Many private companies and research institutes are offering internship programs for high school students. But do you know, that even the government organization is also offering internship programs to the students?

There are many high school government internship programs are available for teens, as it benefits the students by giving hands-on experience and having a relationship with powerful professionals.

So, here are the lists of the best high school government internship program that high school students can prefer.

Why prefer the high school government internship?

The internship program among high school students is getting more and more popular, as it will help them to gain professional experience even before they leave school. Even though many private companies are offering internship programs, still the high school government internship will have more benefits.

They will create an opportunity for the students to work in the Government field, and also they can able to learn the mechanics of the system. When compared to the other internships, the government internship will carry an extra value in the CV.

So, if you are planning to do an internship in high school, then here we have recommended a few high school government internship programs that you can try.

high school government internships


Why is it important that high school students do internships in political science?

High school students can gain valuable experience and knowledge in a variety of fields, including politics, government, and public policy. You can still get a job as a high school intern in political science, and you will be able to enhance your college applications.

Internships in political science can be found all year. The program lasts from two to six month. However, most internships will be held during summer for high school students.

If you are interested in exploring the field of political science, we suggest these 10 top high school internships.

Top 10 High School Political Science Internships:

1. Lisa Murkowski Senate Page

The Lisa Murkowski Senate Page internship program was created for high school students in Alaska. It is one of the most sought-after internship programs for students interested in political science. Both during school and during summer, the internship is open to students. Juniors and seniors 16-17 years old can apply.


2. U.S. U.S. Senate Page Program

U.S. Senate Page Program offers high school students political science internships. Students will work for the Senate in Washington D.C. The program offers 30 internships to juniors and senior students in each legislative session.

The pages will be responsible for delivering messages to senator chamber and preparing it for business. To apply for this internship, students must submit a resume, transcript from school, and an essay.

3. State Legislative Page Programs

Many states offer high school students state legislative page programs that are similar to the U.S. Senate program. The tasks required for each state will vary. In some states, an internship program is only available for a few days or weeks.

The legislative session in a state lasts for the entire duration of the legislative sessions. To be eligible for the state’s legislative internship programs, you must meet certain requirements such as your age and GPA.

5. U.S. Department of the Treasury

Internships at the U.S. Department of the Treasury are a great way to learn more about things such as managing federal debt, tax collection, and printing money. The intern is responsible for various responsibilities, including researching and interacting with staff from U.S. government agencies as well as attending legislative hearings.

The student may work in any of the divisional offices in the department. Internships are available in the summer, spring and fall.

5. Alabama House of Representatives Program

Only young Alabamans between the ages of 10 and 18 will be allowed to participate in the Alabama House of Representatives Page Program. They will be assigned tasks that include observing committees, meeting and working in the inner government. They will also be responsible for running errands and delivering messages, amendments and other official documents to members. You can contact the house member if you are interested.

6. Washington State Legislature House Page Program

Since 1891, the Washington State Legislature House Page Program has been available to young Washingtonians. It allows them to take part in state government tasks. Students will be responsible for distributing amendments and presenting flags during legislative sessions. The internship program is open for students aged 14-17 years. Even interns will receive $35 per day for their work.

7. Intern in an Alderman’s Office, State Representative Office, Senator’s Office Internship

High school students can learn about the workings of the state government by completing an internship with elected officials. Although most elected officials prefer college students to do this type of internship, there are still some elected officials who will give high school students an internship. To get an internship, cold-call your senator or alderman.

8. Mikva Challenge

Mikva Challenge, a Chicago-based organization that promotes youth political advocacy, is located in Chicago. They offer high school students Chicago political internships. They place high school students in the offices of Chicago’s alderman, senator, city clerk and other elected officials. Students are paid $15 per hour to work 32 hours per week (prior tax).

9. Politic Comapigns

Many political campaigns offer volunteer or internship programs to high school students. Students will help with tasks such as answering phones, door knocking, voter registration, and other events. If they have the necessary skills, they can even work in finance or communication.

You will need to follow up with local political parties. The requirements for each group will differ.

10. Athens Mayor’s Youth Commission

The Athens Mayor’s Youth Commission encourages high school students to get involved in civic activities and volunteer work. It is managed by the Mayor’s Office. Mentors help students learn about local government, how they can get involved, and how to be informed citizens.

Students are encouraged to participate in community service, and they also attend meetings of the City Council or Board of Education. They also give small grants to the community. You can also listen to the podcast. Students visit historical sites and city departments to learn more about Athens.

11. Huntington Beach Youth Board

Huntington Beach Youth Board is an advisory board to Huntington Beach City Council regarding youth achievements, needs, and problems.

12. California Youth Council

California Youth Council (CYC) is a statewide organization for young people. These young people have diverse perspectives and experiences. It’s actually done!

13. Colorado State Youth Council (unpaid)

The State Youth Council (CWDC) is a sub-committee of the Education & Training Steering Committee. As the CWDC’s youth expert, the SYC will:

  • Promote promising practices that promote youth talent development.
  • Youth can help you make informed decisions by sharing their lived experiences and knowledge.
  • Offer advice on how to get youth involved in career-related learning opportunities.
  • Make suggestions about policies and practices that affect youth talent development.
  • Provide suggestions regarding the use of SYC funding.

14. Duango Mayor’s Youth Commission (unpaid

According to the Children, Youth, and Family Master Plan Resolution adopted in March 2009 by the City Council, the purpose and function of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission is to promote youth involvement in city government.

