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How Long Does It Take To Apply For a College?

It takes about six weeks to apply for a college. It usually takes about two months for a student to get everything they need done. Students need to secure their recommendation letters for college, they need to get their transcript sent from their high school to the colleges they are applying to, and they need to write essays for college. Colleges that are higher ranking tend to take longer to apply to because they have more essay questions which they use as a way to learn more about you and choose the best students. Here’s a blog


Start Early In The Application Process | How Long Does It Take To Apply For a College?

As you begin to think about applying to college, it’s important to keep in mind that the application process can take a significant amount of time. The earlier you start, the better prepared and more confident you’ll be when it comes time to apply. In addition, many colleges will give preference to students who complete their applications early in the order of submission date. You can apply early decision to one college which will boost your chances of getting into that college. However, early action does not always increase admission chances than regular decision. Early decision does boost chances. Here’s a post that gets into more detail about early decision vs early action vs regular decision. In general, early decision is the earliest possible deadline that a college has. Early action is the next deadline a college has for admissions, and regular decisions is the final deadline for students.

Start early by researching schools that are right for your interests and major. If a school isn’t the right fit for what you’re looking for or if its tuition is too high, there’s no reason to waste time on an application just because they have a great reputation. The same applies if a school has poor reviews from other applicants or doesn’t have majors that fit your interests—It’s better to research now than later!

How Long Does It Take To Apply For a College?

It takes about 2-3 months to apply to a college | How long does it take to apply to a college

The college application process is a long and winding road. It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun, and it’s certainly not quick. It takes longer than you think to apply to college. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise—even if they’re in the middle of applying themselves!

When I was applying in high school, I thought my application would be finished by November. But when November came around?  My applications were still unfinished, and so I had to take some time off from studying for my exams and writing essays so that I could finish them.

That was just one school; if you add all of your schools together and then multiply their deadlines by two (for each piece of work), then add in an extra month or two just in case something goes wrong…you get an idea of how much time this can take!


Visit the campus | How Long Does It Take To Apply For a College?

Check out the facilities, read up on a few of their courses, and talk to some students. This can be your official tour if you’re interested in attending, or just an informational visit if you’ve already decided that this is your school of choice.

Talk to teachers and admissions officers too—they will all have different perspectives on what makes this place tick, so listen closely and take notes!

Take the admission tests

If you’re applying to a college in the United States, take the SAT or ACT test. If you are applying to a college in the United Kingdom, take the IELTS test (International English Language Testing System). Finally, if you want to study at an Australian university and are not from there yourself, take the PTE Academic test (Pearson Test of English Academic).

Apply for financial aid

You’ll want to apply for financial aid as soon as possible because there are deadlines. If you apply for financial aid before you apply to college, you’re going to be ahead of the game. You should apply for the FAFSA and CSS profile. The deadlines for these applications close before the regular decision deadlines of colleges.

Fill out the applications

If you have an internet connection, you can complete college applications online. Most students use the Common App to apply to colleges. There is also the Coalition App.

Send in the documents

Once you have satisfied all of the requirements above, it’s time to send in your documents. You can do this in one of several ways:

  • Mail them in
  • Email them (if they accept email)
  • Fax them (if they accept faxes)
  • Hand deliver them in person or via someone else
  • Use snail mail and get a stamp from the post office

Receive the decision

If you’re lucky, your application will be processed in six to eight weeks. If you haven’t received a decision by the posted deadline, contact the college and ask when they expect to make their final decision.

Takeaway: You should begin preparing for your college applications as soon as you start high school

You should begin preparing for your college applications as soon as you start high school. You should apply to multiple schools, and it’s important that those schools are a good fit for all of the following:

  • Your academic and career goals
  • Your financial situation
  • Your personal preferences (for example, whether or not you’re a morning person)

The college application process can be complicated

Applying to college is a long process. It can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you need to apply to multiple colleges or specialized programs.

For some students, the application process can be more complicated. For example, if you want to attend one of the country’s most competitive institutions like Harvard or Yale, you’ll need to complete an additional application process called “Early Action” where applicants get their decisions around December 1st (or earlier).

If your child wants to apply for these elite schools and others that have similar deadlines but no early decision option such as Stanford or Princeton, it may be best for them not only because they will receive a much better idea about whether or not they are accepted early on but also because this means less stress during senior year when all eyes will be on them anyway.


Getting into college is not easy. You need to prepare yourself for the long journey ahead. There are many things that you need to do before you can even apply for a college. You have to start early, because there’s no way around it!

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