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High school internships Bay Area

High school internships in the bay area are numerous. Below is a list of high school internships in the bay area.


List of high school internships bay area

1) Art Speak internship

The Asian Art Museum is a museum in San Francisco California that specializes in Asian art. The Art Speak internship at the Asian Art Museum offers unique career opportunities for high school students in grades 10-12. Interns learn about Asian art and culture, interact with local artists and arts organizations and engage in social justice, youth activism, conduct information interviews with museum staff to explore career options in the arts. They also develop leadership skills through facilitating and creating hands-on activities.

Art Speak is a ten-month internship that runs from August through May. Interns will meet virtually and on site at the Asian Art Museum. They are expected to work six to eight hours per week.

2) California Youth Council

California Youth Council (CYC), a statewide organization of young people, is dedicated to raising awareness about youth issues. The CYC is made up of high school and college-aged youth from all over California. They have different perspectives and experience. This diverse group is united by a common goal: to make positive changes in their communities. Young people can become CYC members and engage in statewide advocacy, learn next-level skills, deliver relevant training to peers, adults, and create meaningful relationships with other youth and adults across California. Youth development is more than just discussed at CYC meetings. It is actually practiced! You can apply if you are from the bay area too.

high school internships bay area

3) Careers in Science (CiS) for 9th and 10th graders

Interns in Careers in Science are paid to study, teach and perform science in the area of the California Academy of Sciences. The program is open to rising sophomores and juniors who are graduating high school. Interns can rise to higher leadership and management positions by demonstrating reliability and achievement. If you are a bay area high schooler you can do this high school internship.

All interns do fieldwork outdoors on Saturdays during school year, and weekdays in summer. They also facilitate learning experiences for Academy visitors who visit the Academy floor. Interns are also given guidance and support on topics such as financial literacy and college application. They also participate in interactive trainings two times a month. Interns also participate in college tours and present at STEM festivals and conferences. They also help to design Academy exhibits.


4) CHORI Summer Science Research

The Summer Student Research Program has been placing talented students from different backgrounds in local clinics and basic science laboratories to take part in active biomedical research projects for over 40 years. This summer program, which was once affiliated with CHORI but is now fully integrated with UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland provides a mentorship and access to unique workshops and seminars, trainings and simulations. Each student’s project results are presented to the scientific community at a symposium. Many of these findings will continue to be published, granted grants and other advances in healthcare. The program’s overall purpose is to increase interest in health sciences among under-represented students and equip them with professional skills, confidence, and thereby improve their chances of success in STEM careers. This is a great internship for bay area high schoolers.

Intended Students: Prospective students must meet the following criteria in order to be admitted into the program.

  • High school seniors in their senior or junior year with at least one year of math and biology OR Undergraduate student currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program.
  • Students must have reached 16 years old by the end of the program.
  • Students from underrepresented backgrounds in sciences include individuals from racial/ethnic group typically underrepresented in sciences, students with disabilities, first generation college students, and individuals who live with low-income families or are otherwise considered to be disadvantaged. The Frequently Asked Question page contains detailed descriptions.

The Program lasts from June to August and usually spans nine weeks. The Important Dates section on this website has more details.

Students will be eligible for a stipend. The amount of summer stipends varies depending on student status and grant agency.


5) Cure internship at UCSF

CURE Internships are paid opportunities for junior high school students who are not in the top tier of health professions. They spend two months at UCSF to support various research types. This is a great high school internship for bay area students.

  1. High school seniors with promising potential are offered career opportunities in a variety of research areas, including behavioral, basic, and population sciences.
  2. Participating students will be supported and trained to make sure they declare a biomedical research major and consider research as a career.

CURE will provide students in high school with a unique scientific, medical, and educational environment that can help them further their career goals. It also offers the chance for academic and professional growth.


6) Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Student Academy

The Eugene & Ruth Roberts Summer Student Academie at City of Hope’s primary purpose is to give young people (highschool and university students) the opportunity to have a hands-on research experience. This program seeks students with exceptional potential to perform biomedical research.

They received 2,100 applications last year and we accepted 82 of them. Their Academy consisted of 45% undergraduates, and 55% high-school students. Summer students typically receive $4,000 stipend for the completion of the 10-week program.

Summer Academy students create and manage their own research projects in the areas they are most interested. City of Hope faculty serve as mentors, providing guidance and support while encouraging independent thought. The summer students work closely alongside post-doctorates and graduate students as well as lab personnel from Irell & Manella.
Graduate School of Biological Sciences.

Application Requirements

  • Before an internship can begin, applicants must be at minimum 16 years of age
  • Candidates must be in high school or undergrad.
  • All applicants must be U.S. citizens, permanent residents or legal residents.
  • March 16, 2022 is the deadline for online applications.
  • Students often submit additional documents, such as resumes and letters of recommendation, but these are not necessary.

7) Explainer program at museum for students interested in science, age 15+

The Exploratorium’s youngest employees are High School Explainers. They engage visitors in exhibits, run demonstrations and manage many museum operations. Many are passionate about science, and all share a passion for learning. They learn from others and build their skills in line with the Exploratorium’s philosophy.

High School Explainer Program allows students to become part of the museum’s staff and has the important responsibility of being the primary point of contact for visitors. They learn about the exhibits and facilitate visitor interactions. They also open and close the museum, run daily demonstrations (including flower dissections, cow’s eye and heart dissections), find lost children, and evacuate the museum in times of emergency. The Bay Area is home to most High School Explainers, while the majority of them live in San Francisco neighborhoods.


8) Explore program, offers research in your field of interest

The Externships Providing Leader Opportunities in Education and Research (EXPLORE), program pairs gifted and experienced high school students with distinguished mentors. They also get hands-on research opportunities and valuable experience in their chosen field. Students learn how to work in a variety professional settings, and gain valuable experience through the guidance and support of IEA staff and volunteer mentors. Students experience intellectual and personal growth, as well as lasting relationships with mentors and other like-minded peers.


9) High School Intern Program (HIP) | High school internships bay area

If you live in the san fran bay area and are looking for a high school internship, this is a great opportunity for you. As a HIP intern you can expect to:

  • Take part in a paid internship for 8 weeks. There are two options for interns:
    • Part-time work (25 hours/week), and you will receive a $3200 stipend upon completion of the program OR
    • After completing the program, you will be required to work full-time (up to 35 hours per week) and receive a $4500 stipend. This is a unique opportunity for interns involved in stem cell research. The additional weekly hours are used to complete programmatic components.
  • You will be able to conduct biomedical science research with a scientist as your mentor and teacher. Past research topics include infectious disease, neuroscience and molecular biology.
  • Learn science communication skills
  • Through interactions with scientists at UCSF, you can build your professional network
  • With 25 high school interns, you can build community.
  • Participate in College Counseling Supports include:
    • Writing workshops to create a personal statement that can be used in college applications
    • Meetings with our college counselors to review transcripts, and learn more about colleges
    • Information about financial aid for you and your family
    • College tours

10) Hire LA | High school internships bay area

Hire LA’s Youth offers virtual and in-person jobs to young people between 14 and 24 years old who reside in Los Angeles and meet the eligibility criteria. In-person job opportunities will follow all COVID-19 safety protocols. This is another great high school internship for bay area students.

This program will prepare you for a job that is either year-round or summer. You will receive help with your resume, practice interviewing, and learn how you can manage the money that you earn. This is one of the coolest high school internships in bay area.


11) Huntington Beach Youth Board | High school internships bay area

This is a great high school internship for bay area students. The Youth Board meets every 2nd Monday at 3:30pm in the Community & Library Services Department (5th Floor, 2000 Main Street Civic Center).


