What is Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership/HOBY?

HOBY stands for Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership. HOBY is recognized as one of the globe’s most prominent youth development organizations. HOBY identifies the leadership abilities of high schoolers and also helps them use those abilities to help their communities and the globe. Founded in 1958, HOBY motivates and creates young people to live a life dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation. HOBY is one of the nation’s foremost nonprofits and is a non-tax-supported youth leadership development organization.

HOBY’s core values are: Volunteerism, Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, and Community Partnership. HOBY has no social or political agenda. HOBY aims to show students how to think, not what to think, and also they strive to inspire students to serve others. Their leadership advancement programs encourage secondary schoolers to become vibrant leaders as well as make lasting impacts in their neighborhoods. HOBY programs are carried out yearly throughout the USA, serving more than 10,000 regional as well as international high school students. HOBY programs enable pupils to participate in one-of-a-kind leadership training, service-learning as well as cultural experiences. Once graduating high school, HOBY has a large alumni network. There are more than 600,000 around the world. Graduates participate in special programs, join service projects, and can act as advisors.


Events that Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership has

HOBY hosts countless events that are related to developing leadership skills such as:

Community leadership Workshops (CLeW): The COMMUNITY leadership WORKSHOP (CLEW) is HOBY’s introductory one-day program for high school freshmen. A regular CLeW is 6 to ten hours long, with 50-100 freshmen, and focuses on leadership as a discipline to be explored and learned.

State leadership Seminars: three to four day occasions for sophomores organized by a college.

Globe Leadership Congress: HOBY participants in grades 10-12 collect with their peers from around the world to learn how to make positive changes in their neighborhoods and become better citizens.


The History of HOBY

In the summer season of 1958, star Hugh O’Brian obtained an invitation to Africa that would transform his life. HOBY was founded in 1958, by the actor Hugh O’Brian, after investing 9 inspirational days in Africa working and volunteering with the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer. The organization used to be focused on young men in the Los Angeles, The golden state, area, however the success of the program saw it broaden country-wide after a decade. In 1972, HOBY invited young women to join the organization.

Today, more than 7,200 high schools are represented by HOBY with greater than 12,000 students throughout the USA participating in a HOBY leadership seminar. Over 4 million volunteer hours have been logged by Hugh O’Brian Youth leadership Award alumni.


Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Principles

HOBY acknowledges that every person is different and does not try to impose any specific attribute onto individuals. However, they do encourage self-knowledge, uniqueness, as well as credibility. The company does give students certain principles they can incorporate right into their lives. Those principles include:

  • Turning worths, beliefs, and emotions right into activity
  • Convey generosity and sincerity to others
  • Show individual dedication
  • Empower others
  • Work together
  • Keep civility
  • Thinking critically about social issues
  • Serve the community

Via these principles, HOBY has helped youngsters positively affect their home, school, workplace, and community.


All high school sophomores can apply for a Hugh O’Brian Youth leadership Award/Seminar and the selection process varies from high school to high school. You might have to write an essay or attend an in-person interview. After doing the selection procedure, your high school’s HOBY contact will select 1 or 2 students to act as HOBY ambassadors.

hugh o'brian youth leadership

Good grades are a typical attribute of trainees selected to join HOBY, yet the distinction is awarded on greater than just an impressive GPA. Typical features of HOBY ambassadors include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Solid decision making
  • Charisma
  • Bravery
  • Passion for community service

HOBY institution contacts are additionally encouraged to take into consideration the leadership abilities and also potential of students when determining who will come to be a HOBY ambassador. Students chosen for HOBY are offered a packet to share with their parents, in addition to a form. That information is then entered into HOBY’s enrollment portal by the school contact. Finally, individuals are needed to pay a registration fee. The charge varies depending upon the type of event as well as its area. With the registration complete and the fee paid, HOBY will contact the student to confirm the area and give information about the occasion.


How Much Does HOBY Cost?

The only HOBY programs with a fixed cost are the company’s online workshops, which are priced at $225. The cost of various other HOBY programs differs by the place as well as the type of occasion being held. Students who can’t afford the cost are urged to contact their local Booster Clubs, PTA, as well as other community organizations for assistance.

There are a minimal number of partial scholarships available based on need and also merit. To qualify, students need to have a weighted GPA of 3.00 or greater as well as be qualified for free or reduced-price lunch at school.


Selection for a Hugh O’Brian Youth leadership Honor is usually a “life-changing experience.” A huge majority of participants are inspired to make a difference after going to an event. According to HOBY, 91% of participants have an activity strategy to produce positive change in their community after one of their leadership workshops. At HOBY events, participants get up early and have activities scheduled throughout the day. Events happen on college campuses and trainees are housed in dormitories under the supervision of HOBY adults, who have been background checked and trained. All HOBY programs have a minimum of one adult for every 12 participants, that monitors them at all times. It’s common to listen to stories of quiet students “breaking out of their shells” while attending a HOBY event.

Awards From Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership

HOBY’s International Inspiration Award honors people who have profoundly inspired others by their character, values and actions. People who win this award are typically adults. Here is a link to people who have won this award already: http://hoby.org/assets/files/downloads/Previous%20HOBY%20International%20Inspiration%20Award%20Nominees.pdf

This is different from the HOBY Youth Leadership Award, which is the award you can get as a high school sophomore that means that you are invited to their 3-day leadership seminar.

State Leadership Workshop for High School Sophomores

HOBY’s flagship program, the State Leadership Seminar (LS), is made to assist secondary school sophomores to identify their leadership skills as well as use them to end up being efficient, ethical leaders in their house, school, and neighborhood. Throughout the 3-day workshop, selected students will participate in leadership activities, meet leaders from the state, and explore their leadership skills. They will also be involved with similar pupils from their state while constructing lasting relationships and networks. The program empowers you to discover your leadership talents from three viewpoints: individual leadership, team leadership, as well as leadership for society.

First, you will learn about your own individual leadership strengths. Utilizing your newly discovered strengths, you will learn how to become an efficient leader that leads teams right into activity. Finally, you will learn more about your duty to better your community and how to make an impact by executing a massive service project with others.

Seventy-one State Leadership Seminars happen annually in between April as well as June in every state. To sign up or find out more, go to https://www.hoby.org/programs/state-leadership-seminars/


Other resources:

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