How to make money in high school

Knowing how to make money in high school can make it so that you learn to be independent and how to get a bank account and job!

Step 1: Make a bank account | How to make money in high school

The first step for how to make money in high school is to make a bank account because to actually receive money you need a bank account. You can ask your parents or someone who is over 18 to set up a bank account for you that you can use. In this case, it will have to be in their name because you are under 18, but it is still a bank account that you can use to send and receive money (if the person who made the account for you is letting you do so of course). Using your own bank account that is not your parent’s account is heplful so that the money you earn is not confused with their money. Pro-tip: Making a new Chase account can get you a free $225. See this link for how to claim the $225.


Get a paid part-time job or internship | How to make money in high school

Part-time jobs at fast rood or retail locations tend to hire people who are 16 years old or even as young as 14 or 15 years old depending on the state you are in. Country clubs tend to employ kids as caddies who are over 14 so you could look into caddying (carrying golf bags). You tend to make more money starting as a caddie than you would at a retail or fast food place. When I was 14 in 2018 I made $65 for 4 hours of work. At this point, I was just a B caddie meaning that I was just starting out. After a year of working as a caddie, you can get promoted to an A caddie and start making more money. Then I was making $75 for 4 hours of work. If you’re strong you can also double bag, meaning carrying two bags at once. Then you can make twice the amount of money in 4 hours. Golfers tend to be generous and give you tips also. To get a job as a caddy you can just look online at country clubs near you and see if they are hiring caddies.

You can also get an internship to make money. Internships in high school are usually offered during the summer, and you can find internships that pay you a lot more money than fast food or retail locations. Research internships especially pay very well. See this link for an example of a research internship I found online that pays great.  You can also see my guide I wrote for how to find an internship in high school.



Selling items you no longer need on eBay is also a way for how to make money in high school. You have to connect your bank account to your eBay account so that you can receive the money. Items on eBay tend to sell fast. Once your item sells you just put your item in a box and tape the box up with some duct tape. Then click ‘orders’ from the top and then click ‘awaiting shipment’ on the side. Then click ‘print shipping label’ by your order. The best and cheapest way to do the shipping label portion is to click print shipping label.


You don’t actually have to physically print any labels, but rather you can get a QR Code. It is usually cheaper to just get a QR code and show it to the person at the register of your shipping location. Usually, it’s more expensive if you just bring it into your shipping location and they charge you there. After you click ‘print shipping label’, enter the dimensions of your package and click print QR code. Then it will save the QR code to your computer. Then all you have to do is bring your item to your preferred shipping location and show the QR code to the person at the register of your shipping location. Saving your QR code digitally instead of physically printing your shipping label will let you save on paper. Then, the post office person physically puts the shipping label on the package and away it goes!


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