Huntington Beach Youth Board’s purpose is to serve as an advisory board to Huntington Beach City Council on youth achievements, problems, and needs. The board will promote and involve youth participation in community affairs. This is one of the great high school internships in bay area.


12) Introductory College Level Experience in Microbiology (iCLEM) science research 15+ | High school internships bay area

The iCLEM is a paid summer intensive science program for economically disadvantaged high-school sophomores and juniors. This program aims to increase students’ knowledge of biotechnology, microbiology and biofuels. The program not only involves completing a research project but also provides students with career exploration opportunities and prepares them for college applications.


13) JCVI science research | High school internships bay area

CVI offers students (high school and graduate) and educators the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge science. This is one of the best high school internships in bay area.

The JCVI Summer Internship Program offers a unique opportunity to mentor and inspire future scientists. Although we occasionally have interns at other times throughout the year, our formal program is only offered during summer months. It provides highly motivated high school (18 years and older), undergraduate, and graduate students with a structured, in-depth research experience that includes: 

  • Mentorship from a dedicated individual
  • Collaboration with world-class scientists and their networks
  • Participation in research projects that are tailored to their academic experience
  • Access to the most up-to-date equipment and technology
  • Presentation of a judged poster

14) Keck Graduate Insitute (KGI) summer STEM research internships (unpaid) | High school internships bay area

KGI offers limited, unpaid internships to high school students who are highly motivated and have a strong academic record. They gain hands-on experience in research and can learn more about the options for pursuing a career in engineering or science-related colleges. This program is offered in conjunction with the Summer Undergraduate research Experience program. When applying, students have the option of expressing interest in the SURE tracks (see the below). If you are a bay area high schooler you’ll love this internship.


15) KP Launch health care internship for Northern Californians ages 16-19 | High school internships bay area

Interns get work experience which exposes them to administrative as well as supporting roles within health care settings. This internship does not allow interns to be involved in the medical treatment of patients or family members. This is a great high school internship for bay area high schoolers.

KP LAUNCH interns are paid minimum wage according to the State of California or city standards, depending on where they work: $15.00-17 an hour. The interns work full-time for eight hours with a maximum of 40 hour per week. Bi-weekly pay is available.


16) LINCH Summer High School internship, outdoor environmental conservation program

Are you outdoors-loving? Do you want to find a meaningful way of spending the summer? Are you open to trying new things?

Linking Individuals and their Natural Community (LINC), a summer program that focuses on service learning and conservation in local communities, is for high school students.

The six-week program brings together youth from the Bay Area for a variety service projects, education and recreation. It also offers skills building workshops that will help them gain leadership and career skills. Each week will have a different project and activity. It may include:

  • Service Projects: Habitat restoration, trail work, community cleanup, etc.
  • Networking with park partners is a great way to develop your career, such as resume writing and interview skills.
  • Facilitation can help you develop leadership skills
  • Overnight camping trip to a National Park
  • Learn technical skills in welding and carpentry workshops
  • Contribute to real science data while practicing iNaturalist skills
  • Take part in a Ropes Course team challenge
  • Working with other environmental youth groups throughout the summer
  • Find out more about your state, local and national parks

The program runs for six weeks and meets Tuesday through Friday. All participants will receive a $2300 education award at the end of the program.

17) Nevada County Media internship (unpaid)

This job is ideal for those who are eager to improve their skills and learn the intricacies of film and TV production. Interns are responsible for a wide variety of tasks and assist with various types of projects. There’s never a dull moment at Intern!


  • Ages 14 and older (High School Freshmen, or older).
  • No previous skills required
  • You must be able and willing to work between 6-8 hours per day. Hours are flexible
  • A nine-month commitment
  • Must live in Nevada County


  • An internship includes Academy classes, Filmmaking classes and hands-on instruction.
  • After the completion of the internship program, you will be granted a 1-year membership

18) Oakland Youth Beat internship, also has a youth council

Youth Beat offers five internships in California for high school students.

