How to get a perfect score on the SATs

Getting a perfect score on the SAT requires understanding what the test is looking for in each section. This blog post will cover that! You’ve heard your friends talk about how well they did on their SATs and they were able to score a perfect 1600, and you want to know their secret. But then again, maybe you’re not as worried about scoring perfectly—perhaps you just want to get the best possible score for your college applications. Regardless, this blog post is the ultimate guide to get a perfect score on the SAT and will provide you with a lot of lucrative strategies and tips.

General Tips to get a perfect score on the SATs

Your proctor will instruct you to complete Section 5 when you take the SAT. Section 5 is an experimental section used by College Board to gather data on test questions. You don’t need to complete it and it has no effect on your score. You can avoid making mistakes by underlining the questions in math. You should also read the entire question and examine all possible answers. This is true for all sections of the SAT. For the math section, you are allowed to use a calculator so make sure to bring it.

You can score high on the SAT by taking practice SAT tests and studying from past SAT test results that you can find on Reddit here. It’s better to study from past SAT tests rather than using Khanacademy. Khan also has concepts that have not been tested on the actual SAT. Also, take the practice tests seriously. Go over the answers you got wrong and understand why you got them wrong so you don’t make the same mistake again. You can also use practice tests to ensure that you are completing each section of the SAT in the allotted time frame. You aren’t supposed go back to previous sections of the SAT when you are done with one section.

The practice tests are a great way to identify your weaknesses. They also help you figure out what you need to study more and give you an overall understanding of how well you’re doing in each section.

The best way to make sure that the test day goes smoothly is to take the practice tests seriously.

how to get a perfect score on the sat

Answer every question to get a perfect score on the SATs.

To get a perfect score on the SAT, you need to answer every question. This means not leaving any questions blank and ensuring that each question is answered correctly. Don’t leave questions blank. If you don’t know the answer, bubble in an educated guess. You can skip over a question if it’s taking too long or not making sense (but be sure to come back later). Prior to 2016 You would need to choose whether you want to guess or leave blank answers if you took the SAT prior to 2016. However, right now for the SAT there is no guessing penalty. It’s best to guess. Remember that a blank answer is always wrong, but a guess can be right.

Know when to guess and what letter to guess in order to get a perfect score on the SATs

Guessing on the SAT is a very powerful strategy. If you don’t know the answer to a question, but are at least able to eliminate two choices as wrong, then guessing can help you get a higher score (and lower your odds of ending up in the dreaded “Worst” answer). The key here is guessing wisely: if there’s even one possible answer choice that makes sense in context and has some semblance of logic behind it, then go with your gut and guess that answer instead of leaving it blank or skipping over it altogether. Also, try not go back and change your answer because usually you will mark the right answer first.

In addition, The SAT loves to trick you in math and reading so they will place the wrong answers higher up on the multiple choice scale A, B, C, D. They will put the letter A answer as a trap answer that looks right at first glance so if you aren’t looking at all the answers you will for that trap. You can overcome this by looking at the answers from the bottom up, from D through A. This means that if you have to guess on a question the answer will most likely be D.

Don’t waste time on a problem if you’re struggling with it

The SAT is timed so if you’re not sure about how to answer a question, or if it would take too long for you to figure out how to answer it, then skip it. It’s important not to waste time on questions that can only be answered correctly by guessing randomly. 

SAT Math tips | How to get a perfect score on the SATs

In order to get a perfect score on the SATs you need to know the types of math questions that appear on the SAT math section. Every year the SAT math tests on the same types of math questions and has patterns. These patterns are important and if you’ve practiced with a lot past SATs, you shouldn’t be surprised by what you see in the SAT math section. I studied for the SAT 50 by taking over fifty practice tests and compiled the math formulas and questions that you will encounter. This cheat sheet for math is one of the rewards on this webpage’s Rewards System, but I decided to share it with you here. This cheat sheet assumes you are familiar with basic math concepts and you don’t need to learn how to factor, work in fractions, and use systems of equations. Here is my SAT math cheat sheet:

sat math cheat sheet

SAT Reading Tips to get a perfect score on the SAT

The best SAT tips for the evidence-based writing and reading sections

Choose the most objective answer. Avoid being too opinionated. The correct answer choice for the reading multiple choice is usually quite mild. It doesn’t really use strong adjectives. Reading a lot before the test can help you a lot. Just by reading entire SAT sections (from real SAT test practice tests that I found on Reddit), I was able jump 50 points from 700-750 on my SAT. It’s amazing how passively reading can make a difference.


SAT Reading Tips

It is important to read the entire sentence the SAT writing or language passage question asks you to refer. You might not read the entire sentence. Knowing that there is a dash in a particular place or a word there could make a difference in your ability to answer the question correctly or incorrectly. If the question asks for the main idea, consider the entire passage. Do not consider the entire passage as a whole if the question asks for a conclusion to this paragraph. Focus on the paragraph, and the answer should contain words and phrases that are relevant to it.

The big tip: Shorter responses tend to be the right ones for the writing section and the language section.

semicolon basically acts as a period. It is used to separate two sentences.

A Colon comes after a complete sentence. The next sentence can be incomplete. For things such as lists or to expand on the first complete sentence, you can use colons.

