How To Kiss Someone For The First Time

If you’re talking to somebody sometimes things just happen organically. Let’s go with man and woman for this discussion. They will stand closer and closer, start touching each other’s forearm, and before you know it they are kissing; that’s the best-case scenario. However, what are these steps for how to kiss someone for the first time?

If you are not sure if the girl or guy is into you, you want to maneuver the situation so that you are alone. If you are at a party just try to get her or him to follow you.  You could ask “do you want to go for a walk.” You want to get semi-alone. If things aren’t proceeding go onto someone else. Don’t push it.

how to kiss someone for the first time

Now if you’re relatively alone you want the girl or guy facing you and giving you eye contact. If she/he is sliding to the side and not giving you direct eye contact then they are probably getting cold feet about doing anything with you. Now if there’s good eye contact and you’re talking then you touch the forearm. If the reaction is a smile then you’re good. If the reaction is her or his head turns away then you have more work to do. Then subtly put your hand on their waist then things proceed organically to a kiss. If the person is sliding away and it’s uncomfortable then let it go. Later in the evening she/he might be more comfortable! Make sure to not give too much tongue. Do it slow at first.

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