High school marketing internships

Do note that there are different types of marketing. A big type of marketing is digital marketing which is an umbrella term that includes social media, search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, link building for websites, and email marketing. Maybe you’re not really interested in learning SEO or link building and you just want to learn all about social media growth. If this is the case, then you want to try to narrow your interests and find a company that just focusses on the marketing area you are interested in. If you want to learn about digital marketing in general, then there are also companies that do every type of digital marketing!


There is also public relations marketing. Public relationships marketing includes connecting with your market to raise understanding of your company, build and manage your organization’s reputation and cultivate connections with customers. While marketing focuses on advertising real services and products, public relations focuses on increasing awareness, attitudes, and behavior change. These public relations firms do not always do digital marketing too.

How to find high school marketing internships

There are high school marketing internships that do exist: There is the YEP (Young Entrepreneurs Program). The YEP (Young Entrepreneurs Program) is for high school juniors and seniors in Kansas City Missouri. Here YEP partners with local high-growth companies in the Midwest to offer students opportunities to learn from professionals in a variety of fields, including engineering, marketing, product management, sales, finance, and analytics.

But besides that one, there aren’t a lot of high school marketing internships in general that I’ve seen officially offered by companies. Your best bet would be to type in “marketing companies near me” and start cold-calling companies from their Google My Business profile.

Try to ask people you know who are involved in marketing if they can connect you to a high school marketing internship. If this does not work or you do not know of anyone in marketing, you would want to cold-call and cold-email technology companies near you to get a high school marketing internship. I was able to get a website development internship this way using my Google Maps method.

Below is my Google Maps method to find high school marketing internships:

Go to https://www.google.com/maps and type “marketing companies near me”

high school marketing internships

If you see “internet marketing service” until their Google My Business star rating that’s a digital marketing company. If you see “marketing agency” then their group might do other types of marketing than digital marketing. If you see “public relations firm” that’s a public relations firm. 

Now that you see the Google My Businesses of marketing companies near you, you can cold-call these companies using the phone number listed on their Google My Business and ask them for an internship. You can also cold-email these companies by finding their email on their company website, and you can get their company website from their Google My Business. I have found cold-emailing to be more effective though as I have landed a website development internship as a high schooler this way.

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