1 Youth Beat Student Advisory Council:

Students and TAs at Youth Beat are invited to apply to join their Student Advisory Council. There are stipends.

2 Advanced Animation Internship (MONDAY/WEDNESDAY, 4:30-6:30PM STARTS AUUGUST 22ND 2022).

3) Advanced Filmmaking Internship (TUESDAY/THURSDAY, 4:30-6:30PM; STARTS AUGUST 23RD 2022).

Students who have experience in video production are eligible to apply for this program. The internship can be paid. Each semester , you will receive .5 credit of elective or art credit from the Oakland Unified Schools district.

Youth Beat After School Future Cinematographers (TUESDAY/THURSDAY, 4:30-6:30PM, STARTS AUGUST 23, 2022): This class teaches you the basics of video production as well as working with a supportive group from Oakland. It lasts for the whole school year. At the end, you will have a portfolio of work that you can use to help you with your future career, internships, and college applications.Participation in Future Filmmakers is eligible for Youth Beat Advanced Program.You can also receive 5 credits per semester in art and electives through the Oakland Unified Schools District.

5) Animation This course covers fundamentals of computer animation and stop motion. The class can be taken for the entire school year or as a single semester. After you have enrolled, you will be given a tablet and a computer to use. This will allow you to learn more about Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. The program offers 5 elective or art credits per semester through the Oakland Unified Schools District.

19) Scripps Biomedical Research Internship for San Diego 16+

The High School Student Research Education Program at Scripps Research exposes students to current issues in biomedical research. It also provides mentorship and hands-on lab experience. It is dedicated to increasing the number talented students who choose a career as a scientist in the chemical and biological sciences, especially first-generation college-bound students or students from underrepresented groups in science.

Dates for Program
The 2022 High School Summer Internship Program at Scripps Research’s California Campus is scheduled for June 20 through August 12, 2022.

Deadline for applications

The application period to the summer program 2022 is now closed. applicants will receive their selection decisions by mid-June or later.

20) Stanford Earth Young Investigators environmental program, unpaid but offers pay to low-income underrepresented students

High school students spend their summers in research labs at the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences. Graduate students, post-docs, and lab managers supervise the students. Graduate students can serve as supervisors in this program, which prepares high school students to go to college and strengthens the links between Stanford and local high schools. Over 300 high school students have participated in our research labs since 2004 and gained firsthand knowledge about science. There are many options with different focus areas and time commitments. We have regular talks, lab tours, field trips, and other activities as a groupc. Interns learn about Earth and environmental sciences during this time. Young Investigators isn’t a camp. There are no organized social activities.

Students who have completed at most one year of highschool are eligible to apply for this internship. Students who are accepted typically have at least two or three years of high school. You must reside in San Francisco Bay Area and attend school within 25 miles from campus or San Francisco. There are no exceptions. This opportunity applies to all students. Except for laboratory positions, there is no age limit. Interns should be confident and mature to speak to professors. (Please don’t ask if there is an exception. The answer is no. Participation in the programs is free. This is not a camp. Interns do real work and contribute to ongoing research. Interns are usually unpaid and can use the experience to fulfill community service requirements. Eligible students may be eligible for a diversity honorarium, which is money. This is a work internship so there are not many social events.


21) Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program for juniors and seniors

The Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program is an eight-week program that allows high school students of diverse backgrounds to conduct basic research with Stanford faculty members, postdoctoral fellows and students on a medically-oriented topic. This program aims to increase interest in biology and medicine among high school students. It also helps students understand scientific research and increases diversity in students and researchers in science.


The following three requirements must all be met (no exceptions).

1) Students must be seniors or juniors.

2) The student must be 16 or older at the time of enrollment.

3. Students must live in the U.S. To apply, you must be a citizen or permanent resident with a greencard.

Important Note: Please refer to the MISSION link in the lefthand panel. Local students from the Bay Area will be given preference in the selection process. For more information, please visit the FAQ. Students must also be able and able to begin the program by June 13, 2022.

