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How To Skip Class

Just know that if you are trying to skip class you should think before doing so. Make sure you aren’t missing anything too important because keeping your grades up is important so you can get into a top college! This guide for how to skip class will teach students how to skip and not get in trouble at school, how to get excused, and how to not have their parents to get mad at them for finding out they were skipping class.

how to skip class

Evaluate your pros/cons of skipping class before doing so

Some example pros of skipping class:

  • Getting to take a test later that you aren’t prepared for yet.

Some example cons of skpping class:

  • If your parents find out you might be grounded
  • Your school might give out detentions for unexcused absenses
  • Some states and schools have a policy that if you have too many unexcused absenses you can’t graduate

Mental health days (can get you excused for not going to class)

Some states offers high school students a specific number of mental health days where you can get excused from class as long as you call that day a “mental health day.” California, Illinois, Maine, Virginia, Colorado, Oregon, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah offer mental health days to students. You can read more about how many mental health days each state offers.

How to skip class and not get marked absent if you have a subtitute

Here is a way to skip a class and not get marked absent: if you have a substitute, you could leave class after the teacher calls your name and you say “here”. You could place your backpack outside so that you can grab your backpack as soon as you walk outside. Only leave if you are sure that the sub is not paying attention. If the sub is paying attention to everyone for the whole class period, you could tell yoru sub that you are “going to the bathroom” when in reality you are leaving class. 

You can also skip a class by telling your friend to say “here” when the sub calls your name. This may not always work if the sub is making people raise their hands when students are called and is monitoring the students intensely while calling attendance, but if you have a sub that isn’t even looking up when the sub is calling people’s names then this method of having someone else say “here” when your name is called will work.

Know what to say if you try to skip class and get caught walking around the school

Give the person who caught you one of these excuses:

  • You were going to the bathroom
  • You left something in your locker (say something that you have in your locker)
  • You’re on your way to the nurse
  • You’re new to the school and can’t figure out the way to your class. (This excuse is most effective at the beginning of the school year)

If your answers to questions are coming slowly then that is bad. You should have an excuse ready and you should respond immediately. If you spend like two seconds thinking of a response, then the person might be suspicious of you and think that you are trying to skip class.

How to pretend to be sick to your parents so that you can skip class

You can also skip class (but not be marked excused) if you pretend to be sick so your parents let you stay home. This is an excuse to skip class. A way to pretend to be sick is to put some hot coffee in your mouth or hot water and then put a thermometer in your mouth and try to get the thermometer to 101 degrees farhenehight. A fever is considered anything over 100. Try to get 101. 102-104 would be bad – maybe your parents would call your doctor.

You can also get a hot water bottle or something at put that against your forehead in case your parents also feel your forehead. You can also make yourself throw up to convince your parents even further. In order to look disoriented, you could also do some weed. You can read my guide on how to cure a weed hangover.

How to avoid your parents finding out you skipped class

One way to avoid having the school tell your parents that you skipped is to turn in a note or arrange something for an excused absence a few days before you skip. To do this, make sure that you review your school’s policies for how to get absenses excused. For example, my school lets you get an absence excused if you are observing a religious holiday, if you have a family emergency, etc. For my school, if you are sick at school, my school will let you be excused if you go to the nurse’s office so that they can account for your attendance during the part of the school day that you miss. In addition, the only way my school excuses absence is if your parent picks you up from school and signs you out of school when they pick you up. Don’t be afraid to forge your parent’s signature for an excuse note if need be!

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