Hobo 4: Total War

Hobo 4: Total War is a thrilling and action-packed video game that has garnered a cult following over the years. In this game, players take on the role of the titular character, Hobo, a homeless man who finds himself caught up in a war between two powerful factions. With its intense gameplay, quirky humor, and memorable characters, Hobo 4: Total War is an experience that gamers will never forget.

The Story

The storyline of Hobo 4: Total War is a continuation of the previous games in the series. Hobo, the main character, finds himself caught up in a war between the government and the alien invader known as the Chosen One. The Chosen One has taken over the city and is using its resources to build his army and conquer the world.

Hobo’s goal is to fight his way through the Chosen One’s army and defeat him before he can destroy the city and enslave humanity. Along the way, Hobo encounters a variety of interesting characters, including a mad scientist, a ninja, and a group of street kids who have formed their own resistance movement.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics in Hobo 4: Total War are relatively simple. Players control Hobo, moving him left and right using the arrow keys and attacking enemies using a variety of punches and kicks. Hobo can also pick up objects such as bottles, bricks, and trash cans to use as weapons.

The game features a variety of enemies, ranging from basic grunts to powerful bosses. Each enemy has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, requiring players to develop their own strategies for defeating them. As players progress through the game, they earn experience points that can be used to level up Hobo’s stats, making him stronger and more resilient.

Humor and Quirkiness

One of the things that sets Hobo 4: Total War apart from other action games is its quirky and humorous tone. The game is full of absurd situations and bizarre characters that are sure to make players laugh. For example, one boss is a giant chicken that attacks Hobo by shooting eggs out of its rear end. Another boss is a group of elderly ladies playing bingo who attack Hobo with their canes and dentures.

The humor in Hobo 4: Total War is often dark and twisted, but it never takes itself too seriously. The game is a perfect escape from the real world, allowing players to let loose and enjoy some mindless fun.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Hobo 4: Total War are simple and cartoonish, but they are effective in conveying the game’s tone and style. The game’s characters are well-designed, with each one having its own distinctive look and personality. The backgrounds are also well-done, reflecting the game’s urban setting and adding to its gritty atmosphere.

The sound in Hobo 4: Total War is equally well-done. The game’s sound effects are spot-on, with each punch, kick, and weapon strike sounding satisfyingly crunchy. The music is also excellent, with a variety of catchy tunes that reflect the game’s overall tone.


Hobo 4: Total War is a game that players will want to play over and over again. The game features multiple difficulty levels, each one offering its own unique challenges. In addition, players can unlock new characters and modes as they progress through the game, adding to its replayability.


Overall, Hobo 4: Total War is a fantastic game that is well worth checking out. Its intense gameplay, quirky humor, and memorable characters make it a game that players will never forget. Whether you are a fan of action games or just looking for something fun and mindless to play, Hobo 4: Total War is sure to satisfy.

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