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High school supply chain internships

High school supply chain internships provide students a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience and insight into supply chain management.

Getting an entry-level job is becoming tougher every year. Students are compelled to find ways to set themselves apart from the crowd. High school supply chain internships are one such. Supply Chain Management (SCM) happens to be a broad field. Students can complete what they have learned in the classroom by doing the internship. They further acquire professional experience and practical skills needed for entry-level positions under supervision.

High school supply chain internships overview

Internships are perfect to gain professional learning experiences. It allows high school students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world situations. Internships further help to narrow down and develop the career path and students also acquire new skills that help them in their future jobs. Many organizations take high school students as summer interns to infuse new energy and idea into the organization. While summer is the most popular time for internships, it can also happen during the school year.

high school supply chain internships

Supply chain internships are all over there.  Every industry and company needs it and the interns may be required to do the followings:

  • Assisting projects from sourcing to execution of ideas
  • Planning for efficiency-increase
  • Vendor negotiation for raw materials data analysis
  • Coordinating with different departments and stakeholders
  • All other functions of supply chain management

High school supply chain internships job descriptions

Regardless of the industry student joins for supply chain management, they have to cover all aspects from logistics to production. As an intern, students have to assist company professionals in their roles like forecasting, supply planning, etc., and also do some tasks independently. High school interns communicate and coordinate with suppliers. They also do data entry, analysis, help in forecasting, inventory control, planning, etc. High school interns are also expected to work in a team to complete assigned tasks and achieve the company objective.

Benefits of high school supply chain internships

Maybe, as a parent, you think that supply chain internships are for undergraduate students and recent college graduates to step into a prestigious organization. While high schools offer many extracurricular activities, they simply cannot provide the broad range of opportunities that internships offer. When a high school student does an internship that gives them a glimpse of the professional world. Moreover, supply chain internships can help high school students to choose a major and let them see the real-life applications of their classroom academics.

Pursuing an internship is an excellent way for high school students to find a professional mentor for growing their professional network. It might help them build professional connections for college admissions and post-college jobs. Because of the technological advancements and post-pandemic responses, internships could be in-person or virtual. Whatever that may be, internships always benefit high school students.

Remote supply chain internships can reach many companies across the country. It helps students to take part in managing the flow of goods and offers students opportunities to work with multi-functional teams. Thus, students develop great communication & management skill and gain experience in all facets of supply chain management.

Supply chain internships are future investments. It allows for making new contacts, and gaining new experience, and also helps to understand the process from start to finish.

High school supply chain internships career paths

As one moves along in a career, they may start shouldering more responsibilities or take a leadership role. A supply chain management internship can determine their career goals and career progression.  For example, students can start with a warehouse job or they may take some assignments in shipping and receiving. These jobs provide in-depth exposure transportation and logistics part of the supply chain. Students can also start their internships in other areas of supply chain management.

How to find high school supply chain internships and summer programs

Students can go through the following steps.

  • Internet search: Students can search for a summer supply chain internship on Google. Indeed offers an excellent starting point for this.
  • Research specific companies: Research potential companies for internships. Mail your resume before you call them.
  • Networking: Network through your teacher or counselor. Many companies do not have an internship program. But they prefer interns working with them. A phone call might lead to an internship.

List of high school supply chain internships

1) Chicago Summer Business Institute (CSBI) for 16+

The Chicago Summer Business Institute was established in 1991 to offer paid internships to Chicago high school students. It also aims to introduce them into the financial services industry. Since its inception, the Chicago Summer Business Institute has been a motivator for participants to continue their education and prepare them for business. You might be able to get placed in a supply chain internship if you say in your application that you really want a supply chain internship.

2) On The Money Magazine journalism and entrepreneurship internship

This opportunity is also another internship for Chicago high schoolers. On The Money Magazine has two internships for teens, a journalism and entrepreneurship internship. Students will apply for their program on the On The Money Magaizne application form. There is only one form students fill out and they can check if they want to apply for the entrepreneurship internship on top of getting their journalism internship. In their entrepreneurship internship, students can work in their supply chain section for the magazine. The On The Money magazine is a by-teens for-teens entrepreneurship education magazine.

3) Pentacle high school internship program

For New York high schoolers. The Pentacle’s High school Internship Program is for high school students who want to add business skills to their academics or need guidance in deciding their next steps. It provides 8 weeks of hands-on experience, mentorship, career development, and work experience. After being selected through an application and recruitment process, interns are placed with small businesses (for-profit and non-profit) that share their goals and interests. Interns can learn from peers and build hard skills. They also have the chance to meet industry leaders through weekly professional development seminars that are led by Pentacle staff and visiting professionals. This curriculum is relevant to students who plan on attending college, as well as those who don’t know if college is right for them.

Conclusion: High school supply chain internships let students gather some experience under their belts in sourcing, purchasing, logistics, transport, etc. It gives them the right break for a career in supply chain management in different organizations across the globe.

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