15. Aurora, Illinois youth council (unpaid)

    • Aurora youth have many opportunities Mayor Irvin will serve as an advisor. The City leadership will also be involved with outreach and engagement activities to encourage young people to become more involved in their communities. EligibilityAll potential members must live within the corporate boundaries of the City.
      Potential members must be at least 14 years old to apply.
      Potential members must attend a high-school in the City. It doesn’t matter if it is private or public.
      Potential members must demonstrate leadership qualities and community involvement.

16. Rockford, Illinois youth council (unpaid)

  • The Youth Leadership Council was established in 2017. The Chairman and Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council is supported by the Winnebago County Health Department. The purpose of this interagency youth council is to develop and retain diverse young leaders within the region. Council members are involved in initiatives that bring about change in their immediate and regional communities. We hope these young leaders will reap the benefits of being involved in community discussions, being active citizens of the community and feeling responsible for the future of their community.If they’re:
    • Seniors in high school may be sophomores, juniors, or seniors.
    • Do you want to learn more about leadership? Local government and community health
    • Minimum 70% of Youth Leadership Council meetings (11 out of 15)
    • We are looking for self-starters to lead our community.

17. Illinois State Board of Education Youth Council

The Student Advisory Council was established in 1975. It consists of a diverse group of young leaders from Illinois who are dedicated to promoting education equity for all Illinois public schools students. Each year, the SAC collaborates with educators, legislators and ISBE staff to identify areas to focus on.


18. Judicial Youth Corps Program

Judicial Youth Corps (JYC Program), an educational program, offers summer and spring internships to teach high-school students about Massachusetts’ courts and rules of the law. It is run out of the Supreme Judicial Court’s Public Information Office. The program offers two sessions each summer and spring. All students accepted must attend both sessions.


19. Judge David S. Nelson Fellowship

Each year, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts selects between ten to twelve Nelson Fellows to work in the Court. Fellows are exposed through field trips and immersive courses. They spend time in the courtrooms of judges and participate in various court proceedings.

Fellows participate in intensive summer programs covering writing, civil rights, public speaking, and more. They also visit colleges and other organizations that help with college applications.

Mock trial is the Fellowship’s last and most exciting event. The mock trial is held in front of a Federal Judge. Students are assisted by legal professionals throughout the summer to prepare.

20. NASA

This is the best high school internship program as every student should apply for this internship. You can go to the NASA official page, where you will find information related to the internship program, and they offer an eight-week summer internship program for students.

The research program will be conducted in the NASA facility or any of the facilities from one of their contractors. The students will get placed in various fields from research to operation, and to get more relevant information you need to get an OSSI account. This account includes your grade level, academic interests, and preferred location. The program is available only for U.S. citizens who are at the age of 16.

21. S. Department of the Interior

If the student has a passion for public land conservation, then they can learn about it by joining the internship at the Bureau of Land Management. They will get both short-term and long-term internship opportunities.

The students should have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and they must be at least 16 years. To get help related to finding the internship and applying for them, you can contact National Program Manager. If you develop a professional relationship with them, then they will move your application easily. To get easily selected, make sure to mention that you have a passion for the environment.

22. S. Department of Education

The U.S. department of education is offering an internship program and this is available for U.S. citizens but also for international students who are living in the U.S. is invited to volunteer with the department. The internship program will range from eight to ten weeks and the number of hours will be 20 to 40 hours per week.

Depending on the student’s interest and department needs, the number of hours for the internship program will be negotiated. The student should attach a cover letter and resume along with the application, and the student who has committed to the education and helps others in social-related tasks can get easily selected.

23. S. Department of Agriculture

This internship is for students who are more interested in international agriculture, agricultural marketing, and food safety veterinary studies. The U.S. department of agriculture is offering an internship program to students who are 16 years and above and should have at least a GPA of 2.0.

Spend some time reading about the programs available, and even there are various agencies within the department so you need to narrow your search to find a related topic to you.

24. Congressional Page Programs

The U.S. Senate or U.S. House of Representatives are looking for a page and they can vary from 16 years to 20 years. To become a page, you need to contact your local legislator and they need to pay you for becoming a page. If you got selected, you will be serving the local legislator before, after, and during the legislative sessions.

This internship will teach tasks related to clerical duties and organization skills and even look for the student who excelled in these services.

25. Training and Enrichment Program

The scientific training and enrichment program is available for high school students and it is open to students who have no or little research experience. This is an eight-week internship program and for each student, there will be a mentor to help them with the tasks.

The student should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and need a recommendation letter from anyone who can able to talk about your skills in laboratory and science background. Do research on this internship before applying, as you will find related topics that are close to you.


Tips to get selected for the internship:

Government internships are highly competitive, so if they want to get selected then you should have some additional skills others don’t have. So, here are the tips on how to get selected for the high school government internship;

  • Students should know their strengths and weakness, and also the goals
  • Need to showcase individuality and creativity in a professional manner
  • Begin the research process early to get enough time for collecting application materials
  • Understand application deadlines and adhere to them
  • Reach out to the past interns for advice
  • Create an outstanding resume that should highlight your accomplishments and experiences
  • Write a professional cover letter that should be clear, precise, and free of errors
  • Apply to more than one internship program which will increase the chance



The high school government internship is not only for filling your resume with your experience but also doing something with your career before leaving high school. These internship programs will provide you the knowledge which you won’t get from anywhere. So, explore the opportunities throughout your internship program.

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