All students will receive at least $500 during the summer. We also receive funding through a variety of special grants that support students from underrepresented groups in biomedical research. These include students with low incomes, future college students, women, and people with disabilities. These grants can provide funding for students as low as $1500 per summer. SIMR is a great option for such students.


22) STaRS science internship at Stanford (unpaid)

The summer internship was created on the belief that education is the most powerful tool for improving human health. Mentorship is a key component of the STaRS program. Many of us have been able to achieve leadership positions through mentoring.

This program allows us to express our gratitude to our mentors by helping new students. Our ultimate goal is to help outstanding young people discover the joy, excitement and immense satisfaction that a career as a doctor or biomedical researcher can bring.

You will usually not be paid. We do provide assistance for daily bus/rail services in some cases, but this is not a common situation.


23) Summer High School STEM Internship Program (SHIP) at Sonoma State University

High school juniors, are you interested in science? You might be interested in working as a mentor at Sonoma State University while you research a topic such as cancer therapy, how to improve Sonoma County’s healthcare system, how mussels react to environmental changes, or creating a 3D-printable spectrometer. SHIP is a partnership between SCOE and Sonoma State University’s School of Science and Technology. It pairs top junior high school students with mentors from SSU who are doing research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students who participate in the program receive a $1,000 stipend. They also have the chance to collaborate with faculty members and students at the university on complex research projects.


24) Tech Flex Leaders for juniors and seniors | High school internships bay area

Tech Flex Leaders (TFL), a program that provides an immersive experience for seniors and juniors who are enrolled in a university, is a program that allows them to work outside of school hours. New York City Or Los Angeles High school Students are encouraged to become interested in technology by participating in this program:

  • Industry experts present weekly technical training sessions
  • Intersectional professional education sessions designed to help students confidently pursue technology careers and degrees
  • Mentorship and career opportunities with representatives of leading technology companies

Schedule for Programs:

  • Tech Flex Leaders meets once per week for nine months, beginning the week of September 12th. You can choose to be part of a cohort on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 4:30 and 6:30 PM.
  • The week of September 12th, student orientation will be held in person.
  • The technical sessions will begin on September 19th. Zoom will be used for most sessions. Final project build days, mandatory Demo Days, and graduations will all be in-person.

Program Curriculum:

  • The first semester will teach students how to code using web development. They will also learn HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. The semester will end with a Demo Day Competition in which top teams from all cohorts present their final web projects before a panel judges.
  • Students will select a track in the second semester to learn more about technology, such as advanced web development, UX design and digital marketing.
  • [NYC] After completing the Spring and Fall semesters successfully, NYC Tech Flex Leaders will collaborate with our team to secure a paid summer tech internship in our strong employer network. This is the final component of TFL’s model. It was created to help students get started in technology careers. *Students in the LA program are eligible to apply for selected roles as they become available.

25) The Scripps Research Translational Institute Student Research Program | High school internships bay area

The Scripps Research Translational Institute promotes cutting-edge translational science. It is focused on personalized healthcare through the analysis of genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic correlations of health and diseases. Our research also focuses on personalized medicine, including mobile health (mHealth), which monitors individual symptoms and physiology.

SRTI offers a Student Internship Program to highly motivated students in high school, undergrad, graduate, and professional programs. Interns will work with and learn from a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, who include internationally-renowned investigators in the areas of genomics, bioinformatics, digital medicine, and community engagement. The primary aim of the internship program is to train and prepare students interested in health sciences, statistics, and computational/computer science to become future leaders in the realm of translational medical research.

The SURI Program is a 10-week residential program for undergraduate students. It brings around 40 motivated and talented students from all over the country to Scripps Research Translational Institute where they can experience immersive research and prepare for graduate school. This program provides housing and a stipend for 20 interns that are in need. They will be staying in La Jolla.


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