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High school remote internships

There are a lot of high school remote internships available. There are many benefits of remote internships also.

1) Fiveable high school remote internships

Fiveable offers high school paid remote internships to high schoolers in every state. Fiveable is an organization that helps students with their AP exams. They have coding jobs for teens, marketing jobs, and tutoring jobs for teens. If you scored well on an AP exam, you can apply to be a paid teaching assistant for that subject. They also had teen interns who made business decisions with Fivable’s leadership team.

high school remote internships

2) Google CSSI is a high school remote internship

Google CSSI is a three-week paid computer science summer enrichment program for graduating high school seniors. Google CSSI gives participants a stipend of $1500. You can read more about Google CSSI in my post here. Recently, they have moved the program to be remote because of COVID-19 and for the past couple years their program has been remote.


3) NASA SEES Internship

There is also the NASA SEES Internship which you can apply for here. This program has both in-person and virtual options but the program overall is unpaid. The program provides selected students with exposure to Earth and space research. Interns will learn how to interpret NASA satellite data while working with scientists and engineers in their chosen area of work.


4) Mathnasium

Look for a Mathnasium near you. Mathnasium is a math tutoring company that helps kids with math in grades Pre-K – 12th. With Mathnasium, you can be a paid virtual math tutor for kids.


5) Craigslist gigs

There are lots of gigs on Craigslist where people are looking for something. All you have to do is go to the gigs section of Craigslist. People hiring for gigs usually aren’t going to check or care about your age. This isn’t an internship, but some of these gigs are gigs you could do remotely and get paid for it. On Craigslist there are some random labor ones that you can do at someone’s house. All the Craigslist gigs categories can be seen here:

gigs section of craigslist


6) Stanford Medical Youth Science Program

You can visit for their 5-week online free program. It is not related to medicine or health science. It’s an online program that is available to low-income, underrepresented high school juniors living in Northern or Central California. However, there is no stipend. The mentors are faculty members, medical professionals, and students who share a passion for science.


7) Stanford science journalist intern

Interns at Stanford Science Journalism receive mentorship from faculty and support at the university for multi-media creations (written and audio) and comments on scientific research articles. You can apply for the high school writing internship.

Qualifications to Apply:

  • High-school level student
  • Enrol in your sophomore, senior or junior year of high school
  • Interested in pursuing a scientific career in the fields of engineering, psychology, or computer science
  • Minimum 5 hour work week commitment

8) Stanford Clinical Summer Internship

The Stanford Clinical Summer Internship is another remote internship for high school students. Stanford CSI is a group of curious students with diverse backgrounds who actively investigate the science and art of world-class medicine. Stanford’s residents and medical students will allow you to make meaningful connections, learn, and contribute. They are eager to share the joy they have found in medicine with others.

Sessions for the 2022 Stanford Clinical Internship Program:

Session 1 (Virtual), July 11-22 2022

Session 2 (Virtual), Jul 25 – August 5, 2022


  • 2022 Application Fee –$95 Non-Refundable
  • 2022 Virtual Program Fee – 3,980
  • On-Site Fee – $5780*

Partially or fully scholarships are available to students from low-income backgrounds, future college students and students with disabilities. Only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for the program fee scholarships. This form is used to request a waiver for students with underrepresented backgrounds. It can be used by students with low income, future college students, students from ethnic minorities, students with disabilities, and students with keen interests in medicine.

9) The Virtual Internships Foundations Program

Students 14-18 years of age can apply for this program. This internship will last a duration of 4 weeks, and students will be expected to work about 15 hours per week. Students can choose one career they are interested in so their internship can be specialized to meet the needs of the given career. It does cost money to participate in this virtual internship. You can view their pricing here: 


Pay to participate programs high school remote internships from Intern HQ

The below internships are internships posted on the website These internships are open to high schoolers 16+ but you have to pay them to do the program if your application is accepted.

10) Marine Biology remote internship

This is a remote internship to do marine biology work. However, you have to pay to participate in this program which is not great.


11) Microfinance Tanzania internship

High school students must be at least 16 years old to apply. In Tanzania, there are banks known as Vicobas. Interns will help Vicobas with financial advice for the people of Tanzania. Interns will be expected to work Monday-Friday, and the specific schedule will be discussed between the intern and the advisor.


12) Finance in Spain high school remote internships

Must be at least 16 to apply.

internship Highlights:

  • Conducting remote finance operations suited to your own skills and interests for real life companies in Spain
  • Provide research, insight and analysis of different financial variables
  • Gain international experience while interning remotely from home without having to travel


13) Social Work and NGO high school remote internships

Provide virtual assistance and support to NGOs in India that are active in various fields of social work, supporting underprivileged women, vulnerable children, low-income families, or other disadvantaged communities. Help with reporting, awareness, fundraising and supporting vulnerable people to find jobs and improve their quality of life. Interns should have some knowledge of MS Excel. An interest in social work, international development and education is desired. High School Students aged 16+ may be accepted, depending on the strength of their application. 


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