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High school economics internships

If you are passionate about a career in economics, high school economics internships are the right step. Economics is all about human behavior concerning the production, distribution, and consumption of various goods and services. It also analyzes how human societies and governments allocate scarce resources, and the factors influencing such choices. It has a vast and complicated landscape and lets one understand various terms like income, wealth, poverty, prices, recessions, etc. If you are looking for a career in economics, high school economics internships can give you the exposure to become a future professional. Let us dive into details.

High school economics internships overview

High school students need to do many things. Many high schools encourage students to take economic internships in their junior and senior years. It is ideal for getting exposure to the real world. When high school student completes an economic internship, they learn basic skills in economics. They also meet professionals working in the fields of economics. It helps in gaining skills to get entry-level jobs and set a career path. An economic internship expands the horizon of one’s knowledge in economics and can cover multiple areas including applications of classroom experience in the field of economics.  Students should also identify their interests and career goals for creating a great internship.

high school economics internships

Duties of economic interns

Their duties and responsibilities vary from one organization to other. However, they generally include the following.

  • Support in data retrieval, analysis, and research.
  • Preparing financial tables, graphs, etc. for interdepartmental and cross-departmental projects.
  • Assisting in statistical programming and related matters

Benefits of high school economics internships

Despite people traditionally feeling that internships are for college students, an economics internship can benefit high school students in the following ways.

  • Helps to discover interests: Economics internships assist high school students to check whether a career in economics is right for them.  They discover if they enjoy the tasks and want to do a full-time job. It also helps students with many transferrable skills that they can apply in different fields and change the trajectory if required.
  • Forming career plans: High school students can learn more about their careers and that helps to make a solid career plan for the future.
  • Exposure to the real world: High school students get exposure to a real company or a government organization while taking an economic internship. Thus, they gain hands-on experience and develop knowledge that is essential in the workplace.
  • Learn new skills: high school economics internships help students to learn new skills. It covers many things like analysis, communication, finance, research, etc. Moreover, they also develop interpersonal skills to work in a team.
  • Application of classroom experience: An economic internship also lets students apply what they have learned in school to the real-world work environment. They get to learn the value of money and how the social economy functions. Their works have positive impacts on the organization where they do the internship.
  • Build connection: Economic internships give students chances to network with their coworkers, guides, and supervisors. As students stay connected with them, it helps to build their professional network.
  • College applications: Internships also help students in their college applications. It demonstrates their motivation, dedication, and genuine interest in the field.

How to find high school economics internships

Choosing economics gives students several types of internships. The field offers a great opening for high school students. An economic internship is also exciting. Students can taste what it would be like to work in the field of economics. It builds ways for letters of recommendation and might lead to full-time jobs.  For considering a summer economic internship, one should go through the following steps.

  • Create an up-to-date resume: Only a well-written resume can impress potential employers. So, structure the resume in a readable format. Update it with your qualification and the projects done in school with their outcomes. It should ideally be one page and customized for the company.
  • Complete with a cover letter: Write a good cover letter including a summary of your achievements and why you want to be an economic intern in the company. It sparks interest and people will like to go through the resume.
  • Start application: Start sending internship applications to various companies. You may search Internships Goals, Chegg Internships, etc. for this. Google searches with local keywords are another way to find them. Make a list of companies or organizations once your search is complete. Research them and send your resume.
  • Check with your school: Several schools have programs to help students find high school economics internships. Students may contact their counselor for a list of where students have completed internships earlier.
  • Contact prospective employers: Contact the companies and organizations where you intend to do your economic internships. Contact them through email, or phone, or meet them personally. Be persistent in your endeavor.
  • Explore social media platforms: Social media platforms also include information about economic internships. Once you spot an opportunity apply by sending your resume.
  • Enquire with your family and friends: Students must try all possible opportunities to secure an economic internship. Maybe your family and friends can give you some clue about where to find a high school economics internship. If your friends or family are involved in economics, they could get you an in with their company since you are related to them.

List of high school economics internships

1) CSBI high school economics internships

You can apply to the CSBI (Chicago Summer Business Institute), if you are a Chicago junior. The Chicago Summer Business Institute was established in 1991 to offer paid internships to Chicago high school students. It also introduces them to the financial sector.

2) Future Founders high school economics internships

Future Founders is an entrepreneurial organization that offers a paid program called Being Your Own Boss for high schoolers in Chicago. The program allows you to network with entrepreneurs and other high school students. Future Founders offers the Future Founders Startup Bootcamp, which is a program that’s virtually unpaid for anyone between 18 and 30 who lives in any state that has resources to support their business. If you have an idea, they will accept it.

3) On The Money Magazine high school economics internships

The On The Money Magazine journalism internship is available for Chicago high-school students. Teens by teens magazine offers high school students the opportunity to be paid to write on finance and entrepreneurial topics. To help manage the magazine, they can have a part-time entrepreneurship internship.

Do you love to write? On the Money Magazine (OTM), is a publication for teens by teens. High school interns from Chicago collaborate to publish articles on finance and entrepreneurship each semester. For our next issue of On the Money Magazine, we are seeking teens who would like to write an article. The internship will be held in conjunction with DePaul University’s Writing Center. You will not only be writing articles for the magazine but you will also learn skills such as writing, financial literacy and public speaking.

Interviews will be held tentatively on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 5pm. The internship will last until December 2022. Before interview, students are asked to send their resumes and writing samples. These can be attached at the end of this application.

4) Junior Economic Club

The Junior Economic Club, an organization in the United States that connects high school students interested in business to other states, is located across the country. Although it is difficult to get accepted, it is worth the effort. It’s not easy to be accepted, but it is worth it!

5) YEP (Young Entrepreneurs Program)

The YEP (Young Entrepreneurs Programme) is for high-school seniors and juniors in Kansas City Missouri. YEP works with high-growth Midwest companies to provide students opportunities to learn from experts in a range of fields including marketing, finance, product management, and analytics.

6) Pentacle internship

High school students in New York have the option of a Pentacle internship with a small for-profit or non-profit business. This program is designed for students who want to add real-life experience and career development to their education. The 8-week Pentacle High School Internship Program offers mentorship, hands-on work experience, and mentorship throughout the eight-week session. The stipend is $600 for students.

How to prepare for high school economics internships interview

An interview is the final and the most vital part of getting an economic internship. So, you should get ready for that by practicing mock interviews with the school center or a friend you trust. The following tips are vital to preparing for an interview.

  • Research the company or organization.
  • Think of probable questions
  • Dress appropriately
  • Report on time

Never forget to send a thank you note as a follow-up action. It demonstrates your courtesy and professionalism.

Summing up

High school economics internships allow students to apply their classroom experience in a real-life situation. They also equip students with professional skills for entry-level jobs and further help in college application. Now that you have a fair knowledge of the same, secure one to be the future professional.

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