How To Make Money Online As A Teen

Knowing how to make money online as a teen is important if you are under 16 and are struggling to find a paid job or if you want an extra way to make cash.

1) Craigslist | How To Make Money Online As A Teen

There are lots of gigs on Craigslist where people are looking for something. All you have to do is go to the gigs section of Craigslit. People hiring for gigs usually aren’t going to check or care about your age. On Craigslist there are some random labor ones that you can do at someone’s house. All the Craigslist gigs categories can be seen here:

gigs section of craigslist for how to make money online as a teen

2) Sell Items Online | How To Make Money Online As A Teen

You can sell items on Craigslist which has no age testing. You can also sell on Facebook marketplace and on eBay and both of them do have limited age testing (must be 18+). You can talk about if you have your parents on board can they set up a PayPal account/eBay account in their name). On eBay’s website, they say you have to be 18 to sell, but you can lie about your birthday on there. It doesn’t matter if your eBay account is different than the name on your bank account. You can also lie about your age on Facebook marketplace. I go into more detail about how to sell items on eBay here. That guide also talks about how to make money in high school in general.

You want to connect your PayPal account to a bank account so that when you receive money it can go into a bank account. You can get your parents or someone you know to set up a bank account for you in your parents’ name so that you can have “your own bank account” before you are 18. This way you can connect your bank account to the PayPal account. When your parents make you a bank account you’ll also get a credit card so you now have a credit card you can use to purchase things.

3) Make money off Google Adsense From Writing Blog Posts

You can then put Google Adsense ads on these blog posts. In order to write blogs that get organic traffic, you’re going to need to learn a little about Search Engine Optimization. You can read this post on how to optimize blogs for search engines.

Note: This website ( has a master list of high school internships on the home page and you can earn money from these internships too. You can also read my guide on how to find an internship in high school.

4) Other misc ways to make money online | How To Make Money Online As A Teen

  • Task Rabbit connects you to people in your area who are looking for someone to do random taks for them. You’re going to have to provide a SSN and an ID and you have to be 18 years old. TaskRabbit uses direct deposit to pay Taskers, so a valid checking account, routing or IBAN number, and billing address are required. During registration, you’ll add your bank information and billing address in order to get paid via the app. Savings accounts, prepaid debit cards, and reloadable bank cards aren’t valid, even if they accept direct deposits. 
  • Freelance on Fiver (age requirement is 13 or older)
  • The Sweatcoin app (this counts your steps and you earn money for the steps you walk
  • There are also websites where you can earn money by taking online surveys (but this is not as fast). Here’s a list of websites to earn money through online surveys.
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