Huening Bahiyyih

Kep1er, a new girl group formed by the K-pop powerhouse Starship Entertainment, has been making waves in the music scene since their debut in 2021. One of the standout members of the group is Huening Bahiyyih, a multi-talented artist with a bright future ahead of her. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Huening Bahiyyih and what makes her so special.

Stage Name: Huening Bahiyyih (휴닝바히에)
Birth Name: Bahiyyih Jaleh Huening (바히에 자레 휴닝)
Korean Name: Jung Bahiyyih (정바히에)
Birthday: July 27, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 166 cm (5’5″)
Weight: —
Blood Type: A

Early Life and Training

Huening Bahiyyih was born on April 12, 2003, in Honolulu, Hawaii, to a Korean-American mother and a German-American father. She grew up in a multilingual environment and was exposed to various cultures from a young age. Huening Bahiyyih began her training in singing and dancing at the age of 12, and she worked hard to improve her skills.

Huening Bahiyyih

Rise to Fame in Kep1er

In 2021, Huening Bahiyyih was announced as a member of Kep1er, the new girl group under Starship Entertainment. The group debuted on August 2, 2021, with their first single album, “First Impact,” which showcased their vocal and dance skills. The album was a commercial success, and it garnered a large following of fans from around the world.

Unique Talents and Skills

Huening Bahiyyih is a multi-talented artist with a variety of skills. She is a talented singer with a unique and powerful voice that stands out in the group’s music. She can also play several instruments, including the guitar and the piano, and she often incorporates her musical talents into the group’s performances.

In addition to her vocal and musical skills, Huening Bahiyyih is also a skilled dancer. She has an excellent sense of rhythm and can execute complex choreography with ease. Her dance skills have impressed fans and critics alike, and she is often praised for her fluid movements and captivating performances.

Fashion Sense and Personal Style

Huening Bahiyyih is also known for her fashion sense and personal style. She has a unique and edgy fashion sense that sets her apart from other K-pop idols. She often wears bold and daring outfits that showcase her individuality and personality. Her style has earned her a large following on social media, and she is considered a style icon by many of her fans.

Fanbase and Support

Huening Bahiyyih has a large and dedicated fan base, who appreciate her talent, personality, and unique style. She is known for her outgoing and friendly personality.

Huening Bahiyyih Fun Facts

Bahiyi is a South Korean-born individual whose mother is Korean and father is Nabil David Huening, a German who was born in Brazil. She has an older brother named Huening Kai, who is a member of TXT, and an older sister named Lea, who used to be a member of VIVA. Some of her hobbies include bullet journaling and shopping, and her special skill is dancing. Bahiyyih was the English narrator at the opening of the Worldwide Fans Choice category of the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards. She was a student of the Main Vocal Academy & SMMA Academy, and although she auditioned for YG Entertainment under the name of SMMA Academy, she did not make it. Currently, she is under IST Entertainment (formerly PlayM Entertainment). Her ethnicity includes Polish, British, and German from her father’s side and Korean from her mother’s side. She can speak Mandarin, Korean, and English. Her role model is Ariana Grande, and her charming point is her tall nose. Bahiyyih’s favorite colors are yellow and sky-blue, and she loves puppies. Some of her favorite things include mint chocolate, perfume, spring weather, dipping sauce, texting on her phone, the sea, and fried chicken. She dislikes having no enthusiasm and no hard work. Her stress reliever is writing in her diary, and she thinks her charming point is her dimple on one side. She attends Lila Arts High School and wants to appear on Weekly Idol. She had 923,567 points in the GP999 finals.

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