expansion of Knowledge Beyond Classroom

An IB course is designed to give the students the experience and knowledge beyond those derived in traditional classroom studies.

  • Students can gain greater knowledge and wider practical experience through the course.
  • It enables the learners to have a level field with other students on the global platform.
  • It helps in an all-round development of the students and grooms them into successful individuals in the society.
  • Scientific research and studies have conclusively established the superiority of the program in comparison to other programs available to students.

2. The IB Course Develops Success Skills

Students usually choose academic courses in which they are interested. Their ultimate objective is to be successful in life by developing their skills and experience in the particular stream. The IB course is designed to develop the success skills of the students for a bright future at the university level as well as beyond it in professional levels. Top universities as well as employer’s looks for students with knowledge beyond simple facts and figures. The course enables the students to gather working experience and exposure so that they can shine up in their future career.

3. The Program Exposes the Students to Global Issues

Unlike most other programs, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program exposes the students to various global issues. It also accustoms them with problem solving methodologies designed to address such issues. In result; the students that have completed the IB course successfully are also globally accepted by the universities as well as employers. Since the course is offered by the international schools across the globe it is particularly useful for students coming from the expatriate families. It enables the growth of consistency while changes are taking place all around.  The course is adaptable and allows students changing their schools to continue their education without a break.                     

4. IB Course is Recommended by Experts

Most experts recommend the International Baccalaureate course when asked to identify a globally recognized program for students. The reasons for their preference for the IB course are as follows.

  • It is an internationally recognized program.
  • The program focuses on intercultural caring as well as enrichment. 
  • It contains 4 programs teaching students to think critically and 6 subject exams that enhance the knowledge of students manifold.
  • The program creates opportunities for shared learning and collaboration.

After all; anyone will seek expert advice on the selection of a course of study and this course scores over most others around.

5. The IB Course is Based on Real World Experiences

The IB course is based on real-world situations. The program is broad and balanced and gives students first-hand and real-world experience leading them to success in life. Also; the subjects are not taught in isolation and are connected and coordinated with each other.

The IB course is popular among students, teachers, and parents because of its holistic approach and global recognition. 

IB courses vs IB Diploma

The courses are either of two levels: standard level (one to two years of study followed by an IB exam), or higher (two years of studies followed by an IB exam). IB diploma candidates must complete at least three higher level courses. This means that a student can choose to take either a higher-level course or a exam in a subject.

Is AP or IB able to give you more college credit?

You will earn college credit depending on your score, the college policies and the subject of the AP exam. No matter what AP subject, most colleges will give credit for scores between 4 and 5. Some colleges will also accept a 3 but the credit granted may differ depending on the subject.

Although students may be eligible to earn credit for IB courses in some cases, the amount of credit awarded can vary. While some colleges will only grant college credit to IB Diploma holders, others may give credit for individual IB exams.


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