Example: The article “How you score well on the SAT” began with the sentence “How you get SAT Reading Tips”

Also, after a complete sentence, a dash must be used. A dash can also be followed by an incomplete sentence. A dash is essentially a comma. A dash can be used if there is a comma.


  • I turned in my homework early
  • I will be watching the women’s world cup – even if America doesn’t know SAT Reading Tip.
  • You can make a customized arm with a 3-D printer for as low as $200 or even tens of thousands of Dollars.

If there is a dash between two sentences, and the question asks about adding another punctuation to that sentence, it is most likely another dash. If a verb is being said, a comma should be placed before the talking quotation marks. For example words like “said, says, exclaimed.”


Bob said, “I’ll go to Horizon’s blog and check out their article “SAT Reading Tips” (Comma)

Do not put a comma if it’s something like:

When I asked him when he was coming, Bob told me he would “be late because he was on Horizon’s blog post titled “How to score well on the SAT”

Don’t put a comma after the word “that” for a quote

These are two examples of sentences that required commas. These sentences were difficult to understand so I have included the correct answers:

1) Writers in many fields are required to perform in this dynamic environment. They can be found in everything from social services to…

2) While some exodusters returned to their homeland, others such as Hickman and her husband encouraged their son to search for “How to score well in the SAT?”

Also, if you are asked for comma placement in questions involving a person’s profession and their name, put a comma. However, if their profession is first, do not include any commas.


1) Anthony Atala (director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine) asks: “How do you score well on the SAT?” 

2) Tony Richards, a local artist and ranger, used to enjoy reading Horizon’s blog post titled How to Score Well on the SAT?

Additional information to know about the Writing and Language section of

effect = noun affect = verb

The verb is followed by the adjectives. Example: Moving slowly


Take care of yourself and know what to eat the morning of the SAT

In order to get a perfect score on the SAT you should take care of yourself so that you can be at your best on testing day. You do not want to be stressed or stay up late studying last minute for the SAT. Cramming increases stress levels due to lack of sleep and anxiety over performing well on an important exam. Cramming can cause physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach aches because your body isn’t used to working without rest for optimal functioning—and that’s if it doesn’t make them feel so bad that they throw up. Here are some more tips to take care of yourself before test day:

  • Eat well. Avoid junk food, which will make you feel tired and distracted. Eat good foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and lean meats for energy.
  • Get enough sleep every night before the test. You’ll need lots of energy. If possible, read or listen to music for 15 minutes before going to sleep each night during the week before the test. That way, it will be easier for you to fall asleep at night when the time comes on test day itself. If this is too hard, then just try taking 15 minutes out of each hour leading up until bedtime (or whenever else works best). This will still have an effect since learning happens while we’re asleep as well as when we’re awake.

Studies have shown that dark chocolate can improve focus, memory, learning, and stress levels. According to cognitive tests, eating dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate. Caffeine also helps with concentration and focus. It’s a good idea to have a cup of coffee before the SATs, which are at 8am every morning. Reign was my favorite energy drink. It helped me to focus better when I read the passage, and it also helped me with the reading questions. You should still drink an energy drink during a practice test to see if it increases your performance. The test has two breaks. A 10-minute break is after the Reading section, and a five-minute break after the Math No Calculator portion. You can use the restroom or eat in the testing room. If you have a tendency to crash after drinking energy drinks bringing an energy drink to drink during the break is a good idea.

Get organized.

  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Take breaks.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Make sure you have everything you need, including pencils, pens, erasers, and paper.
  • Make sure you have a good seat in the classroom so that it is easy to see the board clearly and hear the teacher’s voice clearly (if there are windows near your desk, make sure they are closed).
  • Make sure that there is plenty of light in the room because if it is too dark, then it will be hard for you to read what is written on the board or your test paper.

Sat preparation is a commitment, but it’s worth it to do well on the test.

Getting a perfect score on the SATs can be difficult if you’re unprepared. The test is designed to measure your skills, so it’s important to ensure you have enough time to prepare for it. We recommend that students take at least six to eight weeks of preparation before they take the test. This will give them more than enough time to study and practice with real past SAT tests that you can find on Reddit here.

You can also cheat to get a perfect score on the SAT

Cheating is not something I condone, but it is a way to score high on the SAT. Each section of the SAT has a time limit. You can’t go back to a section if the time limit has passed for that section. It is possible to go back to sections from the past and continue working on them during SATs exams. However, you have to make sure your proctor doesn’t see you doing this. In addition, like I said above, your proctor will instruct you to complete Section 5 when you take the SAT. Section 5 is an experimental section used by College Board to gather data on test questions. This section has no effect on your score, and you don’t have to complete it. This is not permitted, but if you want to cheat you can use Section 5 to review previous sections or check your work.

Don’t fret if you don’t get a perfect score on the SAT

The best way to get a perfect score on the SATs is by taking practice tests and reviewing your wrong answers to see what you can improve on.  The more you take practices tests and check them, the better you will get at them. If you cannot get your SAT score up no matter what you do, do know that pretty much all colleges, including top colleges, are test optional right now, meaning you don’t have to submit a SAT or ACT score if you don’t want to. However, submitting a good SAT score will be a plus for your application, but it won’t be a negative to colleges if you do not submit them. If you choose not to submit them because you got a sub-par SAT score or you couldn’t arrange to take the test at a testing center because of COVID, they will just evaluate the other parts of your application like your GPA, essays, and recommendation letters.

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